His Rules
By TaciturNous
Date: June 12, 2022
Ch. 17Chapter 17

My body was still in the throes of that orgasm and the dog’s incessant lapping of my pussy and clit continued. No doubt my pussy was leaking my juices as quickly as he was able to lap them up. The effect, though, was incredible. My orgasm peaked and started to subside, but the continued licking created another orgasmic rise in my body that was threatening to be even greater. My fingers were digging into the grass and dirt underneath for something to grab onto.

The next orgasm sent me into uncontrolled shaking of every part of my body. My legs fell, going straight out from my body and shook on the ground. My mouth cried out in conflicting demands to the dog … or the universe.

“Ooooohhh… Godddd, yessssssss … NO MORE!!! … oooohhh … more, yesssss like … thaattt … ooohh, pleasseee stopppp himmm …”

All I could do was roll to the side and forcefully remove my pussy from his tongue. I curled into a fetal position and my body continued to shiver. It was moments later when my body and mind regained some control that I found out Mrs. Woodburn had interceded and taken the dog by the collar because he continued after my retreating pussy, even curled into a defensive position, he licked at my butt and thighs.

I didn’t stop shaking for several minutes after getting away from that tongue. When I finally rolled onto my back and gazed up, her eyes changed from concern to amazement to delight. I blushed and giggled at the orgasmic exhibition I had just displayed and she giggled in response with her hand stroking the dog while the other held him securely by the collar. Soon we were both laughing with relief.

I TOOK a deep breath and moved to my knees. I clapped my hands and called him. She released her grip and he came prancing to me. I hugged his head, stroked him and moved my hand onto his belly. My fingers made contact with his sheath and I felt something. I patted the grass and commanded him down. He did and I looked up at Mrs. Woodburn with a look that reaffirmed these dogs were well-trained.

On the ground, I stroked his side and scratched his ears. I shifted both hands to his body, one sliding back and forth over his belly. He partially rolled further onto his back and I could see it. The red tip of his cock was peeking from the sheath. I looked up, again, finding her fixated on the cock.

“It looks so different.”

I smiled without looking up, again. “Wait until more comes out.” I smiled knowingly.

Growing up on a farm was finally paying off for something. I touched the cock tip carefully, but he hardly flinched. It was hard to keep in mind that these dogs had a lot of experience being sexually active with women.

With his ease evident, my confidence ramped up quickly. What would I do to get a man ready? Easy, suck him, get him good and hard so he could fuck me good and hard. I smiled to myself and Mrs. Woodburn must have noticed.

“What are you thinking? You’ve decided something, haven’t you.”

I didn’t even respond. Not to be rude, but rather an action would speak volumes compared to a few words of description. I shifted my position on my knees so I was alongside his cock. I lowered my head, sticking my tongue out to touch the tip. My tongue captured a drop of pre-cum already leaking from the tip. I brought it back to my lips and … “hmm … not bad.”

When my mouth lowered and engulfed the inch of exposed cock, Ma’am gasped.

“My God! Tina … you slut … you’re really doing it!”

Really doing it, indeed. With the tip in my lips, I sucked and touched the tip with my tongue. I had no idea what the dog was used to with the other woman, but his hips flexed at me, driving his cock further into my mouth, the hairy sheath bumping against my lips. His cock was growing quickly now.

I pulled my face away from his crotch and gazed in amazement. I let a dog lick me to two orgasms, now I just sucked the dog’s cock to hardness. I slid my hand over his sheath and felt the ball of cock flesh forming underneath. I looked up and found Mrs. Woodburn with big eyes that where flitting between me and the cock.

She finally managed to stammer, “God, Tina, look at that cock. It is so different and … much bigger than I expected it to be.” I could only nod my head.

My entire body was on fire. If there was a thought that two orgasms might have dampened the arousal in my pussy, it was dead wrong. In that moment, I knew I was fucking these dogs. Dogs. Not just this one, but Paddy, too.

I took Sammy’s head in my hands and kissed his snout. His tongue came out and I poked mine out to meet it. I heard the Mrs. gasp, but I continued touching tongues until his tongue invaded my mouth. I trapped it with my lips and sucked on the tip. I was on fire and knew the only way to put that out, at least temporarily.
I spun around to my hands and knees, patting my ass. I knew he knew what that meant and I braced myself as I saw him scrambling to get to his feet. I watched over my shoulder, then between my legs to find him approaching me, licking my ass and pussy more. I pushed his snout away this time. I wanted to be fucked by this dog, then the other one.

I glanced around, wondering where he was when I felt him land on my back, a front paw scraping over my side, his legs grabbing me, holding me. His cock probed, pushed, thrust against my ass and butt cheeks. The bony canine cock began to hurt as he probed. I reached between my legs, felt his cock and moved it with my palm to my pussy. A few more stabs and he found my hole. The penetration was surprising, deep, and brutal. Being fucked by a caring man prepares you, enters you, then presses forward. This was different, completely his domination, his purpose, and his instinct to inseminate his bitch taking over his actions.

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