My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 19Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Roseanna went directly at her hotel after her plane landed in Italy. She was so exhausted at her flight that she lay on her bed and fell asleep in just minutes.

Roseanna wake up after an hour, she was feeling hungry.
She took a shower and fix herself then she went down at the restaurant of the hotel. On her way she called James

"Hey, did you already arrived?" James directly asks her after he answered the call.

"Yeah, an hour ago. I fell asleep after I got here"

'Really? I'm not surprised' James then he chucked 'what are you doing? Did you eat?'

"I didn't. I'm still on my way to the restaurant" She said then went inside the elevator.

'Ok, I gotta go. Claire's waiting for me' James said in a rush

"Hmm, bye" The elevator stop on the ground floor then she went out and walk towards the restaurant then she went in.

'Bye, eat well. Don't skip any meal and don't sleep so late'

"I know, I know. Bye" Roseanna ended the call after she bit goodbye.

She sat on the chair comfortable and called a waitress.

" (what would you like to order ma'am?)" The waitress asked and handed her the menu.

" (I'll take this one and this)" Roseanna said while pointing at the menh.

" (Ok, ma'am. How about your drinks ma'am?)" Waitress.

" (Lemonade please)" Rosesbbs looked around a bit then looked at her phone.

" (your order will be serve in a minutes ma'am)" waitress then she leave after she bent her head down to show respect.

Roseanna's phone beeps

'Are you in Italy now? Is it nice there?' It was sam who texted her.

''I don't know, I haven't seen the while place yet. I'm still going to eat'' Roseanna texted back

'Send me pictures ok?' Sam texted her again

"Yeah, stop texting me my order us her, I'm going to eat" Roseanna replied stopping Sam to text her when her food arrived.

AFTER ROSEANNA finished eating at the restaurant she decided to look over the place.

She's busy looking at the Clothing shop on the mall not so fat from the hotel she's staying. Later on her phone rang.

It was Allison who's calling her.

'Are you fine in there? You didn't call. I just heard from your brother that you've arrived and you two talked already"

"Sorry, aren't you busy?" Roses na asked while busy looking over the dresses

'My meeting was cancelled. What are you doing right now by the way?'

"Picking dresses"

'Didnt you day your going there cause you want to work?' Roseanna rolled her eyes and she give a sign to one of the staff and she pointed at the Royal Blue dress that's down to the foot. The stuff picked it up.

"Come on today is my first day her. Can't I enjoy my stay?" Roseanna said picking another dress.

'You are still picking aren't you?' Allison asked.

"Yes, I still am"

'How many did you already picked?'

"Hmmm, total of 10? I picked 5 dressed, 3 shoes and 3 heels"

'You spend a lot when your alone!'

"Ok, ok. I won't pick anymore. I'll hung up now, I need to pay"

'Sure, ow by the way my schedules and Jame's are vacant next month, we might go there'

"Really? Sounds good. Good-bye now. See ya" Roseanna then ended the call

" (is this all ma'am?)" The staff asked

" (ow yeah. I'll pay by credit card)" Roseanna said handling her Bridget card to the staff " (thank you)" she smiled as she holds the things she buy.

Next day. Roseanna wake up early to go to the wine farm. Allyson said to her that her mom's family are the owners of the Villaguenca's winery farms she planed to go there to know about her mom.

Roseanna's driving her car on the way to the Wine farm. When she arrive she got out of her car and look at the sign above her.



The people around me keep on looking and staring at me. I didn't mind them and looked at the sign above.


I smiled at the look at it

"Finally mom, I'm in your home town." I whispered in the air and sighed. I took off my sunglasses and loved at the people around me.

"  (Uh. Excuse me may I ask where do the Villafuenca are living? Where can I meet them?)" I asked at the old lady

" (who are you? Why are you asking for them?)" The old lady ask

" (I'm, well you see o need to talk to them. Private matters?)" I said sweetly.

" (Ok, come with me)" She said then looked at the people around us " (Stop staring at us she's a visitor go back to what y'all doing)" She said then lead the path to the Villafuenca. " (Your from different country are you?)" She asked

" (oh, yeah. I'm from New York)" I answered politely, I love Grandma, I don't know why but I do.

