His Rules
By TaciturNous
Date: June 12, 2022
Ch. 14Chapter 14

“The fact that he is going off to play golf when he brought you here for the weekend.” She glanced at me with a look that said there was more to her bringing it up. We heard him and she called out that we had breakfast ready and he had to eat before leaving.

“The truth is, I suggested it to him. I have something I want to … discuss with you while he is gone.” Just then, he came into the kitchen, wrapped his arms around his wife, kissing her neck and shoulders as he untied her robe and fondled her breasts.

She wiggled with embarrassed delight. While she retied her robe, he came to me and repeated his attack. I, however, was much more compliant and his hand moved further down my body. I glanced at his wife beside me who was now leaning against the counter on one hip watching as my feet spread and my hands reached for the counter for support as his hand found my pussy. He smacked my butt, grabbed a mug of coffee and retreated to the kitchen nook. She smiled at me, sensing the frustration of the quick, teasing arousal and just as quick let-down.

MR. WOODBURN had left for the golf course and she was leading me out into the yard. I could see in the rear of the large lot a small building that clearly was a kennel with a large fenced-in run. Inside were two dogs, a Golden Retriever and an Irish Setter. Both were beautiful dogs and mature size.

She was now dressed in shorts and a pull-over top. I was still completely naked, even barefoot. She assured me the property was completely fenced in and private, but that didn’t stop me from surveying around us as we walked. I was not used to outdoor exhibition. Being stood in front of a window 11 stories in the air was one thing, this was another. But, I now satisfied her expectation, too.

She stood at the chain-link fence with her palm on the mesh. The dogs came rushing to her and nosed her palm.
“You grew up on a farm, right? Aren’t I remembering that correctly?

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You’re comfortable with dogs and other animals?”

I was wondering what this was leading to. “Yes, Ma’am. I love dogs. We had three, sometimes four dogs around the farm. They were almost strays. We put food and water out for them and they kept varmints away from the chickens and the barn. Then, there were lots of cows, a few horses, and pigs.”

She only nodded. It took her a few moments, “We recently got the dogs because Charles wanted dogs. You can see the balls and ropes scattered around the yard. They play with him very well. They might be rough on the plantings and gardens, but the three of them are a delight to watch.”

“The three of them, Ma’am?”

She smiled, “Yes, not much slips by you, does it?” She turned to me, “The thing is … well, we wanted handsome dogs and playful. These two are certainly that. They came from the same kennel and had been living together when they were … mmmmm … taken from the owners. It didn’t seem that the adoption kennel had a lot of information on them except that they were healthy, loved, and well cared for. But … stand over there away from the gate and watch what happens.”

I move around the corner of the fenced run but could still see through the links as she opened the gate and stepped back. I noticed she did nothing with her hands or body but to step back several steps.

The dogs glanced at me warily, but with wagging tails rushed to her. My hand went to my mouth as I watched them circle her, snouts pressing into her front and butt. She stood there taking the aggressive probing of the noses before returning to the gate and ordering them back inside. I saw her hands shaking on the latch to close the gate.

We walked back to the patio. “That’s why I had you stand away. Imagine them with a naked woman? At first, we thought they were just happy and excited. Well … duh. But, not in the friendly, family dog kind of way.” Her hand slipped between her thighs as she gazed out into the yard toward the kennel, then quickly pulled it back as she saw me watching.

“Sorry. It becomes rather arousing when you accept what they are after.”

“Ma’am, you really think …”

She patted my hand and smiled. “I was the same way. When it first was happening, Charles became quite embarrassed for me. I think men tend to see the sexual implication of things faster than we might. But, eventually, we went back to the adoption kennel for more information. He was nervous that there was something wrong and offered to take the dogs back and return our money. The thing was, though, that with Charles they were exactly what we wanted. The man promised more information so we could decide. He came back to us over a week later, apologizing for the delay. It turned out the dogs came from a police raid on a family. There was nothing in the police reports to indicate anything out of the ordinary. The neighbors all said the dogs didn’t bark, were good with kids and well-behaved, but were kept in the yard or the house. Out of curiosity, the animal control people who took the dogs into custody after the arrests pursued it further. They were given permission to interview the woman. The man wouldn’t talk to them. Both were in prisons, obviously different ones. The woman, since she was already in prison, decided to confess that she had been having sex with the dogs and the man rarely interacted with them. We were told she had a perverse smile on her face. Apparently, she let the dogs have her anytime they wanted. She preferred sex with them over her husband.”

I stared at her for a moment as the information fully sunk in. “So … that was a trained response for them. Maybe not a deliberate training response, but the woman had gotten them used to … having her as …”

She finished it for me, “Yes, as their bitch.”

We both sat quietly for many more moments. Although I now had a very challenging professional job, there was always the element of sexuality orbiting my life, always within a comment, text, email, or phone call away from that orbiting sexuality to consume me. Her story, now combined with the image of the dogs with her, ignited in me a very real arousal. Was that perverted, disgusting? Dogs. This was dogs she was talking about.

But, still … the feelings were there and … what other reason was there for her telling me that?

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