My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 25, 2022
Ch. 10Chapter 10

Chapter 10

SUMMER went well Roseanna and James stayed at Allison's place for a month then they went to the beach with their friends for almost 3 weeks.

James is already working at Allison's company, Phillip is making his firm while he studies at a law school. Phillip has been very busy with his studies that even with their time at the beach he rarely goes outside the hotel, He was always reading books, law books and Roseanna was supporting him all the time. Roseanna sometimes visits Phillip on his pad to cook for him cause he had been lack sleep because of his studies.

Days went by and Roseanna's birthday is appearing. Roseanna forgot what James had said to her at the party celebration because she's been so busy with both Phillip and her studies. Roseanna is running for a Valedictorian for their batch, She thinks and felt that this year will be her happiest year.

Roseanna smiled widely as she dialed Phillip's number. And as he answered the call she immediately said Hi.

"Hi, I-"-  Phillip cut what she was about to say.

"Hello?  Don't disturb me pleasure. I have something to do, stop calling"- Phillip said with a bothersome tone.

Roseanna's smile vanished thinking why does Phillip speak to her that way. But then Roseanna erased those thoughts and just went to the library but her phone buzz and when she looks at who it is she saw Phillip's name.

"Hey?"- Roseanna greeted.

" Hey, I'm sorry about a while ago. I have something on my mind."- Phillip apologize.

"It's ok. Mind telling me what is it?"- Roseanna asked.

"Huh? Why would I?"- Phillip asked confused? Roseanna stopped for a moment

"Huh? Uhm. I just wanna know? Maybe I can help you deal with it."- She said then walked again. But she almost jumps when Phillip yelled over the phone so she removes it away from her ears.

"No! It's nothing okay? Is it really necessary for you to know all of my thoughts?"- Phillip shouted. Roseanna couldn't say anything.
" You know what? I need a rest. Goodbye. Sorry, I shouted at you"- Phillip then hung up without letting her speak.

After that day Phillip barely talks to her and when she'll say that she's going to his pad he isn't there. She feels that Phillip is turning cold towards her. She didn't see Phillip until her birthday arrived. Phillip just showed up at her party to greet her. Go somewhere she doesn't know.

"I have something to tell you Rose"- Allison said sweetly after the party.

" Hey, that gives me goosebumps"- Roseanna smiled then look at James who's standing while leaning on the door of her room. "What is it?"- She asked and return her gaze to Allison. " By the way did dad came? I didn't saw him"

"No, he didn't. I think he didn't ever come to your birthday again Roseanna"- Said Allison

" Huh? Why? Are you perhaps making fun of me Allison?"- Roseanna chuckled but it disappeared when she realized how serious Allison is. "What's wrong with you?"- She asked and look at her brother but James just looks away.

"You are not his daughter Roseanna. You are not related to him by blood, I'm sorry"- Allison said while looking down. "Listen, I don't know who your father is but one thing for sure, you're Helena's daughter."- Allison holds her hands when she didn't talk.

"Then why am I still using his surname?"- Roseanna laugh that made Allison and James stare at her. " We should change it immediately when we go back"

"Roseanna?"- Allison said confused about what she's doing.

"Chill guys, I'm ok. Shall w sleep now? I'm sleepy already"- Roseanna and then stand up. "I'm going to bed. Goodnight, love you both"- Then she let them leave but she didn't close the door because James was there

" I'll sleep now too. Let's just discuss this tomorrow ok? Goodnight"- James then kissed Allison on her cheeks and closed the door.

James knew that Roseanna isn't ok. She didn't kiss his and Allison's cheeks as she said good night. Roseanna is like that when she's not ok.
James just sighed and went to his room.

Meanwhile, Allison keeps on asking herself what's going on with Roseanna. She knows that Roseanna isn't happy but why is she acting like she was? Edward is so precious to Roseanna. A, She adored her Father very much which is why Allison knew that she isn't happy. Indeed, Allison didn't know who her father is because she had an accident and forgot what happened in the past. She only remembered Helena because of Roseanna.

Aideen's mother and father are fighting again because of what his mom did.

"For how long are you planning to be a father to that kid Edward?- Veronica yelled at her husband. "Wake up, you're not her real father, and you will never be"

"Did I tell you to do that huh? You've just ruined her birthday for heaven's sake! What the hell is wrong with you?"- Aideen's dad said holding the anger that is rising inside him.

" She deserves to know the truth about herself."- That was all Veronica reasoned out.

"Deserve? I know she deserves to know the truth but what the hell? Allison really might tell her now. Her party is already blight and now her night will be ruined too!"- Edward said frustrated.

Aideen was just listening to their shouts they are both wrong and right at the same time. Aideen sighed when he thinks what would Rosea. A feel right now. He knows what that Phillip was doing behind Roseanna's back and he is indeed angry for doing that to Rose. It's Roseanna's birthday but Phillip chooses to stay with his other girl without Roseanna knowing about them.

He took his phone and dialed someone.

" Hello?"- A female voice greeted him

"I know everything about that fucking Phillip Laurence Arnault and what he is doing. Let's talk this over with. You'll gonna work for my deal?"- Aideen asked.

"No. I can't"- The female voice declined.

"I will make sure no one will know what you and Rico is about if you help me not even my sister''- Aideen

" Okay okay, I will agree. Just make sure Aideen just make sure! Where do we meet?"- The female voice obeyed.

"Ok, remember a deal is a deal! I'll see you tomorrow might as well text you the place"- Aideen then hung up the call as a smirk form his lips.

'Phillip Arnault you will regret what you've done to my poor Rose'

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