El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 38The end

Chapter 38: His Mother.

Teph POV.

Someone calling in his phone. I answer it. But I didn't say anything.

"For those who own this phone, your mother isn't safe. She's our hostage. If you don't come here right away. We will kill your mother-". The guy said.

Dad?? Isn't my dad. It's really sounds like dad.

"Son, don't come here. The parents of Teph is the killer." The other woman said. It's Si's Mother.

I didn't say anything then immediately go to him.

"Honey, I answer your phone call cause I think it's important. I heard my 2nd father voices. And I heard also your mother." He immediately take his phone and about to go.

"Wait Honey. He said. He will kill your mom if you don't come home immediately. I come with you honey." I said.

"No baby it's very dangerous." He said

"But still he's still my father." I said.

"What if he's not your father? What if he's also same voice as your 2nd father voice?" He said.

"No! I never get wrong in my feels. Like in my feelings when the time you are Cassidy. I tell to myself you are really my honey. And I am right." I said.

"But Baby-". I stopped his mouth. I kissed him.

"No but. I promise you and I will be safe together." I said. I know its Papa. I never get wrong in my predicts or feels..

"Honey come on. Your mom is in danger. We need to go in China immediately. I don't want you to go alone. I go with you. I know my parents after all. Even if I don't know they're past. I know how good parents they are to me." I said.


@Zubeata Island, China (Hanapin niyo sa Map)

We immediately grab a taxi. When we go to the place father sent to us. It's very old and scary. I saw there's a lot of mens with gun on they're side.

We go inside and mens guarding us. I saw mom with dad sitting in the sofa. And he's mother on the floor. Unconcious, there's a lot of scars and her face have a violet mark and black mark in eyes. They torture his mother.

"Honey I'm so sorry for what they've done." I said.

"Ohhh Teph why are you here." Mom asked.

"Mom. Please stop doing this. You know how much I love this guy and his family. Stop doing this to me." I said. I saw mom in pain.. But more in pain to see her like that.

"You don't know Teph how hurt for us. Our precious children died long time ago because of Daoming Siblings and they're mother." Mom said.

"But mom, still not right to get revenge like that. You almost killed his mother. You don't know how pain for me what I saw right now. You turn yourself into monster mom. You and dad are more evil than him or his mother." I said.

"Teph you don't know how pain it is. Every time we remember how they killed our children we breaks into pieces repeatedly.. It is really hurts." Dad said.

"Don't give more pain.. Infacts in the end you suffer in the end. I don't know the pain you feel. But when this man missing for so long I am in pain also. I don't want to lose him. Please stop this mom, dad. Stop it now. Please. God always watching us. And he will forgive us if you do this kind of sins." I said while crying.



I am sorry Teph even me I didn't tell you the lies about what happened to me and why I lied. Lord I hope you forgive me.. I do it for my safety and her safety. I'm sorry God.

I hug her. And I saw her parents crying. They went out after a minute. And I go to mom.

"Mom wake up I'm here." I said.

"Sorry too my son. It's my fault why this happening to us. I am the one who kidnapped first her children and killed them. I'm sorry son and Teph I'm so bad." Mom said.

"Mom don't be sorry to us. Please say sorry to her parents." I said.

"Okay son. I will do it". Mom said. And I hug her so tight.


Teph POV.

So that's the reason why she killed the kids. Hmm. Sad life for mom and dad. That's why they care a lot to us me and Seph. Still we're so lucky because mom and dad still care for us even if we're not same blood.

I find them but we can't find them. Even her mom called us. They not found mom and dad..


Vexana POV.

I saw the familiar built. It's looks like my mom and dad. I saw them walking in the seaside.

"Hello good afternoon. Are you Mr. And Mrs. Aquino?". The couple look to each other like 'DO YOU KNOW HER?'.

"IT'S ME MOM, DAD.. I AM MELISA AQUINO." Mom and Dad looks shock.

"How it happened? We don't have any children." Mom said.

"No, I am your daughter. I am Melisa." They walked together and don't look at me.

"Mom Dad." I starting to cry and lay in the sand and cover my face. Then suddenly I heard mom voice.

"Melisa is this really you?". She's starting to cry. I can't believe my mom find me. I didn't remember where I came from that's why my adapted mother told me to change my name into Vexana.. Because we will never find my parents because I don't know where is my home.

But now I am free and my mom and dad now with me.


Teph POV.

"Honey, did you heard Brother and bessy going to get married?". I said.

"Why baby? Do you want to get married?". He said.

"Of course honey, that's my dream to get married and to have a family. A big happy family and lived together for a hundred years." I said.

"Okay baby. Let's make it Possible. My Stephy Will you be my baby and wifey for a hundred years?". He asked.

"Yes honey I do let's make it possible."


El Band
The end

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