My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 14Chapter 14

Chapter 14

"We're free, Yahoo" They all shouted together at the end of the ceremony. Roseanna laugh then went to James and Allyson who's waiting for her they welcome her with a hug.

"Group hug," James said then hug them tightly "Our baby is now a grown-up lady" James, they all laughed.

"Ow come on. I already grow up years ago" Roseanna said rolling her eyes.

"Really? I didn't notice that" James said referring to her height.

"Hey! I'm tall for your information. It's just that you're taller" She said hitting James

"Hey, hey that hurts," James said trying to avoid her punches Allyson just Laugh at them

"Okay, okay that's enough. Well eat lunch" Allison said then grab both of them to the car.

On their way to the restaurant James just keeps on pissing Roseanna while Allyson drives the car, she looks at the two that she cherishes the most. She smiled then her gaze went back to the road.

"What do you plan to do now Roseanna?" Allison asked while they are eating.

"I'd love to work in a winery but I'll relax for now" Roseanna

"Really? Then you can work with me when you graduate"  James said and Roseanna shakes her head

"I would love to but I want to work in Italy at a small company I want to start in a small way," Roseanna said that made them confuse

"Why?" Allison asked her

"It's not that I don't like to work with Kuya but it's just that I want to work to be known as a successor that came from a low level" Roseanna smiled

"You sure?" James asked her then she nodded.

"Yes and when that time comes that I will lift that small company you'll gonna invest to me okay?" Roseanna

"Okay!" James salute her then they all laugh

"I can be at peace when you two will be in good hands and have a good life" Allison suddenly said James and Roseanna became silent

"Hey! Don't talk nonsense" After a minute Roseanna talked and glared at Allison

"Yeah. Stop it" James said he is also glaring at Allison then Allison just laughs again.

"Come on. I mean that, well yeah" Allison said nodding

"Then we won't settle. The two of us won't be in good hands and we won't have a good life" James pouted

"Okay, okay. I'll stop" Allison said still laughing "come here you two" They sit beside Allison then Allison hugs them "you two know that I love you right? You two are my kids"

"We love you too ma," Roseanna said then wiped Allison's tears "Don't cry we should be celebrating come on"

Roses. A and James came home tired they have a long day of shopping with Allison.

When they enter the gate Roseanna notice the flower in the pathway

"Hold this," she said handing the bags to James then she picks up the flower and read the card

"Happy Graduation day my lovely Rose, keep on smiling your so beautiful"- D

"What's that?" James asked and went over to her

"Dahlia's" she answered smiling

"Wait you have suitors now? Who is it?"


"D? Who is that? Wait do you even know who is it?"


"No? And you are reading his flowers? maybe he is a stalker or a killer" James exclaimed

"Really? Come on. Don't overreact" Roseanna said then went in with the flowers

"Hey, don't puck or receive those flowers ever again, Roseanna Zoey"  James called

"Whatever Kuya" Roseanna just ignored him then went to her room.

"Hey, didn't see you after the ceremony, where are you?"

Sam's text pop-up on her phone

"Ow, my bad Allison drag me out so we can eat somewhere. I forgot to text you" She replied. Minutes after she replied, Sam, called.

'I hate you! Oh well I have a good day after all

"I hate you too! And why is that?" Roseanna asked

'That's for me to keep'

"Then why did you called?"

'Pissing you of? I know you hate to talk through call'

"Fuck off," Roseanna said irritated

'See? HAHAHA, this is the first time you cursed at me HAHAHA. Bye bitch Congrats by the way Sam said laughing

"Goodbye! The same goes for you" she said and then ended the call.

Morning came and James suddenly went over her door.

"Are you ready?" James asked

"Yeah, I packed lightly," Roseanna said then grab her sling bag and went out. "Bring my baggage down. It's heavy"

"You packed lightly yet it's heavy? What's inside gold?" James sarcastically said Roseanna just giggled then she went out of the house and get inside the car.

"We'll fetch Allison," James said then he got in the car. Roses na just nodded then closed her eyes and put the ear pads on.


AIDEEN SLEPT ALL DAY at his room in their mansion.

"Young master? Mrs. Stone is waiting for you at the dining room" said one of their maids by the mini speaker so that he can hear it without them knocking.

"Ok, tell her ill be there," he said then get up and go to the bathroom to wash up.

