His Rules
By TaciturNous
Date: June 12, 2022
Ch. 11Chapter 11

OF COURSE, he was also doing a good job of familiarizing himself with my mouth and pússy. Every day, he availed himself of me in one way or another.

Not that I minded at all. His cock was the largest and most amazing cock I had ever experienced. I was always wet in anticipation as I removed my clothes upon entering his office. The ease with which I took to the comfort of being sexily naked with him and Trudy and the eagerness with which my body responded to being available for this man's use, whether I was in the middle of a review or not, startled me when I reflected on it but also reinforced to me what this man had somehow always known: I was indeed a slut that needed to be released.

He talked to me in quiet moments after a fuck or while I sucked his cock. The talks often were centered on some technique he desired me to develop or refine.

He spoke a lot about deep-throating and how completely erotic and sensual the feeling of his cock tightly encased by the throat and how the muscles in the throat could more dramatically massage the cock. He admitted to enjoying it himself very much. His quiet telling of the sensation was the motivation for me to regularly try to take more and more of him. It was difficult, however. The gagging reflex was strong. There had to be a trick.
Into the second week, I was well past the mental thoughts of 'okay, I'll probably be fucked or asked to suck, again' and it was now, 'it's almost afternoon, I can't wait to find out how he wants me to suck or fuck him today'. I sat at the conference table facing him. That way, though I worked hard on the files, when he moved dramatically from his monitor or away from what he was reviewing on his desk, I would look up in expectation.

Wednesday afternoon of that second week, he took Trudy and me to visit my new condo. It had been going through a refurbishment with new paint, cleaning carpets and rugs, and switching out certain furniture. The condo came to me furnished and I was amazed at how stylish the furnishing was. It would be ready for me to oversee movers box and deliver my belongs from the small efficiency to this large condo on Friday.

The condo was larger, most rooms were as large as my efficiency. A large balcony was off the living room with floor to ceiling windows, which I found very nice, but then found that the same windows were in all outside rooms including the dining room and bedroom.

Heavy curtains on motorized mechanisms for opening and closing were in the bedroom. The living room and dining room had light curtains that opened and closed and designer blinds that rose from the floor. I learned that Trudy, with other unspecified help, had a big hand in decisions. She and I had become conspiratorial compatriots.

The bedroom was finished and I fell in love with it immediately. The curtains were pulled open to a view of the skyline. Besides the obvious items like bed, dressers, makeup table and bedside tables, a corner in the windows (it was a corner apartment) was a lounging/reading space with a Carlisle chaise lounge. I could see myself lounging there with a glass of wine, a book, and the nighttime view of the city below.

I turned around to find Mr. Woodburn and Trudy watching me expectantly. Trudy moved to the bed and pulled the covers down to the foot of the bed. I watched with understanding but in disbelief. I would certainly have expected it with Mr. Woodburn, but Trudy was not expected to be involved in my activities.


She smiled and hugged his arm as they both put an arm out in my direction.

"This isn't about Mr. Woodburn's control. This is something I have wanted to do since almost the first time we met. There was something about you, Tina. I don't think I can begin to explain it, but something very sexual and erotic. I mentioned it to Mr. Woodburn and he confirmed that he had felt the same thing from you."

I stepped into a three-some hug with kisses and hands stroking. Then, I was eased back a step.

She looked at me with lust in her eyes, "Strip, slut. Then you will undress us. You will enhance our sex today."

Mr. Woodburn added, "You will not concern yourself with your own release or satisfaction. You will only be concerned with heightening our pleasure as we enjoy each other." I nodded my understanding as I stripped off my dress leaving me essentially naked.

I then began undressing them in turns, an article on Trudy, then an article on Mr. Woodburn. He added, "Tina, my slut, use this as an important lesson about being a slut."

Then he gave me the words that would become a mantra to assist me in becoming an ever-improving slut: "A true slut never assumes anything, but only seeks to improve her devotion and skills constantly, never expecting to completely attain her master's full pleasure."

I assisted them in their love-making, which is what it was. They shared themselves with each other in tenderness and softness as if they were lovers lost in themselves. This was not a fucking that I received or gave. It was totally different than how he used me. I found I wasn't feeling anything about the difference.

Her relationship had been different. I was his slut. A slut gets used.

The unusual feeling, though, was my unselfish assistance in their lovemaking while on my new bed in my new home. They were christening my new bedroom and I had a sense that it would be a part of the essence of the room for me, something I would always recall. That was something that would always remind me of my new role.

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