My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 20Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Roseanna is looking at her mother's picture. It's placed on the wall along with her mom's brother.

"Even in the picture she looks lovely and sweet" Travis suddenly appears.

"Yeah, too bad I didn't grow up as her" Roseanna said

"Everyone has their own personality," Travis said then turned around. "Let's go, Mama's awake. She's looking for you"

Roseanna is on the door looking at her grandma inside the room with the other Villafuenca's and some people she doesn't know.

"Where's Roseanna? Roseanna?" Her grandma called for her

"Who is Roseanna?" Her mom's brother asked

"Roseanna? Travis." She called out again. Roseanna is not confident to say something because of how intimidating the others are

"Yes, ma?" Travis answered then went to her grandma closely

"Where is Roseanna?" Her Grandmother asked again and she was about to get out of the bed

"I'm here" Roseanna answered and everyone looked at her the young girl's mouth opened in shock "I'm here front get up just lay in there," Roseanna said then went near her grandmother

"Can't you recognize her? She's our Rose, Helena's baby" her grandmother explained, and with that, her mom's brother looks at her closely

"Really? You don't look like Helena" the brother of her mom stated. Roseanna looked away

"Their eyes are the same. She has her mother's eyes. Though she's a bit like Raphael. She still has her mother's unique eyes"

"Raphael?" Roseanna asked

"She's your mom's ex-fiancee," The woman beside the young girl said

"Can I see him? Please?" Roseanna pleaded.

"PerChee cosa? Tua Madre lo ha tradito (What for? Your mother betrayed him)" The woman said

"perché verrai a trovarlo? Sei una vergogna per la nostra famiglia (why will you come and see him? you are a disgrace to our family)" Roseanna's first circled up "Your mother is a cheater, a slut!"

"Clarrise!" The brother of her mon warned the woman.

"Che Cosa? Sto dicendo la verità. Sua Madre Siamo una Troia (What? I'm telling the truth. Her mother is a slut!)" With that Roseanna drag her out of the room the others didn't get to follow them because her grandmother stopped them.

"Your not too dumb to realize that I  can totally understand you, aren't you?" Roseanna said tempting to hurt her but she stopped herself. "Don't say things like that to my mother in front of me. Understand?" Roseanna asked to tighten her hold on her wrist "now you won't talk? Make things clear with me! Do you understand!?"

"Okay, okay. Fine! Let go it hurts" The woman said so she let go when Roseanna turned around the woman is about to hit her with the case buy Roseanna's senses is strong. She moves aside so the woman went down to the floor along with the vase. Roseanna squats to her knees.

"You won't like it if you mess with me. I may remain calm all the time but don't underestimate me!" Travis helped her to stand up

"That's enough. Mama is waiting for you" Travis said then turned around and walk towards the room "You can stand by your self Clarrise"

"mi dispiace per Quello (I'm sorry about that)" Roseanna apologize "but I will not apologize for what I've done, she deserved it"

"It's ok, come here," Her grandmother said patting the empty ace on the bed beside her.


I sat beside grandma then she holds my hands.

"Leave us, I want to talk to her alone," Grandma said then Travis nodded so as my Mother's brother then they all went out.

"The stone's grow you up we'll. Are they good to you?" Grandma asked.

"I really am not that close to them now. I grew up with Allyson. Mother's best friend" I said then smiled at her.

"Go on. Tell me more" Grandma smiled sweetly at me.

"When mom died 15 years ago, Allyson came and took me from the Stones. It was written in mother's will. Dad was angry, he wanted me to stay" I started looking at the picture of mon "I expected that he would bring me home again. But one day he said that he'll let Allyson be my guardian, and I was left with so many questions. I was just 8 I can't understand what's happening around me but then Allyson and her son became my Family they became my light." I smiled at the thought of Allyson and Kuya "They gave me the love that I wanted so bad. Even though my re parents are not with me I felt the love of a mom and a brother, the love of a family because of them"

"When can I meet them? They treated my granddaughter so good that I want to reward them" Grandma joked so I laughed. "I can see on your face how much you treasure them"

"I am so thankful for them. I want to give them everything I have"

"You are just like your mother so kind-hearted and loving woman" Grandma pointed out. I smiled

"They will come maybe next month they will visit me to see how am I doing in here," I said then I remembered something. "Ow, grandma. Is there a small company here? I wanted to work"

"Small? Villa Cuenca have companies why don't you work there?" Grandma curiously asked

"I want to try something different. I constantly living as a famous person so I wanted to try being low just like mom I want to struggle up"

"What do you do in New York?"

"Modeling? My agency is MK"

"Ow really? So your the one who's always the talk of the news? I don't often watch tv so I didn't recognize you"

"Uh, yeah. They call me by my second name Zoey."

"Every company here would want to work with you," she said I laughed.

"My course is somewhat connected with wines"

"Ow, I can see why you're into wines"

"Yeah, I grew up having wines by my side," I said

"Ok, continue your story. I'm going to listen to you" Grandma

"My life goes on, Allyson trained me. She said being a woman makes a woman weak so she trained me mentally and physically. The moment I turned 23 I was mentally down, cheated by the man I like. Well, it's not totally cheating he was just my suitor" I said laughing. "Though I have my friend, Allyson, and Kuya to cheer me up another sad thing happens at exactly the night of my birthday" I continued looking out the window remembering that moment as if I was watching a movie "dad didn't show up but he gives me a gift that I did not expect," I said trying to hold up my tears.

"It looks like that gift hurt you" Grandma so I nodded.

"It did. I don't even see it as a gift." I laughed sarcastically. "Allyson said that dad's wife came and said that, that time is the time I should know the truth of me being not the daughter of the father I think" Grandma looked shocked

"Who said that?" Grandma asked

"They knew, from the moment I step out of the Stone's mansion. Dad's son was the one who first knew about it." I took a deep breath "at that moment I started to ask who am I? I even doubt that I am mom's daughter," I faked a laugh

"I'm sorry. It's my fault. If I hadn't let Edward took Helena this wouldn't have happened. My precious Hel a won't die and you won't suffer. All that, it's all my fault" Grandma said tearing up. I hug her and rub my hands on her back. I know that Allyson told me that. But I know it's not her fault.

"It's not your fault, you didn't know that this would happen. I know you have been referring to that day. Because the way you're blaming yourself now shows it, but it's not your fault. I know it's not your fault" I said comforting her

"You really are Helena's daughter. We still don't know each other that much yet but you make me comfortable" Grandma let go of my hug. "Do you know who is your father?" She asked, I shared my head saying no. "Come to think of it you do look like Raphael. Everyone here would be happy to k ow Helena and Raphael's only daughter" She said then touched my face "you can change what that think about your mother Roseanna so that Helena will really be at peace"

"I will, for my mother. I will" I said then Grandma hug me again tightly

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