My Gigolo Husband
By Favor V April
Date: June 23, 2022
Ch. 4The Gigolo


I tossed and twisted in a bed I was fully aware could not have been mine. This bed had a pleasant scent. I was drawn in by the scent alone.

“I bid you a pleasant morning, Mrs. Archer.” My eyes sprung open even faster than Thanos’. I took a moment to scan my immediate surroundings. I was snoozing in a gigantic bed. Yes, I’m aware that the bed is not mine. Wait a minute, did I just sleep with Mr. Hendricks? I witnessed the atrocity. In that club, he was the only man I knew. I shouted and yanked up the bedsheets in search of bloodstains, but there were none. I double-checked myself and rummaged through my underwear, looking for anything red. I stroked and pressed my hand against my pussy, looking for some sign of soreness, but found none. I locked my gaze on the terrified woman in front of me. Then I realized she had said something to me.

“What did you call me?” The woman remained there perplexed, her gaze fixed on me as if I were a work of art. I shook my head at her and flicked my fingers. She jolted slightly.

"Sorry, Mrs. Archer. I’m sincerely sorry."

“Mrs. Archer?” My mind began to whirl as I attempted to piece together what had occurred last night. Mrs. Archer is another matter entirely. Which, in my opinion, sounds better than Mrs. Hendricks.

Who the fuck is this Archer, anyway? Are you sure I’m not married? Jesus Christ Maya!

What in the world did you get up to last night? My gaze shifted to my left ring finger. When I screamed, the woman bolted out of the room and into the hallway.

Who the fuck did I tie the knot with? And who gave me this ring in the first place? Wait a minute, it’s a good thing I’m not married to Mr. Hendricks. Right? I leaped to the top of the bed, but another notion quickly entered my mind. What if Mr. Archer is another obese old man selected by my father for me. Even if I married an elderly gentleman, there is no way I would give up my virginity to an elderly gentleman. Mr. Archer could be a friend of my father’s. Where has that lady gone? What had I done, exactly, last night? I then realized I was dressed in a man’s shirt. You can tell by glancing at the clothing that the owner was not an elderly, overweight man. However, the owner could still be an elderly gentleman. So, what exactly happened last night? And what the fuck happened to my coat? The woman returned to the room.

“Would you like anything to eat, Mrs. Archer?” She inquired in hushed tones.

“Don’t call me that!” I screamed, and she jolted once more. She appears to be as afraid as I am. I suppose I should inquire as to who Mr. Archer is.

“Hey, why don’t you take a seat next to me?”

“No, ma’am; I am not qualified to sit where you sit or even speak with you.”

What on earth is she on about?

“Please tell me about Mr. Archer.”

“No, no, and no again. Mrs. Archer, I am not qualified to utter that name at any point in time. What kind of food would you like to eat?”

“Get out!” I yelled.

Is the name of Mr. Hendricks Archer Hendricks? No way in hell was that man going to be my first. Never. I’m in desperate need of a strategy. Heck! Do I have to return home wearing a man’s shirt? I guess I don’t have much of a choice, do I? I hailed a cab and dashed into the car. When I arrived home, I walked through the rear door and went straight to my room after exiting the car. I eventually took a shower and brushed my teeth. I went and lied down, trying to come up with a means to lose my virginity to a man my own age, not a man old enough to be my father. When I realized I would be unable to avoid having sex with Mr. Hendricks, he will force himself on me, and there will be no one to rescue me. I reached into my bag and slid my hand inside to retrieve my phone, but a piece of hard paper dropped out. I groaned and gathered the paper in my hands. Unbelievably, a marriage certificate. Zion Archer is the name of my husband. So Mr. Hendricks and I aren’t married. Who is Zion Archer, and where did he come from? Who gives a rat’s ass? I’ve figured out how to get rid of Mr. Hendricks. I grinned and made my way to the sitting room, which was occupied by my father, his wife, and, of course, Ivy and Mr. Hendricks.

“Maya, we have been anticipating your arrival. Mr. Hendricks came to take you to your new home.” I stared at the man I’ve known as my father since I was born, yet he’s never expressed any affection towards me. Years have passed, but this man has never treated me as a daughter, but rather as a means to an end. A tool to help him expand his business. I made a sneering remark.

“What new home are you talking about?”

“Yours, as well as Mr. Hendricks.”

I smiled as I handed them the marriage certificate, noting the expressions on their faces.

“I am unable to marry Mr. Hendricks’ father due to the fact that I am already married.”

“What! Maya Jones, what have you done?”

"Oh, now I’m Maya Jones. I am not your illegitimate daughter that you intend to marry off to anyone in order to expand your business. Well, Father Ivy is not married. Wed Ivy to Mr. Hendricks. Oh yeah, Mr. Hendricks, on the other hand, was looking for a virgin. Regrettably, your daughter is no longer a virgin after sleeping with my fiancé. Oh, I’m simply curious as to how long Ivy has been sleeping with Nathan behind my back without my knowledge." My father’s expression shifted dramatically, and I watched it happen right before my eyes.


“Oh, daddy, didn’t your lovely Ivy tell you about the day I walked on her while having sex with my ex-fiance and, of course, with my best Teressa? Is telling your father that you were discovered sleeping with your brother-in-law embarrassing, Ivy? Sharing him with another woman. Are you suddenly embarrassed, or do you wish to deny it now so I can show your father how her lovely daughter slept with my fiancé?”

“Do you happen to have a video of her?”

“Of course, she is free to deny it. Then I’ll show you what I’m talking about.”

“Ivy, is this true?” Ivy remained silent. She remained silent and began to nibble on her fingernails as a form of self-control.

“What, you don’t want to tell your father that you were begging Nathan to fill you up with his cum?”

“Maya Jones put an end to this!”

“What kind of father are you? Is it forbidden because it was carried out by your beloved daughter? My sister is well experienced, Mr. Hendricks. By the way, she was sucking the life out of my fiance with her nasty lips. I’m confident she can make you happy as well.”

“Maya!” from a distance, my stepmother yelled. After attempting to strike me with a slap, I managed to dodge the blow, prompting her to strike her own daughter with a slap. Ivy tripped and passed out on the floor.

“Oops!” I grinned as I glanced at her. “Karma is a bitch. I hope Nathan filled her up and got her pregnant out of wedlock since it was her desire to be filled with his cum. There is a good chance that Mr. Hendricks will take her if she doesn’t want to go stay with Nathan. What am I saying? Nathan might want the two of them.”

That was all I said, and then I left the living room. I pulled out my phone and navigated to the Desires of the Night website, where I could rent a man. No way will I be sleeping with a man who is too old for me. As I chose the man I wanted, the app asked me about my size preferences: tall or short, muscular or not. This made me blush as I chose the man I wanted. Regrettably, they did not show me the man’s picture. I returned to the club where I was yesterday. Before I could lose my virginity, I needed to drink. After an hour, I returned to the hotel room where I had stayed the night before and awaited my gigolo. I perched on the very top of the colossal bed. The door swung wide to reveal a very tall, dashing gentleman. He is just too dashing to be a gigolo.

“You are the one they sent me? You don’t look too bad for a gigolo. “

Zion Archer came to a halt and glanced at his petite wife. Did she just call me a gigolo?

Maya pushed herself out of bed, still dressed in her lingerie. She raised her eyes and began scanning the man in front of her with her bare gaze. "I didn’t know gigolos could look this good. I hope you were informed about your assignment. You are here to take my virginity.“ She began to brush her fingers on the man’s muscular shoulders.

Zion couldn’t believe what he was hearing. If eyes could kill, Maya Archer could have been a dead woman by now.

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