His Rules
By TaciturNous
Date: June 12, 2022
Ch. 10Chapter 10

He said he had thought about the arrangement over the weekend, also. He concluded on a number of things he wanted to institute as rules: As nice as he found my pussy, he liked bald pussy better; my clothing needed revamping, which meant that I would only wear dresses and skirts with hems at mid-thigh; he also liked my breasts, not too small and not too big and preferred them without a bra unless my blouse was too sheer, then a skimpy, lace one or covered by a jacket; he didn't want me in panties ever; my stocking would never be pantyhose; and, he really like the view as we talked, which meant that any time I entered his office I was to strip down to stockings and heels. Oh, yes, and my heels should increase to 4-½ inches.

I had an obscene salary increase, but even so, it was going to cost a lot of money to completely change out my wardrobe. I saw him press a button on his office phone, then the door opened. I froze. His office was secure and nobody got into it unless Trudy allowed it, but it still caused my heart to stop. I turned my head to find Trudy striding into the office toward his desk with a folder in her hand. She looked down at me and smiled.
She placed the folder down in front of him and opened it for him to peruse.

He asked me to pull the chair up to the desk and slid the first stapled sheets in front of me. Trudy handed me a pen. Suddenly, I was back in business mode. I was naked, but I was in business mode. The first document was defining my responsibilities for the department budget.

It listed two employees reporting to me. The second was a capital request for construction of my office on the 10th floor and two cubicles outside it with furnishing, computers, phones, etc. The third was for a corporate credit card to be used for expenses in the name of the firm. The fourth was a lease agreement. I looked up.

Mr. Woodburn was smiling, "I take care of my most important employees, don't I Trudy?"

"You do indeed, Sir."

"Where you are living is just not suitable for your position and is too far away. Your hours will be variable and I don't want you traveling that far late at night. This lease is for a condo on the 14th floor. I understand it is very nice." Trudy was nodding her head.

"Did I mention Trudy lives on the 12th floor. There is no 13th floor by the way. The lease will be covered through my discretionary funds, as Trudy's has been. I want you both safe in this city."

The next document was also a credit card. "This is for clothing and accessories, shoes, etc. Also, use it for travel to and from work by cab. It might only be two miles, but do that for me." I smiled, not knowing how to respond to all this. "Trudy will take you out to some nice shop around here where you can start assembling a new wardrobe that will satisfy my criteria. Don't duplicate what Trudy wears, I have given you stricter guidelines." He certainly had and my concerns about the expense of new clothes just vanished. "What have I forgotten?"

Trudy reminded him of the transition period. He wanted it as short as possible, but he recognized that it might take two weeks for the new offices and furnishings to be expedited.

In the meantime, I was to clean up my current assignments. My old managers were being informed of my promotion as we were meeting. I should begin the selection of the employee I wanted. I already had a good idea from the pool of people I had been working with. He understood but suggested that I make it look like I went through the interviewing process. The salaries included in the budget would attract anyone I wanted. He suggested I spend mornings on the 2nd floor doing those things and the afternoons in his office at the conference table reviewing the 'executive accounts' and potential clients list.

"In your office, Sir?"

He smiled, as did Trudy. "Yes. Trudy will pull the files as you work your way through them for familiarity. I figure that might fill the two weeks with some diversion along the way." There was a distinct twinkle in his eyes.

"By the way, Trudy, did you hear anything outside this office earlier?" I blushed profusely remembering my orgasms.

"Yes, Sir. It was muffled, but it sounded like a slut was being used in here." I gasped.

THE TIME slipped by quickly. I initially focused on my projects, then on interviewing and assembling the team.

Additionally, I used mornings to overseeing the construction and layout of my office and the two cubicles. I was shocked at what Mr. Woodburn had specified for me.

My former manager and her manager would be green with envy. Trudy and I also used mornings for shopping. She showed me the shops with lines Mr. Woodburn seemed to enjoy. As instructed, I had my outfits tailored to be shorter. They were a length and exposure that seemed to push proper business standards, but proper business was only a part of my job now.

I spent each afternoon available in Mr. Woodburn's office at his little conference table. Each time, I walked up to his desk and undressed in front of him. I learned he liked to scrutinize the process of my undressing.

He liked to savor each piece coming off. Of course, with his dress code for me, there sometimes wasn't much to take off if I was wearing a dress. As a result, I augmented my wardrobe with more business outfits that included a jacket, blouse, and skirt. At least, then, there were three items to remove. I found a new object in the office to the side of his desk, a coat tree. Besides his own jacket, that was now where I was to hang my clothes.

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