Olympiad is Falling, The Rise of Artemis
By Author Sasha
Date: June 22, 2022
Ch. 6Chapter five- Orion

I left the metal behind. I groaned as the nurse pulled the band aid around my shoulder. I was lucky it was only an arrow to the shoulder. Queen Hera’s forces were none to underestimated. I learned that the hard way.
I pulled a black shirt over my head. Anyone would think a mage queen challenging a kingdom of gods was foolish. Hera was determined to bring down Olympiad. Zeus’ army was equally determined to destroy her. Hera better pray she died in battle because nothing could be worse than the wrath of Zeus.
The woman with long golden hair bowed. She gathered her things then vanished. I had been summoned by the goddess herself. I took the stairs to Zeus’ personal floor, where only his legitimate wife and son lived. I walked the hall lined with tall women dressed in white satin, holding bowls of fruit.
Each maiden flawless with hair that caressed the floor and a blank stare. Never to be touched by any man, simply to stand and be awed by all men. The royal family sat in dim light. The war drained them with each blow thrown at us.
‘Orion,’ Sophia stood. Zeus and Apollo glanced at me.
I was the son of Sophia’s handmaiden. She took pity on me when my mother ran off with a man. She had me taken care of and I found favour in Zeus’ eyes when I joined his army.
I bowed. She took my hands and fought the urge to pull them back. My body stiffened knowing Zeus could kill me for her actions.
‘You must find Artemis.’ She ordered.
Her once smooth spotless skin turned pale. Her brown hair lost its shine, dark bags formed under her eyes. The goddess was weak. Hera sucked the power out of her with each attack. Not having Artemis, had to steal life from her too.
I turned to Zeus. He nodded. ‘You are the only one we can trust.’
Apollo had volunteered to travel to earth to search for his sister, it would make more sense since he’s the only one with a unique connection to her. He would find her easily. Then we discovered Hera killed an Olympiad god. That’s how she gained enough strength to breach out defences. How much more powerful would she be with the blood of a descendant of Zeus on her hands.
Artemis needed to be back at Olympiad before Hera knew she missing. Hera wouldn’t gain much power from me. I was only a demi-god. I couldn’t refuse. I nodded.
Zeus gripped his wife’s shoulders. ‘Orion will return our daughter. Now rest Sophia. The battles will only get worse, I need you to be strong.’
‘Not until Orion returns with my daughter.’
Zeus caressed her face. ‘It’ll be a long time before he returns. Without you Olympiad’s lights will fade and my kingdom will die.’
There was one thing I knew for sure Zeus truly loved Sophia, despite his other extracurricular activities. He led his beloved out of the room and to their chambers. The door slammed behind them.
‘Tell me where she is.’ I stared at Apollo.
His entire left arm was wrapped in a white cloth. He’d been burned by a phoenix. He’d heal fully, eventually.
‘What are you talking about her Orion?’ He murmured. His good hand covered his eyes.
‘Your sister Apollo. I don’t want to waste time playing baby sitter while Olympiad falls!’
Apollo sat up and ripped off the white band aid. ‘Temper, temper Orion. Why didn’t you tell the goddess that?’ He grinned.
‘And devastate her even more?’
He rolled his eyes. ‘She was with a man yesterday.’ He smirked.
He reclined on the sofa. His arm was fully regenerated. ‘On earth, somewhere east. That’s pretty much all I can give you.’
‘I’ll take it.’ I turned to leave. It was going to be like finding a needle in a maize mill.
‘I’m warning you Orion.’
‘About what?’
‘Artemis is a goddess and my sister. Sleep with her and I’ll murder you myself.’
‘I wouldn’t want it any other way, your highness.’
It was only expected of Apollo or any Olympiad god to remind a demi-god of their place. I marched back to my chambers to prepare for my trip. I couldn’t use my powers. Earth was oblivious to gods or all sorts of magic. If Artemis had used her power in any situation there had to be a trace.

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