My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 24, 2022
Ch. 15Chapter 15

Chapter 15

"You ready?" Jaden asked and offer his hands.

"I'm all good," Roseanna said smiling "we're going," She said to James and Allison they both nodded.

"Take care," James said to Roseanna "take her home at 9" James added talking to Jaden

"Sure, I will," Jaden said then smiled.

"Exactly 9 o'clock Roseanna," James said again. Allison just laughed at him

"Kuya. Stop it" Roseanna said "è imbarazzante (it's embarrassing)"

"It is not." James then looked at Jaden "9 o'clock Jaden. You two go now"

"Let's go," Jaden said smiling at Roseanna then she nodded. Jaden opened the cars door for Roseanna to go in and he went in after

"I'm sorry about that they never saw me hanging out with or having a date with a man" Roseanna explained.

"Really? Then am I the first?" Jaden asked then he start the engine.

"Nah, not exactly. i have a suitor once back in the Philippines. We usually go in dates on all of our free time"

"Of course, what am I thinking? Your New York's Zoey." Jaden compliment her.

"Come on really? I bet you have lots of suitors compared to me Mr. Malik" Roseanna teased

"Girls," Jaden said then they both laughed

"Girls do become suitors nowadays, ow by the way I saw your photographs. They're nice"

"Really? Which one?" Jaden asked

"The Dahlia's they're beautiful"

"Aw yeah, you like Dahlia's," Jaden said that made her shock

"Where did you know that?" Roseanna asked. She's shocked but her face remains calm. She is thinking that Jaden is the one who's giving her a flower with a card and the one that keeps on texting her.

"Huh? It's trending online. Your picture holding Dahlia's"

"Really? I didn't know that" Roseanna ask as she let out her phone

"Look in Twitter. Why are you so shocked?"

"Oh. I didn't talk about that in the media only James knows about that"

"Ow really? I see" James

Roseanna opened her Twitter and the first picture she saw was her holding the bunch of Dahlia's in a bouquet

"We're here," Jaden said then went out of the car and opened the door for her.

"What do you want?" Jaden asked her after they sat down

"Vegetable salad please and some lemonade, thank you," Roseanna said and smiled at the waiter.

"You like vegetables right." Jaden started Roseanna just nodded at him "we'll take that and one of your dinner special and then water" Jaden said to the waiter

"May I repeat your order, sir? One Vegetable salad and a lemonade, one of our dinner specials, and water. Is that correct sir?" The waiter asked and Jaden nodded "ok sir. Your order will be served in an hour" then the waiter bent his head to show respect and walk away

"So how was your school back there?"

"Am I the v well"

"Gosh I'm flattered so much now, you've been complimenting me " Roseanna giggled "I do love wines, I may be like my mother. She's been an expert in wines"

"Ow, that's awesome. So I guess we're meant to be?" Jaden joked

"Well maybe we are" They both laughed when Roseanna said that

The food arrives before they could open up a topic. Then Roseanna's phone beep.

"Enjoy your food ma'am, sir" The waiter then tilted his head again before he left.

'The stones are offering a request to join your project. Let's choose wisely it's a big deal' her manager texted her.

"Do you perhaps, know that the Stones are competing against you for the project?"

"Really? I didn't know that but I'm not quite shocked I expected it already"

"You expected it?" Roseanna asked

"Ah, yeah. You know they're preparing a new wine. They said its the perfect I e and well they usually do model their wines"

"Aw yeah, right" Roseanna then started eating

"Are you somehow related to them?" Jaden asked that made Roseanna coughs "Hey you ok?" Jaden handed her the water

"I'm ok, thank you" Roseanna smiled after she drinks the water "I'm not really, exactly related to them. It's a long story to be told"

"Ow ok. Your personal matter I won't meddle with that" Jaden then smiled at her "let's continue eating? Eat slowly" Jaden painted out. Roseanna nodded.


