His Rules
By TaciturNous
Date: June 12, 2022
Ch. 6Chapter 6

"Legal conflict? Mr. Woodburn, I can assure you ..." His hand shot up to stop me.

"The conversation is going to take a very different turn here, Miss James. Some women would take severe offense to it, though my judgment of you is that you won't. Nonetheless, I prefer to err on the side of caution." I nodded.

I looked up at Trudy and saw her wink at me. "What I have described so far is the official, public job I want to offer to you." I looked at both of them confused.

She smiled widely. "The other part of the job is what makes it so particularly difficult to fill with the proper person." He leaned back and looked up at Trudy.

"How many have we offered this job to?"

"None, Sir."

"How difficult has it been to try to fill it?"

"Exceedingly, Sir. In fact, in all honesty, I was thinking it would never be filled. Yet, there she sits."
He smiled and turned his full attention to me. "The other part of the position, my dear, is to be my personal slut."

He let that comment hang in the air for a moment. I know my expression reflected the complete shock of what I had heard. He continued as if it was a minor extra condition added, "You understand that can't be an official position or job requirement, but it will be very real. You will be my personal slut, not a company slut."

"Mr. Woodburn ... you said slut ... you mean ... sex ... as part of the job?"

He smiled and let it settle over me.

"Yes, sex of a wide-ranging variety. You will be devoted to the job as Executive Accounts Director handling the biggest and most strategic accounts for the firm, and you will be just as devoted to me as my slut." He was skilled I realized in his presentation.

He gave these stunning comments as if in casual conversation, then waited for the full impact to take hold before continuing. By doing that, it didn't overload the senses and emotions. I found myself letting each statement settle in and achieving some level of acceptance before he continued.

"These two elements of the position are critically tied and fused. There are particular clients with accounts that some 'special attention' can reap huge benefits."

"Sex. Sex with you and with clients."

"Actually, sex as I direct it. When, where, how, and with whom. Remember the devotion part? I will have very specific rules, expectations, and criteria for dressing, standing, sitting, walking, sucking, and fucking. You are a woman who has been frustrated and denied of her desires for too long. You yearn for release and the freedom to be what I am offering you to be ... a true slut."

MY HEAD was spinning. My mind was struggling to keep up with all that was being said and the implications of it all. But, there was no doubt about how my body was reacting to it. If my mind was grasping for something to hold onto, my body was screaming to be touched. I felt my body tingling from my pussy to my nipples and up into my scalp. I focused on what I could.

"Excuse me, but you seem very comfortable with this, Trudy. Can I ask your role in this?"

She looked down to Mr. Woodburn and he nodded. I noticed the entire time she stood straight, her feet together and her weight balance between them, and her shoulders were back having the effect of projecting her breasts forward. She giggled.

"I was you. Well, not really. I was really Mr. Woodburn's mistress as his personal assistant."

He slipped a hand onto her butt, "She is very good ... at both jobs. But, she desires a significant reduction in her mistress duties. Trudy, as it happens, has a boyfriend she is very serious about. I am very happy for her. You, like her, have the opportunity to leave the position whenever you feel it has become too much or for any reason. No hard feeling. As with Trudy, I will make sure you will be taken care of by the company."

"You really were ... are ... used to be ..."

She giggled and he told her to show me. She immediately began unbuttoning her blouse, pulling it from her skirt, removing it and placing it on his desk. She undid the clasp on her skirt, lowered the zipper and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it, placing it on the desk. I was fascinated as her hands moved behind her, unhooking her bra, and dropping it on the desk. Her panties were last. She was left in thigh-high stocking and heels. She resumed her position alongside Mr. Woodburn.

I found him watching me. "She is very comfortable being naked in this office. You will be, too. I can see it." I blushed profusely.

I could feel the heat flowing through my upper body and face. "Stand up, Miss James." Shocking to me, I did. "Remove your dress." I looked at him, then at Trudy who remained standing comfortably.

I unzipped the back of the dress and lowered it down my body. He studied me, reached into the middle drawer and came out with scissors.

"Take off the pantyhose and cut them to shreds. You will never wear pantyhose again. I like stockings but they are to be thigh-highs like Trudy is wearing or stockings with garters." I did as I was told, now standing before them in bra and panties.

Mine were not sexy lace like Trudy's and I could sense another comment from him. He shook his head. "Take off your bra and panties." I did, leaving me naked.

He smiled. "You are beautiful, Tina. I love your body." I blushed, again.

He offered me the chair, again. I sat, discretely crossing my legs.

He asked, "Tina, do we have a need for Trudy to further witness our discussion?" I smiled and said no.

Trudy got dressed and strode past me, winking as she did.

"Now that you understand much of the full scope of the position, I would like you to consider this offer over the weekend and give me your answer at 9:00 AM here."

He thought for a moment as if a new idea came to him.

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