My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 13Chapter 13

Chapter 13

"Why didn't we noticed it?" Allison said while looking at Roseanna who is still whipping in her sleep.

"Because you all have been very busy," Sam said Allison and James both looked at her "I talked to her yesterday, I said she needs to let it all go or she will explode and I guess I'm right"

"She needs to go to her psychiatrist James" Allison sighed.

Janes looks down at his feet then a tear fell. He can't stand to see Roseanna being like that.
He walked out of the room didn't want to argue with Allison because he didn't want that 'Roseanna isn't crazy. No, she's not!' That was what he's saying on his mind


Morning came and Roseanna was back to her normal self. She went to school after she has her breakfast as if she doesn't remember what happened yesterday.

Roseanna is quite busy due to her school works. Being on the too is not east but that was Roseanna's aim. She was so happy. She was called by their dean to tell her that she's back in her position. She can't lose that now because this is her last chance this is the last year of her college. She understands that she needs to see her Psychiatrist again and she's willing. She is strong so she can surely handle it and this time she's sure that what happened last night will be the last.


After school Roseanna went to Phillip's house even though Phillip isn't home she let herself in. She's busy cooking Phillip's favorite food when she heard noises. She sighed, she already knows that this will happen.

Phillip shows up with a girl beside him holding his arms. Phillip looked shocked to see her and let go of the girl.

"Babe? Who is she?" The girl asked

"Roseanna" was all Phillip can say.

"Hey there Phillip" Roseanna smiled "I cooked your favorite food" Roseanna then raised the plate she's holding. "Ow, hello. I'm Roseanna Phillip's cousin. You must be his girl!?" Roseanna introduced herself that made Phillip shock again.

"Ow, yeah. I'm Camile, nice to meet you" The girl smiled at Roseanna and went over to the table "Pasta? I didn't know you like pasta Babe" The girl looked at Phillip

"Uhh" Roseanna cut Phillip off

"Well, I was just the only one who knows about that. It's likely our thing together" Roseanna smiled back at her.

"Ow, I see. Okay," The girl smiled awkwardly.

"Ow yeah, I gotta go. I'm busy you know" Roseanna faked a laugh then looked at Phillip "Bye Phillip. See you when I see you" She said and kissed Him on the cheeks and whispered " I guess it will not be longer than I thought it would" she smiled sadly "Bye Camile. Take care you guys" Then Roseanna got out of their sight.

"I didn't know you have a cousin? You said you don't have one?" Camille raises her left eyebrow looking at Phillip.

"Camile" She didn't let Phillip talk

"And what's with the shocked face? Is it the first time you've seen your cousin?" Camille laughed "you two are quite sweet with each other huh? She even kissed you. So sweet of her" She added sarcastically.

"She's not my cousin. She's James younger sister" Phillip sighed as he said that

"Urgh. I hate you" Camile said then walk out.

Months have passed Roseanna didn't let Phillip see her instead she keeps herself busy preparing g for her graduation day. The day after tomorrow. She'll be out in college soon.


Aideen feels so sleepy when he arrives at his house.

He is already back in New York City, He finished what he needed to finish on their business in the Philippines so he went back home, and he knows that Rosea and will be back here in New York because there will be a grand ba and they are invited. He thinks that it will be the right time for them to meet so he feels so happy and excited.

While he is resting on the tub his father called.

"Yes, dad?" He asked as he answered the phone

'Are you home?'

"Yes, why?"

'We'll eat dinner together with the Breslin Family'

"Breslin? Christy's family?"

'Yes, and you should be there. No buts'

"I told you already dad. I don't want to be married now"

'I didn't say you need to get married right away, son. Christy can wait, ok bye I need to go'

After his dad ended the call he throws his phone because of annoyance.


FUCK IT.! I don't want to tie the knot with that horrible disgusting woman. Damn it. I only want Roseanna.

I finished my shower then dried up my hair and went to my bed to sleep.

Later on, I woke up when I heard my phone ringing. TSS why didn't it break? I pick it up and answered the call without looking who's the caller.

"Hello?" I greeted with my eyes still closed.

'Where are you Aideen? Our family is waiting for you when I heard Christy's voice I ended the call.

Minutes after my phone rang again he looked at who's the caller and saw Christy's name.

"I told you don't ever talk to me. Can you stop forcing yourself on me? Your disgusting" I directly said that.

