My Sophisticated Chic
By Russie21
Date: June 24, 2022
Ch. 1Chapter 1: Stone Family


"Are you out of your mind?" - Aideen's mother shouted

"I didn't know she'll be pregnant" - His father replied calmly

"What the. Didn't you think what would Aideen feel about this? Gosh Edward I can't believe you." - his mother was furious

"He'll understand he a smart boy. They will grow up together." - his father said like it was nothing

"What? So you're telling me to accept them? In my house? Really Edward?" - His mother asked can't believe that his father would say that

"I didn't say you'll accept them what I mean as they will live here" - His Father insists.

"Damn you. I will not allow them. Never" - His mom said losing patience

"They will Veronica they will, and that's final. This is my house too" - His father's voice sounded like he's
Ordering His employee not his wife

"Edward please. Don't be like this" - Aideen's mom pleaded.

"If you can't handle it then I'm gonna buy a house for them and I'll often visit and sleep there."

"What? no, No"- Aideen's mom disagrees "Fine I'm gonna let them stay here. All of the women you get pregnant with. They will stay here."

"Ok. Sound fine."

"But it should be girls Edward. Make sure the babies are all girls or else." - His mom said "My son will be the only heir of the stone's"

While his mom and dad are busy arguing Aideen is reading a book in his room. Aideen can hear all of their shouts but he chooses not to care after all he's sick of his father's behavior.

"Why does my little prince still reading? It's bedtime already."- His mom entered his room

"You should knock first mom."- Aideen said normally like he didn't hear them a minute ago.

"Ow, My bad. Sorry baby. Gosh you're still 5 but you are acting like a teenage boy."- His mother laughed
"Now, now young boy time to sleep. You still have classes tomorrow"

Aideen stop reading and went to bed then his mother lay beside him.

"You know Aideen you should marry a woman you truly love okay?"- His mother said

"Why are you thinking about that? I'm still 5 years old. I'm too young for that."- Aideen said then his mom just laugh.

"Once you grow up don't be like your dad. You must learn a lesson from him and that lesson, bury it in your head where no one can erase it."- His mom started to lecture him about life.

" Why would I do that mommy?"- Aideen asked innocently

"You know baby life is not just about being happy, life is more than that. If you are still Alive you will gonna suffer in pain, and that lesson that mommy told you to bury inside your heart will keep you guided. You should be careful on whom to trust honey. In this world, it's really difficult to trust cause even the person you truly trust might be your downfall Remember that"- With that Aideen nodded his head. He is indeed so genius despite his age."Sleep now, son. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for your dad, well I guess. Sleep tight young one. goodnight mommy loves you"- His mom kissed his forehead then Head out after turning the light to dim.

MORNING ARRIVE and Aideen's mom woke him up early for breakfast He washed up and then went down to the dining room. He wasn't surprised to see another woman dining in.

"Good morning Mom, Dad"- he greeted his parents and kiss his Mom's cheeks before sitting on his chair

"Morning baby"- His mom greeted back forcing a smile.

"Meet your Aunt Jolie she will be your sister's mom"- His Dad Stated

"Really? All I thought a family only consist of one mother? Well that was what I learned in school"- Aideen innocently stated which made Jolie Uncomfortable

"Aideen Drew!"- His father called him in a warning tone Aideen look at his father innocently

"What? I'm staying facts here Father. Am I wrong? Mommy?"- He asked his mother in confusion

"Uhh. Umm Aideen baby? Let's start eating now okay? You still have classes"- His mother said which made him feel irritated

"Okay. Whatever"- He then started eating and suddenly stop when his Father raised a voice at him

"Manner, Aideen!"- His father pointed to him

"I have my manner, dad. The one who doesn't have that in here was you! Bringing your mistress into our house where my mother, your wife is. And in front of your wife? And you just easily said that to have a child that carried my her? I'm dumbfounded, dad"- Aideen spoke out which made all of them shocked

"You won't understand this matter Aideen you are still a kid"- His dad pointed out a fact.

