My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 26, 2022
Ch. 18Chapter 18

Chapter 18


They got along real quick, I wonder why is that. I looked at their pictures on my phone and tighten my hold on it. I will make you mine, Roseanna. That damn fate won't stop me. I make my fate.

"I know you can buy another one if you'll gonna destroy your phone but stop it." It was mom "what did you saw that made you upset?" She said then lean over my phone but before I can turn it off she was in the picture. "Tell me it was the other one, Aideen," She said looking at me.

"It isn't mom, I'm sorry" that was just what I said but I know she will be mad

"Are you out of your mind? That's a sin Aideen. You shouldn't feel that way to your sister" Mom said looking at me with a disappointed face

"She isn't my sister. She never was" I started to get annoyed.

"She is your sister, not by blood, yes but you are her brother on the paper"

"TSS! I can't believe you, when we were young you don't like the thought that she's my sister now that it was all a misunderstanding you'll call her my sister?" I said irritated.

"What I'm pointing out is that I don't like her to be your girlfriend, nor wife. No Aideen, Never" She shouted pointing her fingers at my phone.

"There is one lesson that I learn from you that you repeatedly said t,o me," I said calmly

"What?" she is still mad based on the tone of her voice

"I should marry the woman I love not the woman who wanted by someone for me," I said looking directly at her.

"Now, I regret that I thought you that" Mom then turns around facing the door. "Ok then. You are old enough for me to worry" with that she left me too.

I'm sorry Mother. What I want is what I get. I will forget all the other things you thought me. I'll make Roseanna mine no matter what even if she likes it or not, she will be mine.


"Your son loves the child of your woman," Aideen's mom said looking at her reflection in the mirror.

"Who?" Aideen's dad asked while busy on his laptop.

"That Roseanna girl" with that Aideen's dad stopped on what he is doing on his laptop

"Pardon me, Veronica?" Aideen's dad focus his attention on Veronica

"That son of yours loves the daughter of your woman. Get it? No matter what don't you stop Christy and Aideen's engagement" Veronica expired while brushing her hair.

"Zoey? There really is a reason why he doesn't want to get married" Aideen's dad said smiling

"What are you trying to say?" Veronica is irritated at the way Edward smiled.

"It's impossible for Aideen to marry Christy when he's in love with someone else, you wouldn't like it if you will see your son cheating on his wife"

"You two are using my own words at me"

"I always wonder why Aideen's been looking for Zoey more than his two sisters. He guards Zoey differently than Kaylee and Lianna" Edward closed his laptop and lay down on the bed. "I thought he was just going to get Zoey's share on the company"

"Can you please, just please shut up?"


Roseanna was busy eating when she got a message from her manager. She put her clothes on then went to her agency rashly.

"Why us it so sudden? I thought it's the year after next year?" Roseanna's manager looks so sad.

"I'm sorry, I really am. I just want to work on my own." Roses. A said as she gazed at the New York Times Square street.

"That's your final decision. You can terminate your contract anytime" her manager said

"But I will finish this project" Roseanna cut her manager off. Then her manager smiled widely as he says

"Your flight will be tomorrow right? The competition between the two companies will start the day after tomorrow. How will you cooperate?"

"I will just come back here when I finish arranging everything in there"

"Ow, ok" her manager sounds happy now unlike a moment ago. "By the way. How are you related to Aideen Stone's family?"

"Aideen? The youngest bachelor?" She asks then her manager nodded. "Well it's a long story," she said and her manager knows that if she says that she doesn't want to explain anything.

"Why won't you pick the stones? It'll make a controversy over for the both of you if you won't choose them"

"I'll think about that. I don't want to leave with a bad issue." Roseanna smiled at them "then I'll go now. See you when. I get back?" Roseanna bud goodbye as she walks towards the door.


"Zoey will end her contract earlier than we expected," said the manager of Roseanna. The board and staff are felt sad. Zoey's been part of them. Even though she's so Sophisticated she does love her Staff.

"What are her plants?" One of their board asked

"She's leaving for Italy tonight and she will come back once's her project is on" Roseanna's manager

"She's keeping the project?" Anthony, the agency's chairman asks. Roseanna's manager just nodded.

"Yes, chairman. She said it'll be a shame for her to leave with a bad issue, the project is going to be big. The two big wine companies are already registered. It'll create an issue for Zoey and us if we leave them behind" Roseanna's manager pointed out.

"Ok then. We'll make this project fast and worth it. This will be our farewell to our Star" Mrs. Chairman said that made them happy  "did Zoey say anything about who she'll choose?" Chairman

"I asked her about that. The Malik might have a big chance, but the stones also have a chance. Zoey is kinda related to them differently. She said she'll think about it and call me if she already picks" Roseanna's manager, the chairman nodded.

"Ok, we will end here. The people who are part of the project will have a meeting " Mrs. Chairman stand up "Call Mr. Malik and Mr. Stone and then inform them of the change date" Ms. Chairman said to her Secretary.


My phone rang after my secretary went out. I looked at the caller and saw her name.

"Yes?" I greeted

"You got the news did you?" The caller asked

"Yeah, so she's leaving? For good?" I asked looking at Roseanna's picture

"Not yet. She's still coming back for the project and to officially end her contract. Shell come back maybe 9 months after? I'm not yet sure. She might be busy with work"

"Okay, thank you"

"And Aideen?"


"I can stop when you're already sure that Roseanna will be in your reach right?"

"Yeah, don't worry about it. I'll hang up now" I said than ended the call

9 months? It's a long time. Why is she so sophisticated? Her guardian is rich yet she wants to work far away as a simple person? What if she's not safe there what would she do? She's a star. A model. People are obsessed when they are famous people. Didn't she think of that?

"Aideen" Dad's calling voice filled my ears.

"Yes, dad?" I answered shouting a little.

"Christy's mom and dad are here. They want to talk to you" He said, made me irritated

"Sorry, dad. Tell them to visit another time. I'm quite busy with the ongoing project and I'm not really feeling well"

"Talk to them or ill cut ties with Zoey's agency," he said that made me jump out of bed and opened the four. He smiled at me. I bet his head is now thinking he has something to control me.

"What did you say? You'll what?" I asked as if I can't hear him good enough

"I'm going to but they with Zoey?" My eyebrow became a thin line at what he said. "Where is the diary? I'll give it to her so she can find her dad's relatives" He added and push me lightly for him to enter my room.

"Hey, I didn't give any permission for you to enter my room," u said irritated. "Dad" I called him out loud but he just ignored me. He stopped at Roseanna's photo.

"She even had a photo in here? Wait. This photo was deleted for some reason" dad's curiosity burst out. "Don't tell me?" He turned to face me. I just looked away. "Woah I can't believe it. You are so obsessed with her"

"Dad, come on. Leave already. You said Mr. And Mrs. Breslin are here. You shouldn't keep them waiting"

"Okay, okay." He surrendered but before he could even step out he said something. "I know you want her no matter what. Even if she likes it or not but she'll get hurt if you do that. End your relationship or whatsoever with Christy and think wisely on how you can have Zoey without hurting her."

"You said you don't want to become like me. Then you should act differently than me if you won't. You'll be worst."

I was left full of thoughts at what he said. His right. I don't want to be like him what can I do if she won't be mine? I came this far I can't let myself miss this chance.

I walk towards the cabinet where I hid the thing that'll help me with my plan.

In sorry dad. My mind is closed the moment I wanted her to be mine so bad. No lectures can guide me down.

Even if I work so hard to be not like you I will be like you. I'm your son after all.

I'll be waiting my dear Rose. Hurry back.

I have something for you.

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