His Rules
By TaciturNous
Date: June 12, 2022
Ch. 16Chapter 16

I REMEMBERED the reaction of the dogs when she released them last time so I knelt on the grass with my knees together and my ass on my heels. When I was satisfied, she opened the gate and pressed herself against the chain-link fencing.

The dogs glanced at her but saw me in the open and made a beeline in my direction. They were both largish dogs and the sight of them charging my way was more than a little intimidating, but I held my composure and waited for the moment.

“Stop! Leave it! Sit!” I had worked with the dogs at home. Nobody else in the family seemed to care enough, but I found the process interesting and it had given me some amount of satisfaction.

The dogs stopped in their tracks and seemed confused. Clearly, nobody had commanded them like that, at least for a long time, though they had some training at some point in the past. I repeated the command to sit and they did. ‘Stop’ was more of a panic command meant to grab their attention. ‘Leave it’ was a common command used to tell the dog whatever had their attention to back off. They didn’t have to literally back off, but to stop the fixed behavior. It might be chasing a squirrel or tearing into a slipper. The effect was to be the same: stop the action.

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Her comment came from behind the dogs where she was still pressed against the fence.

“Well, I noticed they seemed to have training. It will divert them, but we will need to work on not having to have the situation where they need to be commanded like that.” I glanced from them to her, “This will need to be reinforced regularly once we get started. Unless you think you can handle it, it might mean I will need to be here for a few hours regularly.”

“Oh no! I don’t know how Charles and I might handle the intrusion …” I looked up in surprise to find her stifling a laugh. I smiled but gave her stern look, which seemed to surprise her.

I stood up and continued to give commands if the dogs began to move. I motioned Mrs. Woodburn over. She looked at the dogs with an expectation of being probed by snouts at any minute but then giggled that my nudity would probably mean they would ignore her.

I knelt down in front of the dogs, giving them scratches and pets. Their snouts did sniff the air around me, but they were held at bay. She introduced the dogs: the Golden Retriever was Sammy; the Irish Setter was Paddy. They were both very handsome dogs. They looked to be about the same height, but the Setter was about two inches taller. They looked to be the same weight.

“Now that they are calmed down, how are you …”

“Still not sure,” I said with a laugh.

“Though I have seen plenty of animals mating, it never really crossed my mind to involve myself; not with the upbringing I had.” She nodded and chuckled at that. I looked up at her, “Ma’am, could you put one of the dogs back in the kennel? I might not get mauled with just one …”

She did and I was left with Sammy. She stayed near the kennel fence, allowing me space to interact with the dog without distraction. I moved my face close to the dog’s while petting it and scratching its ears. I still wasn’t sure. I was trying this without the benefit of preparation. With some warning, I could have at least done an internet search. Images in my mind were coming back to me, though, from what I had been fascinated with at the farm. Maybe I was more fascinated by the animals than I had previously admitted.

The dog was sniffing around me as I petted it with increasing interest and it suddenly occurred to me that he was picking up my arousal from my anticipation of this crazy act I was intending to do; a crazy act to be done only because this woman now shared me with her husband as a slut. I shivered. After only a couple weeks, my life was now this blatant.
The moment of truth, and to give myself a little more time to consider how I wanted to take it to the next stage, I sat my butt on the grass and leaned my body back on my elbows so I could watch, then I raised my knees and spread them.

The dog was instantly on his feet and sniffing his way forward. Clearly, this was something he was familiar with. His snout sniffed his way to my pussy, his wet nose bumping into my crotch. When his tongue shot out and lapped for the first stroke, the wide, long, wet tongue covered my lips and clit. I gasped at the feeling. I’ve been licked before, even by Trudy just nights before, but nothing like this. Though there was a 70-pound dog between my legs, all I considered was the head and tongue now lapping at me.

The first gasp gave way to a moan and I lowered my back to the ground and raised my hips into the air. I had to have him more completely on my pussy. When his tongue somehow parted my lips and the tip of it sank into my drooling hole, my mouth released something that sounded like a cry of gasp, moan, and shriek.
It was the most amazing feeling of being eaten I had ever in my life felt.

It was a simple feeling of a soft, but still intense sexual arousal that was intimately focused at my pussy and clit. The wonderful dog was bringing me skyward to an orgasm that felt like my pussy was rocketing into the sky and about to explode into the most amazing display of fireworks. My entire body tensed, shivered, arched, and fell to the ground. Then it went through various combinations all over, again. There was a sound in my ears of someone in distress or pain or … ecstasy … and that when I realized the cries were coming from me.

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