My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 17Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Roseanna wake up with a headache

"Ahh it hurts," Roseanna said holding her head

"Here drink these" James handed a tea to her.

"Whoa. Heads he hurts when you have a hangover" Roseanna said gently massaging her head

"Yeah, it is and a little remember don't get drunk again," James said then place the dishes on the sink "I gotta go. You clean this" James then off to his room "Damn I'm late. Claire is already there. " he said while walking faster.

'Sam you feel good? Come over and buy some porridge on your way" Roseanna texted Sam after she finished her tea.

'What do you think of me? Your maid? Did you give me money to buy for you?' Sam texted back

'I'll be there in 19 minutes' Sam texted again Roseanna smiled then went to her room to wash up and change

"Hey, did you exactly think I'm your maid? Why did you make me buy porridge? You can do take-outs" San complained and place the porridge on the table in the kitchen

"You did buy, that's what is important" Roseanna then let out the porridge on the container and started eating. "Umm, I didn't have breakfast"

"Whos, look at her! Hey! won't you tell me to eat too? Hello I also have a hangover you know" Sam complained

"Ow I forgot, here eat" Roseanna then finished the other porridge and push the other one to Sam

"Whatever!" Sam then sat down and started eating

Moments after someone rang the doorbell

"Are you expecting someone?" Sam asked and went to the door

"Hey, You have hangovers?" Kalix asked slightly laughing.

"Who's there?" Roseanna asked slightly shouting

"Jaden and Kalix" Sam then looked at the paper bags James and kalix were holding
"Yeah, what's that?" Sam asked what they're holding.

"Let them come in" Roseanna

"Yeah, sure. Come on in" Sam

"Here" Jaden then place the bags on the table Kalix also placed the bags he's holding.

"What's in it?" Sam

"From your fans," Kalix said then Jaden laughed

"Are we ill?" Sam asked Roseanna. Roseanna just moved her shoulders up and down.

"She's too harsh on her fans" Kalix while shaking his head "yet she likes the foods. Is it yummy?" Kalix took a piece of drumsticks

"Hey, do you want my punch? That's mine" Sam shouted and stood up stomping her feet. Kalix just laughed at her

"Hey, big eater," Jaden said trying to snatch Roseanna's attention but she didn't mind him "is the food so yummy that you won't even mind me? Or you're just a big eater?" I glared at him when he pulls my food towards him

"You wanna die? Give me that. This is my only chance to eat this many" Roseanna said while Glaring at him, he laughed and pushed back the food. Roseanna started eating again.

"Eat slowly, no one's going to snatch your food" Jaden

"I will" Roseanna pouted a little.

"You will have a tummy ache if you eat too much food" Jaden

"It's not much"

"Uh-huh?" He hums while looking at my food so I looked at it then Roseanna realized that there is so much food on her plate

"I'll be sharing them" Roseanna

"Eat now, I'll watch Tv" Jaden then went to the living room

"Ow, I wanna watch too. Horror movies" Sam said while raising her hands.

"She behaves like a goddess when she's in front of the camera but when she's off cam she looks like a kid wanting to play around" Kalix teased her, Sam turned around and glared at him

"I really am gonna punch you kalix," Sam said irritated.

"Wanna watch?" Jaden asked Roseanna but she shared her head saying no

"NO! Just don't!" Sam said waking an x sign with her hands. Kali's and Jaden looked at her confused at her reaction then there's Roseanna glaring at her

"Why?" Jaden asked Sam already laughing, Roseanna keeps on glaring at her.

"Don't if you won't like to see a broken living room, a broken tv and a-" Roseanna stopped her before she could say something that'll be embarrassing for Roseanna

"Ahh, hehe let's just watch other movies? And I don't have any horror movies" Roseanna laughed awkwardly. Jaden smiled at me mischievously

"We have Netflix" Jaden and then Kalix agreed.

"No, no horror movies please?" Roseanna pleaded

"Anyways I'll prepare the snacks" Kalix, Sam made an ok sign to him "You will help me" Kalix to Sam then Sam pouted.

"Ok. We'll prepare the movie" Jaden then pulls me to sit.

Roseanna's (P.O.V)

After a moment we decided to watch kissing both. We took pictures and posted them on Twitter. I laughed at the photos the first one was so epic.  Jaden and I are both laughing while throwing the pillow at each other and Sam was about to cry while Kalix was just laughing at her.

The second one was just like the first one but Jaden and I stopped throwing pillows at each other and were looking at the movie with a 'we didn't believe what we just saw' face while Sam punched Kalix.

The third one was the four of us smiling at the camera Jaden's hand were on my shoulders and I was holding them. Sam and Kalix looked like a couple, their face was sticking together and they both smiled widely.

And the last one was me leaning my head on Jaden's shoulders while his left arm was like hugging me. I was taking a quick map at that time. We looked like a couple here. Kalix and Sam we're both focused on watching the movie.

I looked into the comments and yeah, full of different thoughts of the fans.

'They looked good together
'So sweet'
'Kalix and Sam looked like a couple'
'Just Jaden and Zoey looking like a married couple'
'Sam and Kalix we'll root for you two'
'The two couples that we need'
'Zoey and Phillip looks sweeter than Zoey and Jaden'

I rolled my eyes at that comment. This is the worst part of becoming famous. Everyone is looking at your every move if they see you with someone they'll make news about it and you'll be the talk of the town. If you took a picture with a friend everyone will suspect your relationship with your friend if it's a man.

Should I quit?

Nah. 2 years to go it'll be over. I can live my life like my mom, if only she's here.

"Your thinking about your mom again?" Jaden asked

"How did you know?" I asked shocked.

"You make a face when you think of her." Jaden then smiled "Stop making a sad face. She'll be sad too"

"Okay, okay. I'll stop" I then sighed

"Let's just watch the movie" He suggested then we really did watch it till the end. It was our 6th movie Kalix and Sam both fell asleep.

"You're sleepy? Go sleep I'll clean up" Jaden. I nodded.

"You and Kalix can sleep in the guest room," I said and he nodded so I went upstairs to my room

The moment I went inside my room my phone beeps

'Our time is near, be ready My Rose" D

A message pop in from that Mr. D again.

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