Olympiad is Falling, The Rise of Artemis
By Author Sasha
Date: June 22, 2022
Ch. 4Chapter 3 Artemis

‘What’s going on Sera, what about Rocky?’ I paced the fortune-telling shop.
‘Rocky’s at school Arti. I sent her a text not to go home.’ Stella said.
I exhaled. Stella’s Mom was a fortune teller. I used to be a regular customer before I knew her true nature. Stella told me to stop. Fortune tellers weren’t like psychic’s or mediums. They told your future, but it wasn’t always true. Most of it was straight out lies, but it wasn’t their fault, it was just who they were.
Most of the fortunes Sera told me came true though. Like the one about the boy who’d ask me to prom in high school or how a girl planned to steal my underwear during gym class. I really should have listened to that one.
‘Will you tell us what’s going on Mom?’ Stella sat at the purple table which held a crystal ball and a deck of scary cards.
Sera wore a white scarf on her head and a blue jumpsuit. Her face was painted with orange eyeshadow and blazing red lipstick.
‘I was looking at your old high school photos and I got the fright of my life. Someone or something heavens knows. Broke into the trailer the looking for power, thirty for it. I knew it was Artemis they wanted.’
‘Are you sure Sera?’ I leaned forward.
‘As sure as the sky is blue. I know I get them wrong, but I know when they right. I don’t know when it’s going to happen, I can admit that, but honey be careful.’
Sera’s blue eyes held no mischief. Stella squeezed my hand under the table.
‘Goodness, maybe you girls should come live with me. I should read my cards again. I don’t like my girls being in trouble. I promise Archie I’d take care of them.’ She dabbed her cheeks with her scarf.
Stella rolled her eyes, but said, ‘Mom’s right, you guys can come stay here. We’ll share my room.’
Sera nodded; her mascara ran down her face. I sighed. I wasn’t sure how convinced I was to be honest.
‘No, Stella, no need. If there is something after us then I’m sure Rocky and I can handle it. I mean we’re not powerless.’ I offered them a small grin.
One of my fears as a little girl was someone would learn about us and try to steal what we had. I wanted Sera to be wrong.
‘I guess your right. Still think about it even for a couple days.’ Stella said.
‘We can have a girls slumber party.’ Sera clapped her hands.
‘No, Mom.’ Stella moaned.
‘Oh, you’re such a party pooper Stella.’
I laughed. Stella and I left Sera after a client walked in. The chill I had in the shop didn’t leave me. I hoped with everything that Sera was wrong. It wasn’t the time for her to be right about something like this.
‘Let’s go to the university. There’s a little party at the campus bar.’ She teased.
‘I don’t feel like drinking.’
‘Please Artemis you barely do. Come on Rocky’s there, I don’t doubt it.’ She looped her arm through mine.
Quarter of the university had shown up. I only knew a hand full of people whom I exchanged pleasantries with then headed to the bar with Stella. She ordered us two glasses of red wine.
I spotted my sister dancing with her friends. A few more glasses and Rocky would be wasted. The music vibrated the table, I couldn’t make out the words. Everyone else grinded to it. I felt a tap on my shoulder I whirled to see who it was.
‘Alfie!’ I grinned.
He smiled back, ‘Didn’t you say partied weren’t your thing?’
I pointed at Stella, ‘She made me.’
He chuckled. ‘She had to teach me her tricks.’
I laughed louder and harder than I should have. I coughed, too late for that. ‘Stella this is Alfie and Alfie this is my best friend in the whole world Stella.’
She pressed her lips together and smiled. Alfie smiled back.
‘I was just heading out. I catch you in a bit.’ He said.
My heart stopped the marathon it was running.
‘See you later.’
Stella narrowed her eyes at me. I groaned, what now?
‘That’s the boy that texted you earlier?’ She pointed.
I nodded. ‘What’s wrong with him?’
She shrugged. ‘No nothing. He’s cute in a geeky sort of way. Geek’s got something going on under his shirt.’ She sipped on her wine.
Heat rushed to my face. I liked his square glasses. ‘I wouldn’t know what he has under his shirt.’
‘Not yet.’ She murmured.
‘What? It’s only a matter of time and you know it.’ She grinned.
I wanted the ground to swallow me. Her phone buzzed, I half expected it to be Sera with another prophecy.
‘I have to go, it’s work.’
‘I should leave too and take Rocky home.’
‘Why, she’s having fun?’
‘I know, but a drunk Rocky is an impossible Rocky.’
Stella helped me pry Rocky away from her crew before leaving me for work. I half scanned for Alfie in the sea of people, though couldn’t find his black square glasses. On our way home I told a twenty five percent sober Rocky what Sera told me.
‘I doubt it! Nothing she says ever comes true!’ Rocky tripped over her own feet and fell into my arms. We were only a few minuets away from our trailer.
We had woken every other trailer owner.
‘Hush, people will think we’re crazy.’
‘Their crazy.’ She murmured.
I shoved Rocky inside before she could open her mouth. Once she was in bed she’d be out like a light. Thank goodness, she was the loudest drunk person ever. After locking my sister in I sat down in the cramped living room. I had a message from Alfie.
You left too early, running away from me?
Of course not. My sister was getting wasted, had 2 get her home.
I see. You owe me a date then.
I grinned.
No, I don’t.
You owe me for tonight then.
Why don’t you just ask me out?
I held in the oxygen as he replied.
Okay. Artemis, will you go out with me tomorrow?
I fought the squeals.
Yeah, I might do that.

‘Twin braids or one?’ I asked Rocky and Stella.
‘Why are you even braiding it?’ Rocky said with a mouthful of blueberry muffins.
Sera sent us a basket of blueberry and vanilla muffins earlier.
‘So… you really like him huh?’ Stella dragged her words out.
I couldn’t help feel she wasn’t happy for me. She looked at Alfie last night as if he was a convict. I didn’t buy her niceness. She wasn’t impressed.
‘I’m only getting to know him, Stella.’ My tone came out sharper than I intended.
‘Why? What’s wrong with him?’ Rocky set her muffin down.
‘There’s something off about him.’ Stella cut me off.
‘Stella!’ I grumbled and set down my mascara. Alfie would be here any moment. We were heading to a movie then have dinner.
‘Aww, Stella give her a break. Artemis hasn’t been with a man in ages. She needs a break all she does is work she’s even lost weight.’ Rocky frowned.
Geez, thanks Rocky. I mentally slapped my forehead.
‘Doesn’t mean she has to go out with every average Joe. I’ve never even seen him at school.’
Rocky shrugged.
‘Guys, that’s enough. It’s just one date.’ My phone lit up with a notification. ‘Later guys.’ I kissed Rocky before darting out the door.
The cold breeze welcomed me. I ran to the shinning black truck parted down the street. I wore a blue off shoulder, with an illusion of stars scattered across it. A bow and arrow necklace my dad gave me sat on my chest.
Alfie greeted me with a kiss on the cheek after I shut the door. His eyes roamed my curly hair, stopped at my neck before taking in my shimmering dress down to my legs.
‘You look stunning. I might have a hard time keeping you to myself.’ He grinned.
I chuckled. Hearing him speak put my nerves to bed. My best friend’s criticism of him was totally uncalled for. Alfie was harmless. He had deep brown eyes, satin black hair and seductive red lips. He was easy going and I craved easy going. There was nothing off about him.

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