His Rules
By TaciturNous
Date: June 12, 2022
Ch. 23Chapter 23

The air in the room was vibrating with expectancy as Mr. Woodburn applied slight pressure on my shoulders and I slowly dropped to my knees and disappeared under the table.

“The few mundane matters remaining on the agenda only require the attention of most of the group at any moment. Miss James will assist in temporarily relieving any tension you currently have and provide a sample for later tonight.”

I heard the woman in the group gasp, the distinctive female sound in the midst of the deeper male expressions. For whatever reason I moved to my left, setting a clockwise approach to each of the Directors.

When I touched the knee of the first man, he flinched. When I worked his belt and zipper, he sighed as his hips rose for me to pull his trousers and short down to his knees. It was tight under the table, but I managed to stay under the table as I took his semi-erect cock into my hand and licked the length of it before taking the head between my lips.

It would have been easier if he pushed his chair back from the table, but he perhaps was self-conscious in front of the others. Not so self-conscious, though, that his cock quickly became erect and his sighing turned to soft moans, one hand holding the edge of the table and the other on top my head as it began engulfing his rigid member completely in my mouth as my tongue circled around it.

I REACHED underneath for his balls and his hips rose as I heard a more urgent gasping moan escape his mouth. I heard halting voices above and around me, but I was not attempting to follow the discussion. I suspected it was garbage items, anyway, merely a reason for everyone to remain at the table.

When I felt a tightness in his ball sack and pulsing in his cock, I drove my mouth down completely over him. He wasn’t large and his cock didn’t enter my throat, but I sucked as I pressed harder for more cock that wasn’t to be, my nose already pressed firmly into his pubic hair.

When he came, his cum shot into the back of my mouth as I slowly raised my head to provide room in case his climax was more impressive than it turned out to be. His gasps and groans were more uninhibited at his climax and the quiet that descended over the room was evident even to me.

I swallowed his cum and whispered, “Thank you, Sir.” I licked his cock clean and kissed his cock head before crawling backward a step to move to the next set of legs.

The man I had just left was raising his hips and pulling himself back together. The man I was approaching did not move away as I anticipated.

The one Director I was sensitive about was the woman. In a room full of dominant men, she might be the most anxious about all this.
After three loads of cum into my mouth, I finally moved to the only nylon encased legs sitting at the table. Though she would have known she would be next in my quest to circle the table, she still jumped when my hands touched her knees and slid up her thighs under her business suit skirt. The room went quiet, quieter than when any of the men had physically reacted to my initial touch, which only reinforced the reality of her unique status in the group. I hesitated a moment, my hands high on her thighs and I was still on nylon telling me she was wearing pantyhose.

My nervousness eased when she raised her hips off the chair to hike up her skirt. I took that as my signal to reach up and pull her pantyhose and panties down off her hips at the same time. I didn’t stop at her knees, though like the men, but pulled them down to her feet and removed them along with her heels.

I watched as her knees spread and her butt slid to the edge of her chair. Maybe everyone else was wondering about her reaction, too, because as she settled before me the mundane topics began being discussed, again.
I kissed up her left thigh until I reached just short of her pussy. At that point, I looked and smiled. It was showing moisture on the lips and she was nicely trimmed. I knew she was single and I wondered who in her life this trimmed pussy was for. I moved my lips to the other knee and kissed my way up the right leg, my tongue coming out between kisses to lick her. I felt her shudder and was encouraged.

I reached next to her pussy and felt her knees spread further until they were stopped by the arms of the chair. Her hips rose from the chair in search of my mouth that was softly blowing over her moistening pussy lips. Trying to avoid my face touching her thighs, I poked my tongue out and made initial contact with her pussy and felt her flinch and moan at the same time. I felt her hand on the top of my hand, but it was neither pushing me away or pulling me into her, it was merely stabilizing for her awareness of the sensations beginning within her.

My tongue probed her protruding clit and I felt her shudder, again. My thumbs spread her pussy lips and my tongue probed inside the length of her slit. I stiffened my tongue and pushed into her hole and her hips slipped a little further down in the chair. I continued to probe and was delighting in her taste and reaction to my mouth. This was a woman I could spend time with and enjoy it as much as I knew I could bring enjoyment to. I didn’t want to play with her too much, though. The others came quickly given the situation and I needed to have her join them the same way. With my tongue and lips probing and sucking on her lips and hole, my thumb press and rubbed her clitoris until I felt her stiffen and her breathing suck in and hold. I intensified all of it and pressed hard on her clit and she rose off the seat and cried out muffled by her hand over her mouth.

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