His Rules
By TaciturNous
Date: June 12, 2022
Ch. 18Chapter 18

He drove into me with power and brutal control. For a moment, he relaxed his grip around me but it was only to reposition himself deep in me, then to grab me even tighter. When he did, he pulled me back onto his cock, then he drove forward and from that point on he never slowed or varied his purpose. He was now a fucking machine, a fucking animal. His cock flew in and out of my pussy much too fast for me to even consider assisting him. The only way I could assist was to be a rigid body for him to fuck into and that was what I did. My arms braced in front of me, my knees spread, and my thighs trying to be a solid object in front of him.

I was steadily moaning and gasping at the intensity of his fucking. Then I felt it … the knot. The knot was pressing at my opening but I was too inflamed with an animal need of my own to worry about my opening being stretched, the tension of it sending a delicious kind of pleasure-pain through my body.

When it popped by my opening, I cried out in a relief from the stretching but also the amazing feeling of the ball inside me, filling me, and the cock driving suddenly deeper into my pussy. I could feel the knot and cock pulsing growth in every way: diameter and length both growing inside me. My own orgasm was only a delirious moment away when I felt everything inside me swell up even larger, then pulsing and jerking.

I arched my back to feel everything more intensely: the fur on my back, the knot and cock doing some crazy erotic dance inside my pussy, and my own pussy clenching, spasming, and squeezing as his cock shot the load stream of dog-cum into my already drooling pussy. That was all it took for my third orgasm from Sammy.

Mrs. later said I scream so loudly she feared what the neighbors might think. I collapse to the grass, except for my ass. I was tied, locked, trapped on that wonderful cock by the knot too swollen inside me to come out. I sighed and whimpered and giggled at the experience. The dog turned on me, somehow turning so we were now ass-to-ass. The dog periodically tried the knot, testing if it might be pulled out. Each time he did it, though, it sent a new shiver through me when the knot bumped against my g-spot.

I felt a hand stroking my back. I opened my eyes and found Mrs. Woodburn. Her panties were on the ground beside her. I looked at them, then up at her.

“I couldn’t help myself, dear. That was the most intensely erotic thing I have ever seen. But, thank you”, she giggled, “I orgasmed while watching you. It was amazing, dear Tina.”

I smiled up at her. “It was literally my pleasure, Ma’am.” I pulled at the knot myself and felt it stretching my hole. It would be soon and we would be released. I got up on my hands and glanced behind me.

Paddy was sitting at the fence, his front feet antsy, moving in little non-steps. I spied a reddish flash and smiled. He was already exposed from his sheath.

I looked up into her eyes, “Are you ready to try this amazing thing? I’ll help you.”

Just then the knot popped out and she moved behind me and gasped, “My God! You’re gaping and there is a steady stream of cum running out of you. God, that is so obscene.”

She stroked my back. She was quiet a moment, then, “No, not yet. I can’t. It looks so amazing but there is still some arguing going on inside me. I know I want to, though.”

SAMMY was lying not far away. He was licking his cock and knot clean. I jerked my head toward him and she stared.
“That is so hot. Look at that cock and knot. You had that inside you, can you believe it?”

“Not quite yet, but … maybe after Paddy, I will.” She saw the look in my eyes and moved to the gate in the fence to release the other dog.

Controlling him seemed easier, maybe he had some sense or understanding from watching Sammy on me that this was his turn.
I wanted to repeat everything, but I was too ready for round two of fucking. He sat in front of me and I could see about four inches of hard, red cock staring at me. Okay, maybe I was staring at it …

Something filed away in the back of my brain came forward: the dog’s cock is generally not hard and erect when initial penetration is achieved in mating with a bitch. They become erect while fucking.

Having four inches to begin seem sufficient in my mind so I turned on my hands and knees and patted my ass to him like I did Sammy. He was just as quick to respond to the command and mounted me. This time I spared myself the moments of him stabbing blindly at my ass. I slipped my hand between my legs quickly and eased him close to my pussy. Again, the initial penetration made me gasp and groan.

I was blissfully oblivious as the dog pounded me with his jackhammer strokes when a man-cock appeared in front of my face. I opened my mouth and gobbled the cock deep into my mouth. The dog’s forceful fucking had my breast bouncing and my mouth moving sharply over the cock in my mouth.

“She was willing, I see.” That was definitely Mr. Woodburn. Thank goodness.

“We talked, but she was great. For someone who had never been fucked by a dog before, she looks like she has been forever.” A pause. “Charles, this is so hot and sexy. I have to do it. Would you mind?”

“Love, you know I wouldn’t. We’ve talked about it after we found out what their history was. I was the one who suggested my slut to see what it might look like. If you want to, do it. Talk to Tina. Work it out. I know how your mind works, love. Work it out, then do it.” Another pause. “Can I watch?” I didn’t hear a response, but I felt both of them shift around me, Sir’s cock moving in my mouth. I suspected they were kissing. “I love you, Deb. I’ll support you in anything.”

It was so weird to be overhearing their heart-felt feeling over me as if I wasn’t there, but I was there. I was being fucked by their dog and sucking his cock.

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