"We're here," Jaden said then parked the car and went out to open the door for Roseanna

"Thanks, whoa! It's beautiful" Roseanna is amazed seeing the beautiful garden that is full of lights.

"You like it?" Jaden asked and lead the way to the bench.

"Yeah, it's amazingly beautiful," She said with an amazed look on her face

"You like nature so I figured I would bring you here. A place you'll like" James smiled sweetly.

"Thank you for bringing me here Jaden" Jaden simply smiled at her

"You know this is a special place for me. This is the place where I last my bond with my mom before the heavens took her" Jaden opened up

"I'm sorry to hear that" Roseanna looked at him sadly.

"Well it was a good and beautiful memory to be sorry for so don't be" Jaden sincerely said "when I'm free from work or stress out I would always go here this place calms me down and refresh my mind"

"Really? It sure is nice having a place like this"

"You can visit here anytime" Jaden smiled again

"I would love to but there will be a crowd of people they'll just drag me" Roseanna pouted

"You so famous what do you expect?" Jaden laugh at the look on her face

"Gosh, like I'm just a mere model, not an artist"

"Yeah but you outshine every artist just be posing a little"

"It's fun but this still needs to end, I'm talking about my modeling. In 2 years from now or so I'll stop"

"You sure? What would you do?"

"I'll go back to my mom's hometown and apply for one of the small companies there for a job"

"Small? Why don't you come to my company? It's a small one"

"Thanks but I wanted to experience my mom's life back there" Roseanna smiled "and to see if I could find out who I am" she whispered

"Your mom would be happy," Jaden said didn't mind that he heard what Roseanna whispered, he knows that its private so he didn't ask about that

"I hope so. I want to see her happy face. I think I forgot what she looks like when she's happy"

"She probably is. Who wouldn't be proud of having a daughter like you?" Jaden Cheers her up.

"You're making me fluttered aren't you?" Roseanna laughed a little so do Jaden

"It bears 9 o'clock by the way. Should I drive you home now?" Jaden asked then Roseanna nodded

"Yeah, Kuya is waiting at the front door for sure. let's go?" Roseanna then stand up


"Thanks for today Jaden I enjoyed it. Take care on your way back" Roseanna said while smiling sweetly

"So ill expect to see you at the ball tomorrow? I'll pick you up?"

"Sure, bye" Roseanna bid goodbye then give Jaden a peck on his cheeks.

"O-ow bye" Jaden shuttle then went inside his car

"Come on in," James said, Roseanna laughed

"Come on stop treating me like a high school kid I hate it" Roseanna pointed out

"What did you say?" James glared at her.

"What did I say? Did I say anything? Nah-ah" Roseanna said smiling sweetly at her brother. "Good night Kuya. I'll sleep now mhua" She said then give James a kiss on his cheeks

"Hey, we're not yet done talking Roseanna Zoey" James called her name aloud

"Get some sleep now Kuya. The ball is tomorrow, you'll be looking like a dead zombie. I'll take my beauty sleep now. Goodnight love you" Roseanna shouted back

"Whoa! I can't believe with this girl" James muttered


"What do you plan to do?" Rick asked

"I'm gonna take her for granted. I'm done waiting" Aideen said like it was nothing.

"You will do that? I thought you respect her? Dude!"

"Man. I can't be with her if I start and act like a saint. What I want is what I get."

"Your choice man. Just don't regret it. Youll going to do that tomorrow?"

"Is there anything else? Another way? And another great chance? Time? There will be drinks tomorrow"

"You'll make her drink?

"wait and see man. Stop asking questions. Your not a freaking reporter." Aideen said irradiated.

"Ok, ok ill stop. Do what you want to do" Rico then stand up "don't forget what your mother said to you"


THAT STUCK ON ME. What Rico said is stuck in my mind.

'I should respect woman and their dignity' but can that words make Rose fall for me? Will she come to me? Will I be able to hold her hands? No. I can't, she will not. But I don't want to be like my dad.

I looked at Roseanna's photo "What should I do to make you mine?" I whispered.

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