Olympiad is Falling, The Rise of Artemis
By Author Sasha
Date: June 22, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 1- Daylen

Emergency court meetings were never good. The last time Queen Solaris called for one was to announce her youngest son had turned into an angel of darkness and fallen from Paradis. The six elders took their place on the smaller silver thrones either side of the king and queen’s thrones. I sat on a plush chair next to other lesser members of the royal court.
I adjusted my glasses as two people behind me whispered about a war with the angels of darkness. They wouldn’t dare. Prince Jason strolled in wearing his white uniform, his blonde hair pinned down by his heavy crown. He didn’t spare me a glance. Marcus stood beside the door with his hands behind his back.
There wasn’t a seat for princes, he sat on the same plush chair as I did across the room. The king walked in with his head held high dimming the chatter in the room. His blue cape swished behind him. He sat on the bronze throne and glared straight ahead.
Avon might have been a king, but it was Solaris who ruled. When she walked into the room, she silenced it. The aroma of lavender filled the room, filling my lungs. Her white hair flowed down her back like a river of life. Her golden crown dawned her youthful face. She grazed at me before she took her seat. I looked down at my notepad. Why did it have to be this way?
‘We must be swift for we missed this threat.’ She said.
Her gaze wandered the room, lingering on me seconds longer. ‘Queen Hera has launched an attack on Olympiad.’ Gasps echoed around the room.
Surely it will be death for the wicked queen.
‘The North gate has fallen!’
No, my eyes shot up at her. Olympiad is the home of gods. How could a queen of mages break down the barriers of superior beings?
‘How can this be?!’ A haggard lady slammed her fist on the armrest.
‘It seems Hera’s murders have been more than that. She’d been draining the powers of her people. No one is safe. It started with her own court and who know what other creatures she’s consumed.’
‘Is it too late your highness?’ A man at the end of the throne wall asked.
‘It can’t be. It’s our job to protect the mages and Olympiad. We are Dinemus Angels and we cannot fall. We are to stop her in tracks. We’ll be deploying angels to the Mage Dimension to protect the remaining mages and stop Hera.’ Solaris dismissed the lesser members. We scurried out of there.
We were just there to be briefed the real decisions were made by a smaller group. That included the king and queen, the prince, the general and his captains.
Marcus closed the doors behind him. He was a royal guard, but he wasn’t allowed to listen in. Marcus was a pain in the ass, and my only friend. I was pretty sure I was his only friend too because no one could deal with him.
He ran a hand through his hair. ‘I didn’t think things could get this bad.’
I sighed. We started down the hall. ‘I thought Hera was just an over ambitious queen.’
‘Fucking blood thirsty too.’ Marcus puffed. ‘Solaris let her get out of control.’ Marcus added.
‘No, Solaris thought what she was doing was best.’
‘There you go again.’ Marcus rolled his eyes.
‘What are you talking about.’
‘There you go defending Solaris.’
‘I’m calling it as it is!’
‘You’re not fooling me.’
I shook my head. The doors behind us burst open and the king marched out. We stopped and gave way to the oncoming people. The general and his people followed then the prince. Solaris exited last, our eyes met and I had to battle with myself not to return her smile.
‘Daylen, I’m happy to see you.’ She smiled.
I nodded. Her smile wavered. She turned to Marcus who bowed.
‘I need to speak to you. It’s important.’ She smiled. She didn’t wait for a reply, she knew I would see her.
Marcus smirked at me when she was gone. I groaned. ‘Stop that.’
‘You’re tense again. Let’s get a drink.’ He laughed.
‘You’re turning me into an alcoholic.’ He draped an arm around my shoulder.

Going to the bar wasn’t the worst decision I’ve made. I thought as my hand ran up and down the back of the blonde woman sleeping on my chest. The telepod on the desk beeped for the hundredth time. I groaned, Solaris. I rolled out of bed, careful not to wake the woman. She rolled over to the other side.
I put on my glasses before answering the call. I probably should have put on a shirt too.
‘Why don’t you answer?’ Solaris’s miniaturized image appeared on top of the round telepod.
I ran a hand through my hair. ‘I was a little busy.’ I say through gritted teeth.
‘Yes… I can see that. I asked you personally to see me Daylen.’
‘You know what, Solaris you do this all the time. You say jump I say how high.’ She was my queen, the thought popped into my mind after the words left my mouth.
‘Why do you treat me this way, my dear?’
I raked a hand through my hair. ‘Forgive me. I’ll be at the castle in thirty minutes.’
She smiled, ‘We have something very important to talk about my darling. It’ll make you very happy.’
The image died and I fell back into bed. My relationship with Solaris brought me more stress and complication than anything else. I had to hold a double face in front of the court and my only friend.
I glanced at the woman and shifted over to her, pulled the hair out of her face. My lips went up her arm and found her cheek. She giggled then rolled over to face me.
‘I’m exhausted Daylen.’ She murmured.
I chuckled, ‘I wouldn’t mind another round, but it’s time to go sweet heart.’
I buttoned my jacket as I marched through the empty halls. I took a set of stairs leading to a forgotten lower level of the castle. I never spoke to the queen in her quarters. I had never been to the part of the castle the royal family lived. Unless I wanted my head cut off. Jason knew his mother favoured me which meant the King did too. I didn’t fear Avon, but I wouldn’t go round provoking a King who wouldn’t blink to have me assassinated.
I knocked on the heavy brass door before I marched in. This part of the castle didn’t have electricity the room was lit by lanterns. Solaris wore a long white maternity gown. Her white hair fell to the floor in a single braid.
‘You look clean.’ She beamed.
I flopped on the wooden chair. I rubbed my eyes under my glasses. Dim light always irritated me.
‘What could be so important that it couldn’t wait until the sun rose?’ I sighed.
She walked across the room and sat on the wooden chair with purple cushions.
‘Someone’s grumpy.’ She giggled.
The corners of my mouth lifted. Her laughter spoke to an innocent part of my soul, a part that never existed, but craved to come to life.
‘Right.’ She clapped her hands and poured two cups of tea. ‘I think it’s important to have fresh minds in the royal court.’
My eyes turned to saucers. ‘No, no Solaris.’
She stopped pouring the second cup. I stood and paced the room. I knew where this was going. She wanted to have me killed. For goodness sakes, her family already suspected something and this they could never discover.
‘Why not? It’s important because—’
‘No, I don’t want it. I’m fine with being a lesser member of the court.’
She stood and reached for my hands. I stepped back.
‘How will you know how the royal court works then?’ She folded her arms.
‘I’m not worried about that.’
‘Darling, I won’t help you because I gave you the chance.’ She frowned then rushed to cup my cheeks. I brushed my head out of her hold.
‘Daylen please, do it for me and more importantly for you.’ She pleaded. Solaris never pleaded.
‘I don’t think it’s a good idea.’ I said.
‘Daylen, I order you to take a seat in the royal court. I wasn’t asking to begin with really, I just wanted you to be comfortable. Damn you for being stubborn.’ She shrugged.
I should have known. I can’t refuse my queen, but she wouldn’t kill me if I did. If I joined the court, I would surely wash up on one of the beaches in Paradis.
‘Let me think about it, please.’
She brushed my curly hair. ‘Think carefully my darling. I need you to rule.’

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