He went down after he finished.

"Mom" he called

"Why are you just sleeping? You should eat" his mom said.

"I was tired" he sat on his chair.

"By the way did your dad change his mind?"

"No, Christy is still on my pad," He said and started eating.

"Why don't you try Aideen?" His mom said while staring at him.

"Mom" Aideen glared at his mom.

"Ok, ok. I was just saying that you should try, You're old now Aideen. Look at you glaring the hell out of me" his mother rolled her eyes

"No, I won't and I already have someone I like" his mother choke after hearing what he said.

"Someone, you like? Do you have it now? Who is it? Tell me this the lucky girl? Is she pretty? Smart?" his mother is excited indeed.

"How can I tell you when you have so many questions?" Aideen said didn't even look at his mom.

"Ow, sorry. So? Who?" His mom asked again calmly.

"Just someone. I'm how are Kaylee and Lianna doing?"

"You won't even tell!" His mom glared but Aideen just keep on eating "well they're good. Lianna's been managing one of our small companies and your sister Kaylee is busy with the project your dad gave her" his mom surrendered

"Okay," he said then stand up after wiping his mouth "I'm done. Thank you for the food"

"Wait, already? I'm not yet even done"

"I'm full now and I have something to do. You're still not done because your busy talking than eating" He said then went over to his mom and kissed her cheeks. "I'll go"

"Ok, take care" his mom smiled and waved at him.

Aideen drove off to the company


Rose will arrive today and she'll be staying here for a long I think. I wonder when will we give a chance to meet?

My phone buzz so I looked at it to see who the caller is when he saw it he directly answered the call

"Hello? Why did you call? Is it important? I'm driving"

'Roseanna will have an upcoming project with a wine company. I think it'll be held next year. They're processing a contract now'

"And? Is there a chance that she'll model our new wines?"

'There is because they are still searching for a company to negotiate with them, but it'll be a big competition if you join with them because you'll be competing with the Malik's '

"Mr. Malik? My biggest enemy? Well sounds fun, but I never thought they'll be interested in modeling?"

'His heir is hitting on Roseann and Mr. Malik wanted Rosanna to be his daughter-in-law'

"They're hitting on her? TSS as if they'll win Roseanna's Heart"

'Well, Roseanna will be meeting Mr. Malik's son tonight, and based on her reaction they know each other already'

"How can you say that?" I asked holding the wheel of the car tightly

"She's kinda excited for tonight? She's in all smile" He parked the car then went out after he grabs her phone "I'm at the company now. I'll join that project"

'Ok, this might take a while than expected. If you win you'll shoot this next year the date is your to decide but it's next year or even before Roseanna leaves her agency'

"It's ok. This will take an effort and this could help the company too, I mean Roseanna's Agency is a big deal"

"Sure. Whatever you say"

"Thank you. Sorry for making you be my spy on Roseanna"

'That's ok. I'm enjoying this somehow. I just hope Roseanna would not be so angry with me'

"You want to stop? I promise I won't tell my sister about you and Rico"

'It's ok. i already started this. Well then I gotta hung up Roseanna is coming my way'

"No don't" I refuse


"Just put it in your purse without hunting up. I want to hear her voice"

'Ow, okay?'

I directly sat on his chair when I  arrive in my office.

'Hey, who is that?' It's Roseanna

'Oh, just a random person. Are you done?'

'Well yeah. Let's go?'

'By the way, will Jaden pick you up tonight?'

'Yeah, I mean of course he will' Roseanna laughed I got irritated by hearing Rose laughed because of other men.

'You seem pretty excited?'

'Hello? That's Jaden Malik every girl's in our University's crush. When we were still elementary he used to take pictures of me and the picture will come out beautiful. He's short of my childhood crush' Roseanna giggled

'Ow really?'

'Yeah, but that's ages ago. I'm just excited to see him again it's been a long time after all'

'You do know that that guy is hitting on you, right? I mean the whole world knows'

'Yeah, I know that. Maybe I'll fall on one of his traps' Roseanna A giggled again. I hung up irritated and called my secretary

"Prepare a letter for Mk Company saying that we request to join their new project about wines"

'Noted Mr. Stone. Anything else?'

"Sent it tonight before 7" Then with that my secretary left the office after bowing lightly.

"I'm gonna crash that bastard. Roseanna is mine only"

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