El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 6, 2022
Ch. 99

Chapter 9

Teph POV.

I was thinking about my high school life I'm first year since I saw Elric. I love following him secretly. He's my first love, I know he's habbit. He love to sleep in the rooftop, he love to be alone than get together with his El Band members. He love to be alone, because he love peaceful place. He loved to play piano and violin and he's voice mild and husky.

"Elric, please notice me." I said in the air.

I looked at him everyday. One time, I went to Botany Garden where Chen, Gail and Huzefa are busy doing Science Project this early. I'm taking photos, I saw Elric. I ran so fast. I accidentally bump someone. I saw the school project in Biology is crashed on the floor. Immediately say sorry.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to ruin your project. I will help you to do this." I said

And then kneel down on the floor, bow my head. But I'm so shock when he slapped me so hard using his guitar. In my ear something like so high sounds of Drums tantrums.

"I'm really sorry, I didn't mean it." I said again.

In fact I didn't notice his face but after that, the day come when I opened my locker I saw a lot of trash in my locker.

"WHAT THE HELL??". I said.

I feel someone poke in my head. I turn around and say.


I saw Elle. He's really angry at me. I'm so really angry too. Because I know now he's the guy from yesterday.

"I know I'm wrong, that's why I'm saying sorry. I didn't mean to ruin your project. But it's not right to put a lot of trash in my locker. This is not fucking trashbin. I'm so angry Elle. Because of you inside my ear is bleeding. Because of you I cried a lot last night. You know I hate you Elle, and I never ever forgive you. Maybe it's my fault, about yesterday. But you know the cause to me of what you did? I became deaf if I can't get treatment." I said.

Instead say sorry to me. He hit me again. He slapped me again. He's hand so heavy. I feel my sight spinning around. But I force myself to stand. I stop him and knock his face.

"It's not all the time, you are strength. I never afraid to you Elle-yen ( Alien ) I hate your attitude. You do something worst to me than I accidentally ruin your works. I tell sorry but you slapped me using your guitar, then now you slapped me again." I said then slapped him using my hand.

It's hurt but fight him. He about to slapped me but I kick his face.

"If the time comes you fall for me. I will never let myself fall for you. I really hate you Elle. You're devil." I said.

He look at me bad.

Teph POV.


"I hate you Elle." I said.

I cried so hard.

"It's true that I will become deaf if I don't get treatment. Huhuhu. Because if you Elle, I became deaf." I shout again.

"I hate you Elle." I feel something top my head.

"You will be okay." It's Elle.

I cry so hard.

" It will be okay." He said then hugging me.

I'm so shocked. But I hug him back.

"I really hate him. I really really hate him." I said.

He still hugging me until I stop crying.


Teph POV.

After I graduate I try to stay away from El Band, but I'm so unlucky. He stir my life before then now he want to be close to me.

"Hey, you don't really remember anything?". I ask.

" What are you talking about?". He said

He's still in denied mode. Why? He want to forgot what he did to me. He's sick now. Tsk, my life is belonged to be feel more pain. I don't know if I will go to hospital or I will let him get more sick.

"But I'm so kind and loving person, so I can't do this to him".

In the end I prepared to be kind on him. I call the ambulance.

" You will be okay." I said.

Instead to go to work, I said to Gail I'm not going to part time. And she agreed to my alibi.


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