My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 24, 2022
Ch. 11Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Roseanna feels so exhausted even without doing anything but laying on her bed. It has been months when she knows about her father. She's busy finding who she is and didn't notice that it's already Holiday. She lost interest in going to school but even so she does come to school, she won't listen to anything. A month ago she was called out by the dean and the dean said that she's at a peak of dropping out from becoming a Valedictorian.

Everybody around her is busy preparing for Christmas night. Everyone is so happy well except for her she didn't feel anything but laziness

"Roseanna? Someone left these at the door it has your name is written on a card"- one of their helpers said.

She always receives flowers after her birthday someone left a bunch of flowers on their doorstep, A bouquet of Daisies just like now.

'Happy holiday dear,
Roseanna Zoey.
A Smile will make your day
Cheer up'-D

That was written on the card. She can't help but smile. Daisy, her favorite of favorites. The only person who knows about it is James and no one else, not even Allison everyone doesn't know about it. She did ask James if he told someone else about my love for daisies but he said that he did not, and it's impossible for James to give me these because he is allergic to Daisy. Even so, Roseanna didn't know who was the sender, she took care of the Daisies and put them In their garden.

THEY prepared a lot for the Holiday because all of their staff's family are going to celebrate Christmas Eve with them.


I let out a deep breath. James and Allison know that I'm not ok so they did what they can to cheer me up, but it's not enough. Everyone keeps on fading away. My dad whom I thought he was. Phillip's been busy avoiding me. My spot for the batch's Valedictorian. Like what the hell? What's next?

My thoughts stop when a message pop-ups on my phone.

"Hey bitch Happy holiday. My sister and I are on our way there"-  it was from Sam.

"Happy holiday to Sam. I'm waiting for my present"- I replied while smiling.

I get up from laying on my bed to get ready for the party. I wore my formal red dress that's above the knee and put on light makeup that matches my dress. They said that I look so good if I'm wearing red dresses because my skin blends well with the color and it shines. I took a glance at my phone when it beeps it's another message from Sam.

"Hey, where are you? I thought you're waiting for your present? Allison said your still in your room hurry up and come here"- Sam then another message pop up " And don't forget my present. Hurry"- Sam texted me that made me smile

I grab my present for all of them then went out and headed to the garden. Sam smiled widely as she sees me then open her two arms giving me a sign that she wants a hug. I laugh when she hugged me tightly enough to let me breathe.

"Happy Holidays Sam"- I said then handed my present to her as she let go of the hug.

" What is this?"- She asked while her left eyebrow is raising then her eyes grew bigger as she looks what's inside the paper bag. I laugh and kissed her cheeks "O my gosh, I'm shocked HAHAHA thank you"- She said and hug me again

" Where is my present?"- I asked while my hands are open. She smiled widely

"Charan"- she said proudly my left eyebrow rise up

"A book? Who wants a book as a present?"- I raised a question didn't think that she'll give me this.

"Help! This isn't an ordinary book. This is the wine recipe of your favorite winery with his signature"- She said placing her hand on her waist.

"Really? Oh my god. How did you get this? Gosh, thank you, Sam. I really really do love it!"- I said feeling touched.

"Yes, I'm the best right? HAHAHA"- She giggled and pull me towards the long table.

"Hey, Roseanna. Happy Holidays"- Claire greeted me and handed me my present

" Ow, thank you Claire"- I thanked her and give her the present I brought for her. "Here, Happy Holidays"

I looked at James. He is not saying anything he is not even looking at me. I pouted feeling sad.

"Hey, aren't you going to greet me?"- I asked looking at him, he was quite shocked that I talk to him.

"Ahh, yeah. Umm"- He cleared his throat " Happy Holidays Rose"- He greeted like he was being forced to greet me. I sad smile flashed on my face.

"Yeah, Happy Holidays Kuya"- I greeted him back with a fake smile and handed my present to him then kissed his cheeks.

'He didn't want to talk to me now?' I let go of my thoughts and smiled widely at Allison.

"Happy Holidays Allison"-  I greeted and hug her tightly as I closed my eyes and widespread "I love you"

"Oww, Happy Holidays baby. I love you too"- She said then hugged me back, later on, she let go of the hug " I will help them prepare ok? You all come here it's almost Christmas Eve"

We ate merrily and they sang some songs, they drank some alcohol and then hours later Claire and Sam went home so I just went to my room and lock myself up then I lay on my bed looking at my phone. Many messages are greeting me a Happy Holiday but neither of them is from Phillip. A few minutes later a notification pop up on my install so I opened my Instagram account but I guess it was a bad move. A picture of Phillip being kissed on the cheeks by a girl with a caption of 'Best Christmas Eve Ever' and Phillip is tagged. It was the first I saw when I was about to hit like but the picture suddenly vanished even on Phillip's account it wasn't there. Then a message pop up on my phone, it was from Phillip.

"Hey love, Happy Holiday. Did you enjoy your night! Keep safe, love you"- he sends his voice record. I smiled and typed a reply.

"Happy Holidays too. Well, I did quite enjoy it, love²"- I hit the send button.

I was smiling when I send it but my smile vanished as I remember the photo. Who is she, Phillip? Who's that? What is that all about? A tear escape from my eye, I quickly wipe it away.

"I'm afraid Phillip. So afraid that one that you might come to me and say"

'I'm not happy anymore '

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