'Aideen Drew! Why are you talking like that to a woman?' I heard his fathers voice and not Christy's

"Dad" I called

'Don't dad, dad me.  Get your ass over here and say sorry to Christy' dad

"Why would I? I already told you dad I'm not getting married nor getting a fiance"

'It's for the company Aideen please cooperate.'

"Company? You already have a lot of investments and what did you say? Cooperate? I already did. Now I'm gonna focus on my fucking life and please stay away."

'Aideen. Hey! Don't you dare

I didn't let him finish talking

"Bye, dad! Tell them to eat well and I'm sorry.  Don't call me again, I'm sleepy" I said then hung up.

I'm pretty sure he's mad right now but the hell do I care? I don't want to get married to that girl.

I gaze at Roseanna's picture.

Why are you so high? I feel like a commoner if I tried to hook up to you. I can't reach you no matter how I tried. Damn, I can't even go near you.
I'm losing my mind here because of you while you were so busy with another man who doesn't even give a fuck to you now. Back when we were little I knew that I feel as bad but fuck I couldn't help but to see you more than a sister. Cupid is hard on me.

My mind was full of thoughts I didn't realize that I fell asleep.


Morning came and Aideen wake up early for a jog but when he went back from jogging he heard someone in the kitchen he went to look who is it.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked as he sees who it was.

"Cooking?" Christy innocently said.

"I'm not blind! What I mean is that who the fuck gave you a credit to enter my pad?"

"Your dad. He gave me the password and he said that I'm going to live here with you. I already unpack my clothes on the other side of your closet" Christy said smiling

"The fuck? Stop smiling your not beautiful nor cute, Geez that freaks me out! You should leave" Aideen said while pushing Christy out

"Hey! You're too much! My mom and dad won't let me in on their house if I leave now and they sold my pad" Christy said trying to stop him from pushing her.

"And why do I have to care about that? Leave!" Aideen still keeps on pushing her.

"I'm your fiancee you should at least give me some respect!" Christy pointed out

"And she did I agree to that? If you just decline when they asked if you want to marry me you wouldn't be thrown away like this" Aideen said and hold Christy's hands tightly "why do you keep on pushing yourself to me? I don't like you ok? How many times do I have to say that? Stop being desperate"

"I'll stop Aideen, I will. If you say you have someone right now! Show me that she loves you then I'll stop" Christy said looking straight to his eyes

"Fuck it. I already love someone ok? I already love her so stop. I don't want to hurt a girl but you're forcing me to hurt you" Aideen let go of her arms

"Who? Who is she?" Christy asked holding her arms feeling pain?

"You don't know her" Aideen refused to say.

"Ow come on who doesn't know Zoey? Everybody knows her" Then Christy faked a laugh made Aideen looked at her "What? Am I wrong? She is the girl in the picture on your room's wall. I remember seeing her in that picture but it was taken down and deleted everywhere then they said that it was been bought. Was it you?"

Aideen just keep on looking at her

"Of course, you don't like me. I mean who am I compared to her? To Zoey? I'm just a commoner while she? She walks in a gold path" Christy walks towards Aideen's back "So your hiding your relationship? That's why you don't want to be my fiancee and let all the people in New York know? You're afraid she might hear it?" Christy asked

"We are not in a relationship" Aideen

"Does she loves you? Or does she even know about what you feel?" Christy

"No" Aideen looked away

"Then my answer will be a no! I'll live here Aideen and I'm gonna throw that picture of her then-" Christy didn't finish what she was about to say when Aideen turn to face her then hold her arms tightly again

"Don't. Ever. Touch. That. Picture! I'll let you live here but don't ever try to throw that away or even lay a finger on it; try me, Christy! Try me" Aideen said then went to his room and he packs his things then he gets change.

"Where are you going?" Christy grab his hands

"I'll go to my mom! I don't want to live with you. They might suspect us and it will be out to the media she might see it!" Aideen said

"No! You're not going anywhere Aideen! We will live here together, try to leave that door and I will smash that precious picture is hers and throw it away!" Christy said trying to let him stay but Aideen let go of his hands and push her.

Christy was thrown on the floor there her eyes started to tear up.

"Go, go on try me. You wouldn't like what will I do to you! Can you stop being like that? You disgust me, you're so pitiful" With that Aideen left Christy alone scared of him.

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