My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 27, 2022
Ch. 16Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Roseanna is wearing a Baby blue tube long gown that fits her fit body she looks like an angel in disguise while Sam is wearing the same style of gown as Roseanna but hers is in color red making Sam more intimidating than usual. They both looked like water and fire combined because of the aura they're giving to everyone who's watching them. They're both walking on the red carpet together with their chin up and both of them aren't smiling they looked like a twin.

"Why don't you smile? Everyone is looking at you both you know" James said then hold Claire's waist to pose on the camera

"Yeah, you two look dazzling. So smile" Jaden agreed to James and his Roseanna's waist too so as Jaden's Best friend Kalix he holds Sam on her waist and poses Roseanna force a smile so as sam then they walk together to their table and timing hits different. Phillip is sitting at their table too together with other people Mr. Aideen Stone is also at their table


Ok, this is not the aura I was expecting to feel. Sam suddenly feels so awkward and she's only looking at her phone that was turned off. Phillip won't stop gazing at me Jaden and the other man looking at each other intensely. I think Claire and I were the only I e who notice them. Kuya is glaring at Phillip. And before the atmosphere comes to worst I talked

"Ok? Am I the only one who feels suffocated here?" I asked looking at Jaden but my voice is loud so that they all will hear it. Everyone looked at me so I raised my left eyebrow "Problem? Anyone?" I asked when they didn't say anything.

"Ow, where are my manners. Let me introduce myself" the girl who sits beside the man with a blue tie stood up."I'm Christy Breslin" she then hand over her hand when no one accepted it Claire stood up and smile at her and took her hand for a handshake

"Claire Dawson, nice to meet you" Claire introduced herself smiling "This is James Bezos my boyfriend. I mean fiancee" she introduced Kuya by pointing her finger at him Christy smile and so as Kuya "This is Hailey Samantha Taylor and her date Kalix Connor" Christy smiled at them Sam just looked at her while Kalix smiled back

"Samantha the model. Of course, my pleasure to meet you here" Christy smiled but Sam didn't

"The pleasure is mine," Sam said then look away. Christy's smile vanished. I smirked well that's Sam.

"This is Phillip Laurence Arnault," Clair said then Phillip nodded "This is Jaden Malik and his date Roseanna Zoey. I think you already know her since you know Sam." Claire ended and sat down

"You don't have to do that " Kuya said to her but she just smiles at him and that's Claire the happy-go-lucky girl. She can't manage to stop smiling

"Of course, Mk's Biggest Zoey," Christy said is it just me, or does my name sounds different from the way she says it? I looked at Sam and she's looking back at me already with her right eyebrow raised. I guess we think the same. I look at Christy with my left eyebrow raised. "Pleasure to meet you, Zoey," Christy said, she sounds sarcastic. I didn't say anything I just looked at her for a minute then look away "ok, so this is my fiancee Aideen Drew" she said that made me look at them, Aideen Drew? It sounds familiar. The guy stood up and hand over his hand inform of me. Praise an eyebrow at him then someone holds it for a handshake. It turns out to be Jaden, the guy smiled.

"Nice to see you Mr. Malik" the guys smiled sarcastically

"Nice to see you again Mr. Stone," Jaden said

"Mr. Stone?" Phillip and Claire asked surprised the guys looked at them curiously

Stone? Is he perhaps - my eyes widened then I looked at hum then there he is looking at me

"Is there anything wrong with my surname?" Drew asked them but he's still looking at me.

"Are you two siblings or relatives?" Claire asks we all looked at her.

"No!/No" Drew and I both said at the same time then we both looked at each other.

"You two have the same surname" Phillip stated

"No, it's a long story," I said not breaking the looks Drew and I were sharing. I raised my eyebrow

"Are you two married?" Phillip asked again I smirked.

"Ow, are we?" I teased Drew to make him look away first.

"Aren't we?" He also teased back ow he won't look away. I smiled I was trained for this.