"A kid? Now, dad? You'll make that as an excuse? Do you think I'll act like a kid my age? Who wouldn't be mature if all his life all he can hear was the screams and cries of his mother just because of someone who doesn't know what the word is respect."- Aideen gasp for air after he said that to his father straightly.

"How dare you talk back on me with that tone young man!"- His father stand up

"Aideen please stop"- His mother pleaded but Aiden's anger won't lose up

"No how dare you to treat my mother like that!"- Aideen lost his temper for just a kid he sure is hating his father so much "You can live here alright but be sure to be good to my mother the only one who has the right to demand in here not you."- He said looking at his father's mistress

"Aideen"- his mother stopped him

"I'll excuse myself now mother. I'm full thank you for the food"- with that Aideen went out of the table and the kitchen.


Starting that day his mother never stops telling him life lessons when he sleeps. His father bring another pregnant woman into their mansion then months after his father leaves leave for a business in Italy for over 6 months and while his father is away Jolie was quite getting on his mother's nerves. Jolie keep on owning things in their house which made his mother angry

One afternoon Aideen was about to leave their house for school when he heard his mother's voice arguing with someone, that's Jolie of course then a minute later he heard Jolie screams in pain

"Mother? What's going on? Why is she screaming?"

"Aideen? Call the hospital now! Please baby?"- his mom helped Jolie and he did what he was told to do

"Hello? Is this the hospital? Can you please send someone here to our house? I think a woman is in labor right now. Please hurry? This is in the stone mansion"- he said as soon as someone picks up the phone

Minutes later an emergency ambulance arrive and they were hurried to the hospital when they arrive the nurses hurried Jolie to the emergency room. His mother is busy calling someone maybe that's his father. He was just sitting there watching everyone being busy on their own.

It had been an hour then his mother talk to him.

"Baby who doesn't you go to school? Your very late you don't want to be absent from school right?"- His mother asked him then he noodles but before he can go the doctor showed up

"Family of the patient?"- The doctor asked

"Here doc "- his mother answered and went closer to the doctor.

"Mrs. Stone I'm sorry, we did what we can but the baby didn't survive"- The doctor tilted his head down him and his mother is shocked

"Thank you doc."- said his mother then smiled sadly the doctor just bow then left. After a minute Jolie was transferred to one of the hospital room

His mother's phone rang and Aiden saw that the caller is his father. His mother sighed and answer the phone

"How was it? Did the baby-"- His mother Veronica cut what his father was about to say

"The baby didn't survive. He died"- what Veronica said made her husband gasp.

"He? Veronica you-"- Veronica once again cut his husband's words

"I what Edward?'- Veronica smirked then walk away from her son. "Stay there Aideen, your father and I will talk"- a
She said then Aideen nodded

"You killed the baby!"- that wasn't a question

"Ow did I? You have proofs?"- Veronica said trying to piss his husband off.

"You wicked woman. What did that child do to you? He's innocent."- her husband is mad for sure.

"Really? Do you have proof that I was the one who did that? Huh? My beloved husband?"- Veronica laughed

"Veronica!"- her husband yelled

"That was for what you did to me and what you did that caused my son like he is now. That's a warning Edward. Keep that in mind."- she greeted her teeth "and ow. Make sure it's a girl! A GIRL doesn't disappoint me!"- she said before she ended the call. She looked at her son and smiled "let's go?"- she asked her son then they waited for a car in front of the hospital. "Is it okay if you'll going to absent this afternoon?"- She looked at her son Aideen just nodded

"Mommy may I ask?"- Aideen look sad

"Yes of course baby what is it?"

"Why won't mommy leave daddy? He's making mommy hurt"- her son asked innocently that making her hear ache

"I'll answer that someday baby okay? Let's get inside!"- her son just nodded and went inside the car

On their way home Aideen fell asleep. She sighed as she looks at her son's face

"Ow, I hope I can leave your father young one. I love him even if he were hurting me. And aside from that I know you wanted to have a happy and complete family this is all for you. I'll do what it takes so you can have what you can have a complete family even if it's just complete and not happy as you've dreamed it would. You will understand this when you grow up but for now, let mommy handle this"- she kisses her son's head when her mind says that. He smiled and close her eyes as she fell asleep

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