El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 3232

Chapter 32: In The Lobby
I saw sitting on the couch. I can't stop myself from thinking of him. He's so handsome.

"Hey, Shhh.. I mean.. Cassidy. How are you? What are you doing there. Why are you alone?". I said. I can't stop myself to call him Si. I really missed him. I'm still hoping, he's my Si. And he missed me too. Hoping that he will came back to me soon. I forgotten what I saw yesterday and other day if he will come back. I will forgot all of the doubt that I feel, the doubt that I don't loved him anymore. I'm still hoping he's not Cassidy that kissing Vexana. I'm hoping he's my Si.

"Hello. I'm fine thank you. You, Teph? How are you today?". He asked me.

"I'm going to die in pain. Excuse me." Then I left. I can't stop myself from being emotional. I hide in the ladies room. To hide my tears from him. I know he follow me.

"Teph are you okay???". He said.

"I'm fine now. Just leave me please." I said. But I think he's not going to leave me here. I'm a special guest so I know he will need to assure that I'm really fine.

"No. I won't leave you." He said.. I wipe my tears and then open the door.

"I'm fine now. I just feel about to vomit that's why I said. I'm in pain. I'm okay now." I feel about to pee so I entered again in the comfort room.

"Teph, are you really okay? Do you need a doctor?". He said.

"No need. I'm pregnant that's why I vomit. Please leave me now." I said to him. I heard someone talk to him.

"What are you doing here Cassidy? This is ladies washroom." Someone said.

"Vexana. Our VIP guest inside the cubicle and she's not fine. She's pregnant. Can you assist her. I know she's not comfortable with me." He said.

No!!! That's not true. If ever you are Si it will be nice that I'm with you.

"Sure." I heard door open and Vexana knock on the cubicle that I occupy.

"Teph, are you okay?". She asked.

"Yes. I'm fine Vexana. My stomach bloating and I think all of the food I ate this early about to out. Can you please call my fiancee? It's really great for me if I won't disturbed you guys. Instead my hubby will accompany me. Please can you call him." I said.

"Sure right away." She said.

After a few minutes. I heard his voice.

"You go out now Teppy." It's Elric.

"Woah. I'm so unhappy today. But thanks to you they not see me in state of being angry and unhappy." I said. He put his arm on my shoulder and then I lean my head on his shoulder.

"I feel so sad to hear that Teph." He said. We go in our room.


What's happening is she really pregnant with him? Is she really forgetting me now?? Is she really moved on from me? I know it's feel hurt for her that she saw me with other girl but did she think what happened on me. Well, she will not know caused she's not with me that time. And she don't care now because all she know I cheated on her.

How can I explain to them what's really happened that time. How can I tell her Vexana about Teph. And how can I tell to Teph that I am only doing this to be safe.

"Cassidy are you okay? You looked pale. Are you still thinking about our guest? He's fiancee's said she's fine now. Maybe because she's pregnant that's why she vomited this early." She said.

That's not the problem Vex. The problem is my friend stole my love. And I can't believe it. Maybe now it's fair for us. Cause they saw me I'm with you. It's a tie. But not.

"No. I'm just thinking about us?". I said instead talk about Teph and Elric

"So what's with us?" She said.

"What will happen if we plan to have a family." I said.

She's not speaking.

"I will ask you again. Can we make a baby??". I saw Vexana smiled but she's not moving.

So I make a moves. But I heard her saying.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry my dear." I continuously kissing her. While she was muttering saying sorry.

"It's ok". I said.

"But there's something wrong. I'm sorry." She lay her body on the bed then hide in the linen.

"This is our first time to do it Vexana?". I asked.

"Yes Cassy." She said.

"It's okay I will be gentle." I said.

I won't to this because I want. But because I wanted to forget about Teph and Elric. I want them to be happy especially they have a baby now.

"You're going to make love with me?" She asked.

"Of course you're my wife." She look at me like she's saying sorry to me.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Nothing. I'm just tired." She said.

"Okay let's sleep. Maybe let's do it tomorrow. " I said.

She nodded.


Are you still not remember anything. Do you really not know who you are? I doubt about everything Cassy. I can't make love to you? What if you have a girlfriend? But all I want you stay with me. I'm fine with that. I can't do what I wanted too, cause I doubt what if you remember something. Then you leave me.. I can't handle it if you leave me. I will be happy if you will be with me and making happy memories with me. I know you have great moment with me. But, it's wrong if I do what you want. It's wrong taking advantage with you. It's fine, if nothing happened with us.

"Cassy I love you so much. Do you love me?". I said.

" I will not going to love you if your not my wife. Remember we are married and you are my wife, even if I don't remember I know I love you cause I am your husband." He said.

Strike me Cassy.

"Wow. Thank you for loving me Cassidy. I love you." But he's not answer me. Instead he hugged me..

What do you mean by that.


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