"Challenging me are you?" I asked then put my fingers on the wine glass and I circled it there as I looked at him with so much flirt then I but my lips, there he looked away. I laugh lightly then faced them all. Christy's face is like a burning fire. I just smiled at her "We are not married. Didn't just Christy told us that he is her fiancee? Cool up the ball is starting" I said then sat properly.

"Everyone, Goodevening. It's a pleasant evening isn't it?" The host said that everyone agreed "of course it is we have the two start of all time Ms. Zoey and Ms. Samantha. There just look at the two of them a shining star indeed" The host said looking at our table as the spotlight shines on me and say we both smiled when the camera keeps on flashing. "And of course we also have the Stone family. I am your host for tonight and let's start this ball dancing, gentleman shall we bring the ladies to the dance floor? Because the dance floor is now open" He said almost shouting. Then a piece of music came in, a soft one perfect for partner dance.

"That's what you call shining with the spotlight" Jaden whispered so I looked at him but he's so close to me that I almost kissed him. I smiled

"Want to dance?" I asked first while smiling and my left eyebrow is raised. He laughed and move away then shakes his head.

"I should be the one asking you that," Jaden said while laughing

"What? Don't you want to dance? I prefer gender equality so you asking me to dance first won't work on me" I added then I winked at him he laughed again

"Alright, let's dance," he said then stand up and offered his hand. I took it while smiling then faced the people at our table

"We'll dance," I said. Buy a and Sam nodded so as Kalix while Claire smiled at us. I raised my eyebrow at her.

"Enjoy" Claire, I know she's teasing us I smiled at her

"Ow, we will" I sad then Claire and I both laugh. Then I turned to face Jaden so he pulls me gently to the dance floor

"Just look at it are we seeing Cinderella and her prince right now? This looks like a movie with Ms. Zoey and Mr. Jaden" The host said that made all of them cheered for us

I chuckled and lean my head on Jaden's chest.


So she does remember me. She called me Drew.

"Your smiling like a lunatic, stop it" Christy whispered

Ow, I'm smiling?

"I thought she doesn't know you? She called you Drew" Christy asked

"I thought so too," I said while looking at my wine

"She looks in love " Christy stated that made me look at Roseanna

"No, she's not. She doesn't look like it" I disagree but I felt irritated the way Roseanna smile at Jaden

"Want to dance?" Roseanna asked Jaden my eyebrows from into a straight line

"I should be the one asking you that" Jaden laughs

"What? Don't you want to dance? I prefer gender equality so you asking me to dance first won't work on me" Roseanna said then winked at Jaden

"Alright, let's dance." Jaden then offered his hands so obviously Roseanna took it but she faced us

"Well dance," She said then James, Sam, and Kalix nodded while

"Enjoy" Claire, James's fiancee said. With that word I know she's delivering something to Roseanna probably teasing them.

"Ow, we will," Roseanna said then they both laugh as she looks back at Jaden, He quickly pulled Roseanne away from here to the dance floor

"Aideen" Christy called but I didn't look at her and just focus on Jaden and Roseanna that are both dancing in the middle while smiling. Roseanna leaned her head on Jaden's chest as everybody cheered for them "Aideen the glass will break" Christy slightly yelled I look at the wine glass I did tighten my hold on it, it almost breaks

"Sorry" I apologize when I notice that the people at our table are now looking at me.

"If you don't like what you're seeing then don't look at it." Christy said, "well your not the only one who doesn't like the view" She added I look at her and gazed at where she's looking, it's Phillip. He looks angry.

"He's Roseanna's Ex suitor. They're mutual for over a year and a half, I think" I said whispering

"Won't, so many men are after her" Christy said amazed. "Well, it's not that shocking. Even the old men's are admiring her beauty" She added

I didn't mind her and look at Sam who's talking to kalix and keep on glancing in Rico's direction while Rico us busy entertaining my sister which is his wife but he also keeps on glancing towards Sam. I shook my head. 'Too much for love.' I looked at James and Claire they looked happy. I wonder if Rose and I can be like that.

