El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 3131

Chapter 31: The Liars
Cassidy POV.
It is me Si. I'm not Cassidy, I don't have amnesia and I take a chance to be safe with Vexana, because of someone who want to kill my brother and me. When about to arrived our aeroplane in Czech Republic there's so many man in black in our seat lines.

"Elle what did we do?". Snow asked to my brother

"Just calm down Snow. No matter what happened we will face it together. Just stay with me and never let my hand slip away." he said.

"Okay I will die with you too." Snow said obviously panicking.

Almost 10hrs later, I have a plan how to escape.

"We should jump in the sea." I muttered.

"But how about our landing. We don't have parasuit. We don't think if we still alive after we landed. Beside we don't know what kind of animals in the sea. At this point were not safe. I will choose to be kill by this all men instead jump in the sea." Elle said.

"But Honey, did you think all of animals in the sea take care of us even if we died in the sea, unlike in these point we're waiting to died. Atleast we do our best to fight in this war." Snow said.

"It's okay if I died, I only want you too be safe and leave in this plane." I said.

We wait for the chance. Snow and Elle jump and I stay here. Luckily, I jump too and the mens nothing heard anything.

I swim so fast then when I get tired I float my body in the sea. I'm so tired and don't have energy, last thing I remember I saw Teph in the skies.

"I love you Teph and I'm sorry."


When I wake up I saw the girl named Vexana. She doesn't knew that I don't have amnesia. She keep me, in short time I acts like her real husband even if I know thats a lie.

I kissed her because I remembered Teph to her and I don't want Vexana suspect on me. Raul told me about Vexana history, and I feel guilt because she was so hopeless. I'm bad, yea I'm so bad to her. I know she was fantasizing on me but in this point I'm the most bad guy that Vexana encountered in her entired life.

When we get together in Hotel. I'm really shock when I saw Elric and Teph together, the most hurt she's going to marry Elric. This is my fault, this is the revenge throw for me. I'm a bad boyfriend I never be loyal. I don't know if she remember me, if she call me when the time I'm missing my phone in the plane and I don't even have money in my pocket.

"I'm so happy for you two. And I'm so glad you choose me to be your Prenuptial Photographer." I said.

"No, we're glad because we still alive after leaving China and we met a great person like you ". Teph said.


"Oh. Did something happened on both of you when your on the airplane?". I asked.

"Nothing, she means they get make love in Aeroplane. We made about five rounds. We ride in VIP plane. And no one there. Hahahaha. I really enjoy the trip." Elric said. I want to kill him, but I stop myself..

"Elric, don't tell them. It's very private. I'm sorry Cassidy." she said.

'Cassidy? No, I'm Si. I'm not Cassidy.' I want to shout it out but I stop myself. I really need to sip my mouth unless Vexana will know what sin I've done to her.

But I love her. I really love Teph and I can't stop myself from thinking of her time to time.

"You're really sweet couple. Opps by the way, advance congratulation for both of you." I said. Then I go without even thinking if she was offend or she was notice that I am Si or what.

" I hate you Elric".


Elric POV.

"Teph, are you sure his not my friend? Cassidy same as him. No, he is really him. No doubt. He is Si. I saw his tears about to fall down." I said.

"I saw it too." she said. She's out of his mind. She was looking out of no where.

"Are you okay?". I asked.

"Yes I love him." She said. Insane!

"Argh, this is her mom fault. Now what happened his sons are missing then we found the look a like of Si. Maybe his not Si, but he acts like him." I said.

"I'd love him." she said.

"Teph sleep now your spacing out." I said.


Teph POV.

I'd love him. I really love him. I want him back. But how? I thought this is the craziness thing I will do if I do my plan.

"I really want to take him back. He's my Si and I never doubt his the person inside my heart. I never lost hope that Si still alived after incident of aeroplane crash." I muttered.

"I want you back. I really love you. I want you to come back in my life. I'm so lonely, my heart is broken. Please Si come back to me." I said.

In the middle of this moment someone hug me. It is very warm like Si.

"Ah-Si?" I asked

"Don't look back stay at this moment. I know you missed me. But Vexana will be angry if she found out what I've done. Give me some time to explain to her what really happened. I'm so jealous this early. I'm really angry on him. Did Elric really make love with you?". He asked

"No it's just one of my plan. 'Cause I want to know if you are Si or not. " I said.

"ah." he said.

"But how about Vexana what will you do if she will not accept the fact that you use her? What will you do?". I said.

"Vexana use me too. She introduced me as her husband." He said.



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