"I seem I can tell that by the way you dressed"

I felt embarrassed  I think u over dress my self. It looks like I'm going to a fashion show maybe that's why the people are looking at me or staring at me

"Your Italian accent is good. Did you learn?"

" (ah, no not exactly. I grew up with Italian language it was like my 1st language)"

" (Really? So your parents are from here? In Italy?)"

"I don't know about my dad but my mom do came from here)"

" (here we are, This is their house. You can talk to the guards to let you in)"

" (thank you)" I said slightly bowing down my head

" (your welcome, I should go back now)"

" (Grandma)" A man came out from the gates " (where are you going? Let's go inside)"

"Wait, wait. I was just helping this beautiful lady she asked me how to go to your house" Grandma said pointing at me. The man looked at me with his eyebrows in thin line. " (Don't give her that look shes not here for you. She said she wanted to talk to the Villafuencas)"

" (Ok, ok grandma. You go in first, I'll take care of her. I will bring her to Granny)" The man said then the old lady looked at me and smiled

" (go with him he'll lead you to the Villafuencas)"

" (Ok. Thank you )" I thanked her before she turned and walk directly to the gates.

"What do you need from the Villafuenca?" The man asked in English my left eyebrow raised up

"Nothing." I said looking at him curiously, " That grandma said you can lead me to the Villafuenca's please hurry. I have something to do"

"Let's go!" He said then walk ahead of me. I rolled my eyes hi is not a gentleman.

"Faster, are you a turtle? Your waiting my time," he should irritated.

"You walk so fast! I can't keep up" I said then he stop and stared at me who's walking towards hum. When I read onto him he looked at my foot. So I also looked at it it's swollen.

"TSS.  (Who told you to wear sandals on a farm?)"

"You know I can understand you"

"Whatever" he said then turn around and bend on his knee.

I raised an eyebrow is he giving me a piggy back ride? "What are you waiting for? Hurry up"

"Can't you see I'm wearing a dress?"

"So your saying I should carry you in my arms?" He said and stand up then faced me.

"I didn't say anything about you carrying me" I rolled my eyes again

"I don't mind walking. I'm already immune with this. Let's just walk slowly" I said. He just looked at my foot and turned around

"Ok, your choice. Let's go" he said then started walking slowly than he walks minute ago.

"You seem to be good in English? You studied it?" I asked out of interest.

"I went to New York when I was 10 years old. I just returned here 3 years ago." He said without looking at me. "We're here" he said the guard opened up the gates when he nodded at them. We walk straight to the door.

" (Sir Travis)" the maid greeted then looked at me.

" (where is mama?)" He asked

" (at the kitchen. I'll tell her that your here?)" He nodded to the maid then the maid rush over to the kitchen

"Let's go here" He said and lead the way. Then he made me sit on the living room. I looked over the while living room. It has a modern design.

"Who is it?" An old lady's voice appeared

"I don't know but she said she had something to say"

I turned around to look at them when my gaze went over the old lady beside him I feel like tearing up. She looks exactly like my mother. I feel like I'm looking at my mother even though shes old already her similarities with my mom is so clear. I haven't seen a face like this since my mom died.

"May I asked who are you?" The old lady asks me as she sits in front of me

"Roseanna" I said she looked shocked " Roseanna Zoey Stone" I looked at her face intensely.

"Roseanna" She whispered "your making me uncomfortable with the way you stare at me" with that I look down to the table.

"Ow,  I'm sorry. It's just that you looked exactly like someone very important to me"

"Someone very important? May I know who is it?" The way she talks is also like mom.

"May I hug you?" I asked tearing up

"Ow, my gosh. Why are you tearing up? Come here" She said then opened her arms then she smiled. I directly come closer to her to hug her.

"I didn't had this hug for ages now" with that a tear fell from my eyes I wiped it and let go of her then I calm my self.

"Why are you crying?"

"My mother. She looks just like you. Like a carbon copy from eyes to your lips. Even when the way you talk" she was stunned for a moment.

"Helena" She said tearing up. "You're Helena's daughter" she then touch my face. I nodded

"You didn't know? My mom died years ago" I said then looked down "when I'm just 8 years old." She let go of my face.

"No! No. That can't be" She said then fainted

"Mama!" Travis shouted.

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