El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 3030

Chapter 30: He's my life
Raul know what did I do and he allowed me to do that, but he reminded me always about Cassidy real identity. I'm here in my office auditing all my property, checking all earn for this month.

Already 1 year past. He have a talent so I told him to go in university to study photography all went well. All of his papers are fake but I still do it. He's smart and easy to pick up all the things. Cassidy is a professional photographer now.

"Cassidy, what are you doing here?". I asked him.

"I missed you. And so bored alone in house." He said.

"Do you want to go somewhere?". I asked.

"I want to go with you. And plan to grow our family." he said.

Well, no problem about that but he's not mine. I don't know he's real identity. He lifted me and now I'm sitting on his lap. He started kissing me. Then someone interrupt our moment.

"Vexa. How are you." Austino said. I see his expression. He's so shock maybe his shock because I'm kissing Cassidy.

Austino is my business tutor. Yes, he teach me in many ways. He's my crush but I don't know if I have chance to say it to him. I owe him a lot.

"I go now." he said. Then he left.

"Who is he?". Cassidy asked.

"He's my business tutor. His name is Austino." I said.

"He looks familiar. But I can't remember him." he said

I feel nervous, what if Austino know him, that's why he left. What if Austino have special relation with him? What if Austino know his family? What if Cassidy remember it, he's my life and I'm going to die if he left me.


Teph POV.

Almost 1 year left he still not show. Until my cousin said he have another girl in Czech Republic. I doubt about it and I want to believe it unless thinking he's already died.

"Austino, I want to go in Czech, please I come with you. I want to check if Si is the person you saw with the Vexana you said." I said.

"Okay let's go there this night." he said.

We go there without even thinking. Beside I wait for so long.

"Obviously, he's Si and not Elle." He started conversation in the middle of silent situations.

"I saw you and Si kissing before. And the way Cassidy and Si kissing is the same. I remember you sit on his lap and embrace him while kissing. And the french kiss is best style of Si. That way I saw it too to Cassidy. That's why I assured it is Si." He said.

"The only thing confused me, why is he with Vexana and why they have wedding picture on his office table. But as I saw, it looks like Photoshop. I never saw Vexana in that way before. And I never heard she's already married. I feel anger to her 'cause she invites me always in every occasion in his life, but now it is very malicious and secretive and also cousin I saw Si is very aggressive while kissing Vexana." he said.

"What if he's not Si, what if he looks like only." I said.

"No. I don't doubt he's other person.. He's really Si." Austino said.

"Let's go on him when we landed.." I said.


Czech Republic is great. I am really amazed in this country.

"Are you sure to your plan Austino??". I said.

"Yes, you should meet Vexana if you're the VIP in his Hotel." He said.

"We plan to have pre-nuptial photoshoot in his hotel. You know it's really great there.." He said.

"So why you invite me?". Elric said.

"You will act like her groom." He said.

"Okay I'm assure you that I will act like real future wife and husband." Elric said.

"I'm sorry Elric for this." I said.

"Don't be sorry dear. You know how much I love you I will do anything for you." He said.

"Aww. you're such a good friend. I hope you're my soulmate in nextlife." I said.

We entered in VIP room. All of the people looking on us. Why not two guy with me are really handsome.

"Welcome ma'am and sir." The receptionist said.

We got our key and get inside the VIP room. It is really looks expensive. Austino really great in every way he's richer than us. He's family is richer than Dao Ming Family. Also my cousin is really smart. He's a Business tutor of our family and many business tycoons.

"It's really great here. Also great foods." I said.

"It's free." He said. Wow I can't believed it.

"Wow." Elric said.

*tok tok tok*

Someone knock on the door. Austino open the door. And I saw the beautiful lady with....

"Calm down Teph." Elric held my hand.

"My cousin and her fiancee what to make prenuptial here." Austino said.

"Oh, really. Do you have a photographer?? If you don't have my boyfriend is a great Photographer and Videographer." Vexana said and pointing Si look a like.

"Oh we're so lucky we actually need Photographer we have Videographer." Austino said.

We talk in the Dining while me and Elric listening. They accept Austino offer. I saw in Si look a like the happiness.

"He very happy. Because of it." I muttered.

"We don't know if he is Si. We need to investigate." Elric said.


This night is very sad and lonely night. We are watching Cassidy and Vexana in the pool. We are here in the poolside. I saw them laughing I'm so sad. I didn't know he will be happy in other woman hands.

"Lets makes a move." Elric said.

He kissed me and I moan. I didn't know Elric is a good kisser.

"Wow great couple. I hope they enjoyed the moment here." Cassidy said.

Then I saw they left. We stopped the kiss.

"I heard his voice is irritated. I know it is Si way.." Elric said.

I know he is..


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