My Gigolo Husband
By Favor V April
Date: June 23, 2022
Ch. 3Married over night

Zion’s POV

Holy Hell!

She is not going anywhere after doing what she has just done. My bodyguards seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. With my hand, I gestured to them not to pursue her. The first day at J-City, and then this. Has this woman been fucked until she became mute? The only thing I can think about at the moment is fucking her pouty, sinister mouth until she’s completely mute. Heck! Did I mention her voice? There was something about her apology that felt like it came from a high angel. I never believed in angels, but that girl is everything. I stood there watching her enter the dance floor. Her coat opens and closes slightly, and all I’m interested in is what’s hidden behind it. I was convinced she was inebriated and that men might prey on her. That includes me. She didn’t seem to be able to see where she was going, which I noted. I could tell she was resorting to booze to forget whatever had happened the moment she walked in and began drinking. By the way, she was drinking. One could tell she had never consumed alcohol before. She drank it as if it were water. As a result, she became extremely inebriated very quickly. I noticed a man attempting to smuggle his fingers inside her coat. I pushed myself up from my seat. I sighed as I gazed at her. This girl is going to teach me how to conduct myself in a gentlemanly manner. I’ve never been considered a gentleman. I picked her up and motioned for one of my guys to go get the car. My assistant and driver were both unavailable at the time. He was occupied with his search for a new residence. I exited the building, carrying the girl. I was standing outside, waiting for my car to arrive with the woman who so closely resembled Aya. Before meeting Aya, I had been on a few dates and had a few crushes. However, the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one. The girl I'm carrying then puked all over me. For the first time in my life, I did not respond when someone did something so repulsive. This is a first-of-its-kind concept. I laughed at myself. I observed one of my bodyguards staring at me, shocked, and thought to myself, 'Yeah, I did it.' I was puked on by a chick, and I refrained from throwing her poor arse on the ground. Finally, the car arrived, and I was whisked away to one of my J-City lodgings. I sat her down on the couch and took off my shirt, which was covered in puke. Then I looked her in the eyes and helped her remove her coat.


I’m not sure how I’m expected to breathe in this situation. Why is she not wearing any clothes? My stomach tightened as I swallowed hard and took her in. Concentrate Zion, I went into the closet and took one of my shirts and put it on her. I really wanted to wash her, but I didn’t want to violate her modesty. Why would I want to look after a girl I’ve just met? I’m not sure, but she reminds me a lot of my Aya. Should I start searching for a tattoo?

Jesus Christ Zion!

There is a concept known as 'privacy.' Her eyes were hazy, and I had my doubts about her ability to see me. After that, she began to speak.

“I was his fiancée for three years, three excellent years, and what did I get?” She chuckled. “I’m so pitiful, ain’t I? Why would a man agree to refrain from having sexual relations with a female? I should have known better. Do you think he and my sister have been sleeping together for a long time? What about my best friend? “ She burst out laughing. “I am such a bumbling fool. I was going to give that jerk my virginity, but you know what happened? I walked in on him, screwing both my sister and best friend at the same time. I went and dressed up for him like, a fool am I, so he could take my virginity.”

She began laughing once more. I had no idea she had gone through so much in a single day. She went on to say,

“As if that weren’t enough, they now wish to marry me to an elderly gentleman, an elderly gentleman who is old enough to be my father. I was told I should consummate my engagement today with my fiancé, but my sister and best friend slept with him. I’m going to be married off to an old man if I don’t sleep with Nathan and create an heir. Perhaps I might hire a gigolo, pay him off, and he can take my virginity instead of an elderly man.”

I want a woman to play Wifey, and she wants a man to take her virginity. That doesn’t sound like such a horrible idea after all. I slipped my phone out of my pocket and dialed Charlie, my lawyer’s number. He arrived at precisely 00:15 am. Instantaneously, I was married this morning to a girl called Maya Jones, whom I had only met a few hours before. I’m just hoping she remembers she’s married when she awakes. I got up early to go look at the house my assistant had found for me. While I may be a pervert, I cannot bring myself to sleep with a female who has no recollection of the night before. However, I will undoubtedly sleep with my wife. Simply not today. When I exited the hotel, I was escorted to my car and tailed by my bodyguards. One mission was successfully completed. I am now a married man. I’m now married to a woman who undoubtedly has forgotten my face. Not only a face, but she also has no recollection of being married.

I’m not sure why Lucas went out looking for a big house, but it’s good. I took a look around and was content with everything.

“You have surpassed yourself, Lucas.” He laughed, and we went inside. I had to go to work in 4 hours’ time. Lucas brought a red coat, and just looking at it made me grin.

“Give it to one of the maids to wash it, once they are done, bring it back to my room. This is where it should be.” I noticed how his eyes expanded at the mere mention of a woman’s coat being in my closet.

“Of course, young master.”

“You know, it irritates me when you refer to me like that.”

“I apologize, young master.” I looked at him annoyed, it was a waste of time. He will always call me young master. I sighed.

“Forget it. Get me all the information you can get on Maya Jones.”

“Maya, who is that?”

“Would you like me to repeat myself?”

“Certainly not, young master.”

Maya, Aya, could they be the same person?

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