The night went too fast I didn't even get a chance to can't with Rose. After her dance with Jaden, Phillip asked her then after Phillip another man asked her and it goes round and round every time she got the chance on sitting she is being asked to dance.

"Urghh. I'm damn tired" Sam said after her 15th dance.

"I'm exhausted" Rose also said they have the same number of men who danced with them.

James, Claire, Jaden, Kalix, and Phillip laughed at the sight of both of them.

"Who wouldn't be? You two looked like you in a contest titled 'who got the most dance' " Claire said while laughing

"It would be a lot more if Jaden and Kalix didn't stop the other men" James agreed.

"Urgh/ Ahh" Roseanna and Sam both place their heads on the table, an artist can't say no.

"Here" Jaden offered the wine to Roseanna but Roseanna just shaped her head and place it on Jaden's shoulder. Jaden smiled "wanna go to our garden?" He asked her

"Can you lift me?" Roseanna asked like 5 years old kids. They laughed which made Roseanna Pouted.

"Lift me too," Sam said to Kalix while pouting.

"I should go first, goodbye everyone" Phillip bit goodbye then went out first.

"Hey, you two stop it. We're not alone in here" James said "you two take care of these two. Well, go ahead" Kalix and Jaden nodded. Jams just pat their shoulders.

"Hey, get up were going," Kalix said holding Sam's shoulder but both Sam and Rose shaped their heads.

"Jaden my feet hurt" Roseanna pouted.

"Lift me, lift me. I'm damn tired" Sam

Kalix and Jaden both sighed

"You two act like a child" Kalix then lifts Sam.

"Remove your head on my shoulder Roseanna, I'll lift you" Jaden, so Roseanna removed her head then Jaden lift her. They looked at me and Rico.

"Aren't you two going?" Kalix asked

"We'll just wait for my wife and his fiancee" Rico

"Then well go first" Kalix, so Rico and I nodded.

"Ow wait." Sam stopped them

"What now?" Kalix asked. Sam looked at Roseanna then they both nodded to each other as they talked about what they are doing.

"I change my mind. Carry me" Sam said then jump to kalix arms. Rico was about to stand up and get Sam but I stopped him.

Jaden went over to the table and looked at Roseanna's wine

"It has alcohol on it the fuck" Jaden hissed "I'll talk to the head about this, they aren't supposed to be drinking" Jaden looked mad. He turned to face Roseanna.

Roseanna is looking at him with puppy eyes he tilted his head and went over to her then he carries Roseanna.

"Damn, alcohol hits this girl," Kalix said referring to Sam like they have known each other for so long.

"Ow, what happened?" Kaylee asked looking at them.

"The wine has a hard alcohol on it," Jaden said Kaylee just nodded.

"Let's go?" Kaylee asked Rico who's still looking at Dam and Kalic. I hit him lightly with my elbow.

"Ow, yeah yeah let's go," he said out of concentration

"You ok?" Kaylee asked him

"Yeah, I am. I'm just tired I guess" Rico and took a glance at Sam

"Uhmm. We'll go now" Kalix then they both went outside carrying the two ladies.

"Let's go. I'll drive you off to my pad before I go home" I said to christy without looking at her Because my eyes are still fixed on Roseanna who's being carried by Jaden.

Kaylee and Christy both walked ahead of us.

"You didn't do your plan " Rico whispered

"Yeah, I regretted it," I said looking at Jaden who's placing Roseanna in his car.

"I did wish to" Rico

"Damn. Can't even touch her" Rico whispered but I did hear it. I didn't even get the chance to dance with her."

"Best friend like a Best friend. Though you're already married and I am still not" I said that made him stop walking.

"And what does it have to do with those?"

"Well, I have an 80% chance to make Rose mine while you have a 1% chance to make Sam yours" I teased and started walking again.

"Well, 1% is sometimes better than 80%. 1% probably have a chance than 80%" He said that made me stop
"Maybe because that 1% loves me while your 80% doesn't love you" Rico added then walked ahead of me.

"One needs a lot of effort. Making the impossible possible" I whispered under my breath.

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