My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2.


January 5, **** Aideen And his mom's life had been peaceful after her mom kicked Jolie out a month after Jolie gives birth to her dead brother, and the other pregnant mistress was not saying anything and kept on staying silent. On the other hand Edward, Aideen's Father was staying in Italy For less than 6 months now. He said to Aideen and his wife that he is staying there for business purposes, but he exactly knew that they won't buy his excuse. He was staying because he meets a woman, a beautiful woman who's an heir to the biggest Farm in Italy unluckily this woman has already a fiancee, and they are going to be married 2 weeks from now.

He was busy snipping on his coffee when he suddenly saw Helena Running towards the backyard he hurriedly followed her and saw that she was puking herself out until she felt weak.

"Hey are you okay?"- He asked her she nodded he knows that she is putting barriers between them.

"It's just that I felt something in my stomach after I taste Mama's soup"- She said then rub her stomach

"Weirdly, I used to love that soup!"- she looked confused

"When did you start hating that soup?"- Edward asked taking a hint

"A week after that incident"- She stopped talking then froze " (NO)"- she moved her head sideways Edward smiled and went close to her, but she steps back. "Senza interruzioni (NO, STOP!) Don't go near me! This is all your fault!"- She cried " Raffaele Amore Mio (Raphael, My love)"- That was all she said then ran away from Edward.

On the wedding day comes Raphael was in his car going to the wedding hall when suddenly someone called him on his phone. He looked at his phone.

"Mr. Stone?"- He said confused why would he call him? " Pronto? (Hello?"

"Helena is pregnant with my child!"- Edward said then ended the call. Raphael was shocked.

"No, no, nonpuò essere. (No, no. It can't be)"- He lost focus on the road and didn't see the truck driving directly towards his car He was about to break but it was too late. "AMORE MIO. (My love)"- The last word that he spoke after his vision went dark.


Someone called Helena to inform her what happened

"Raphael, è molto Helena. Ha avuto un incidente, la sua macchina è stata investita da un camion, mi dispiace tanto (Raphael, he's dead Helena. He got into an accident his car was hit by a truck, I'm so sorry)"- She drops her phone and couldn't move an inch in her seat after hearing the news A moment after processing the words in her mind her tears directly began to fall.

"No! Noooooo"- She screams in pain.

On her wedding day her soon-to-be husband died, what more painful than that this time? Then her best friend entered the room where she is.

" Quello Che è successo? Mio dio Helena perché piangi?
(What happened? My god Helena why are you crying?)"- Allison asked then hugged her.

"Raphael, Raphael. Ali Raphael is d-dead. He is dead!"- She cried painfully " He- he got into an accident Ali he was hit by a truck on the way here. My love. H-he's de-dead"- She said while sobbing her heart out. Allison gasped in disbelief.

"Sushi Helena, andrà tutto bene. Va bene? silenzio (Sushh Helena, everything's gonna is fine. Okay? Hushhh)"- Allison was shocked that it was all she can say.


Helena, Helena's Family, and Raphael's Family was mourning Raphael's Death while on the other hand, Edward was smiling cause finally, Helena can be with him

Edward walks towards Helena who's standing beside's Raphael's coffin while crying. He felt bad for making Helena cry. He didn't intend to kill Raphael, He just wanted to make Raphael hate Helena so the wedding won't happen but fate killed Raphael, and he can't do anything about that. He was about to touch Helena but Helena's best friend appeared and guide Helena away from him. He followed them into their sits.

" Cosa stai facendo qui? Va via (What are you doing here? Go away)" - Allison shoo him.

"I'm here to take Helena with me"- He said directly

"Why would you take my daughter?"- Helena's Mother appeared

"I will take her with me at any cost ma'am"

Helena shook her head at what he said.

"And why would you do that?"- Helena's mother asks again raising her right eyebrow.

"That's because she is bearing my child"- He said and that made everyone who heard it stops at what they were doing. Helena's Mother looked at Helena with a shocked face Helena just keep on sobbing.

"È vero? Helena? (Is it true? Helena?)"- Raphael's mother asked her with teary eyes

"Mi dispiace, mi dispiace mamma (I'm sorry, I'm sorry mother)"- Helena tried to reach for Raphael's mom's hand, but she suddenly fainted. Raphael's older sister was quick to catch their mother. Helena wanted to help, but she just slaps her which made Helena cry even more. Her best friend was comforting her.

