His Rules
By TaciturNous
Date: June 12, 2022
Ch. 12Chapter 12

I WASN'T even spending the first night in my condo after moving in. Mr. Woodburn told me to pack a small case for two nights. He would be picking me up Friday late afternoon and return me home Sunday afternoon. He gave me little information other than some essentials to be packed.

I was waiting inside the secure lobby of the building with my single carry-on size roller bag. The doorman, who I had only met that day, was very attentive and suggested I wait inside out of the traffic and flow of people on the sidewalk. When Mr. Woodburn’s Cadillac pulled next to the curb, the doorman looked back at me. I nodded and he began rushing back and forth, first to hold the door for me, taking my bag, then to the car to open the door for me, then to the trunk that popped open for him. The driver handed him a tip as he shut the trunk lid.

I settled into the back seat next to Mr. Woodburn. He had suggested an office-type outfit. The short skirt rode up my thighs are I slid into the seat. He noticed. He didn’t ask but he was almost able to see if I did indeed take his comment of “office-type outfit” to mean no underwear. I didn’t have any on, of course, and I thought the doorman might have had the better vantage point as I got into the car.


“You’ll find out in due course, my dear.”

“Yes, Sir.” He was still not telling me, but we crossed the river leaving downtown. I had the very familiar tingling feeling in my pussy as I sat back trying to present an air of calm while the potential of the unknown crashed against those efforts.
* * * * *
“So, you’re the slut who has been fucking my Charles at his work?”
The woman standing in the foyer of their mansion-sized home was Mrs. Deborah Woodburn. She was about 35 years-old, younger than him. She was trim, 5’ 6” tall and about 130 pounds. Her looks were younger than her actual years. She had stylized reddish, blonde hair that fell to her shoulders. She was in a very nice dress, stockings, and heels. Jewelry completed the look on her neck, ears, and wrists.

I glanced nervously to Mr. Woodburn who had taken his place alongside her. His expression showed no hint of discomfort or tension.

“Mrs. Woodburn, I …”

Her face suddenly changed completely by breaking into a smile. She stepped up to me and took me into her arms, pulling me in for a truly heartfelt hug that could have been a mother’s hug to a daughter who had been away too long.

“I am sorry, dear, but you should have seen your face.” She took my arm and led me through the foyer.

A large, curving staircase went upstairs. She took me past what was a formal dining room already set up for three. She commented on the rooms as if settling me in. We stopped in a study, large curtain covered windows on one wall, other walls covered with bookshelves, and a sitting area at the other wall around a coffee table. While Mr. Woodburn went to a hidden bar for drinks, she held me out in front of her, stepped back and appraised me from head to toe.

“You did well, Charles.”

He chuckled as he handed us our drinks, “I know I did, my love.”

“You know about me?”

She laughed, “Of course, I do. Charles and I have a very good marriage, my dear. I knew about Trudy, too. When he told me, Trudy wanted to reduce her involvement and that he wanted to change the situation to include a professional person working closely with him who would be his personal slut for personal and professional use, I was intrigued.” She looked up at her husband.

He nodded, “As I said before, my dear, I have no objection to expanding the relationship as long as Tina is in agreement. But, remember she has critical responsibilities at the firm.”

I looked between them, “Expand? What are you suggesting?”
Mrs. Woodburn stared at me.

Her face was still pleasant but there was new purpose or authority there, also. “How are you dressed when in Charles’ office?” I told her what she already knew. “When in my home, consider the rules of his office to apply here, as well.”

My eyes began flitting to Mr. Woodburn, but I stopped them. I slipped the jacket from my shoulders and looked for a nearby chair. Mr. Woodburn held out his hand and took it from me. I started unbuttoning my white blouse when I was stopped. She commented on how attractive the hint of my nipples were. I handed the blouse to him, now naked above the waist. I reached around my back without hesitation, unclasped and unzipped it, then wiggling out of the tight skirt. After stepping out of it, it was too given to him. I stood before them in my dark thigh-high stockings and black heels.

“You are a beautiful woman, Tina.” Her eyes traveled over my body. “Does your willingness mean you accept the expansion of your relationship with Charles?”

“I don’t think you explained the terms of the expansion, Ma’am. My compliance was only in deference to your husband’s presence and in anticipation of what might come.”

“Oh, Charles, I do like her.” She held up her glass and we touched each other’s. “A good combination of professional competence and slutty obedience.”

At dinner, Charles sat at the head of the table while his wife and I sat on either side near him. I remained naked, both periodically pointing out how my nipples would become erect or my face and upper chest would flush. She explained what she wanted in the expansion of my slut agreement with her husband. She confided that he kept her very satisfied sexually and, in fact, found his interest in sex with her increased with the addition of Trudy and now me. My arrival in an expanded capacity, however, introduced an exciting potential she wished to pursue. He agreed, but it would depend on my acceptance.

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