" Non-toccare mia Madre! Mio Fratello ti amava così tanto Helena Che Cosa hai fatto? Sei andato a scopare con un Altro uomo? (Don't touch my mother! My brother loved you so much Helena what have you done? You went to fvck with other men?)"- Raphael's sister is really mad.

" Per favore, per favore ascoltami (Please, please hear me out)"- Helena begs them " I love Raphael much more than I love myself trust me. It. It was an accident"- Helena was shaking as she held Raphael's older sister's hand.

Raphael's older sister's husband Carried Raphael's mom inside their house.

" Per favore Helena esci di qui! Rispetta Mio Fratello, per favore, rispettalo
(Please Helena just get out of here! Respect my brother please just Respect him)"- Raphael's older sister said then turn around and asked forgiveness for the people who witness.

Helena was guided by Edward and her best friend out.

" Madre (Mother)"- Helena reaches out for her mother but her mother ignored her, and He father walks away with a disappointed look.

"If you want to get her, go ahead. You two leave this place right now"- That's all her mother said then left. Helena looks at Edward angrily.

" Cosa ti ho mai fatto? (What did I ever do to you?)"- Helena cried

"Just come with me and no one else will be hurt."- said Edward made Helena cry more

" Ti odio, ti odio, ti odio così tanto (I hate you, I hate you, I hate you so much)"- Helena said while punching him

"Come with me."- He said with a final tone. Allison sighed.

"Vieni con lui Helena, lascerò di nuovo il paese. Verrò a trovarti e a prenderti te lo prometto (Just come with him Helena, I'll be leaving the country again. I'll come to find you and get you I promise)"- Allison said Helena look at her best friend "You have no choice I can't get you away for now"- her best friend looks at her sadly.

"I'll be in my car don't bring anything even clothes. I'll just buy you a new one"- Edward said then walk away to his car.

"No I'll bring my clothes"- she said that made Edward smile. She's finally going.

"Go on!"- he said


After a few hours, and they arrived at Stone's mansion Helena gasped. It was 3x bigger than their house she let Edward walk first then she followed him.

"Father"- A boy said Formally while gazing at her

'he already had a family. I became a mistress just because of that accident'- She said in her mind

"Aideen, meet your Aunt Helena"- Edward said to the young boy she was about to smile, but she didn't when the young boy talk

"A new mistress? We'll the current one will be in labor anytime soon so of course, there's another one"- The boy said which made her look down.

"AIDEEN DREW! Your mouth"- Edward warns his son

"Aideen?"- a woman show up

"Mother, father is back, and he bought another mistress"- He said that to his mom as if he was an 18-year-old boy

"Aideen baby go to your room now okay? Mother will bring your milk there"- The woman who's in her mid-30s looked at her, but she looked down.

"Welcome to the family!"- the woman, Edward's wife said which made Helena look at her "I'm Veronica, Edwards's Wife!"- She introduced herself like Helena was just a visitor

"You're making her nervous Veronica"- Edward said. Veronica rolled her eyes.

"Your room will be n the 2nd floor 3rd room from the right. Help yourself up"- Veronica said then left to the kitchen.

Helena walks to her room upstairs with the help of Edward. When she finally arrived at her room she locked the door and headed to the bed to sit then she started crying again until she lay down and fell asleep because of tiredness from the trip and from crying.


Aideen was already in his bed when his mom entered the room

"Hey baby, milk is here"- his mom smiled

Aideen said then drink it in one go

"Can mommy sleep beside you again?"- His mom asked him

"Why? I mean I like to be with you when I sleep mother but dad is here so why?"- He finally asks like a child he is.

"Mother just wants to sleep with you baby"- His mother said then lay beside him

"I know your lying mother but I'll take it"- Aider. Said then hugged his mother.

Veronica's tears fell the moment his son said she was lying and then hugged him back

"Ow, my baby is so smart what can I do with that?"- She said then hugged him tightly

She feels jealous, anxious, and hurt.

Edward cares for that woman. She knows it because what she sees in his husband's eyes was love and care for that woman 'So lucky of her' that's what she thinks.

Aideen can hear and feel her mother's cry, but he chooses to stay silent and embrace his mom as much as he could he gives his mother a tight hug which his father can't give. This was the first time he heard and feel her mom crying in front of him he was hurt to feel his mom was weak and hurt. His mom is a perfectionist she never let her standard fall so that everyone can see her as a well-mannered woman and a strong one. That's why his father didn't care cause his father knows that his mother will not suffer but as he listens to his mom's sobs right now he promised himself that no matter what he'll make his father pay and regret this moment.

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