El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 6, 2022
Ch. 33

Chapter 3

I was feel alive. It's time to school. I go now in Shangming University. With Chen and Huzefa as Culinary Student.

"I was so excited for our topic for today. You know Chen, I hope your crush see my gift for him hahaha." Chen didn't know what inside the box.

"You know Teph, I hope your gift it's not bad. Elle will punish you if you just give him a sh*t." Chen said.

"I'm not afraid on him. And beside it just a plain gift." I said.

I don't have money that's why I give him some cake. Yea. I know that cake already crash because it fell down on the floor. I draw some face like Elle.


Elle POV.

That girl seems unique. But I just feel embarrass cause I thought her gift is ok. It's a cake with my face. It's not in the form cause it's broken from crashed on the floor. My face on cake looks like someone smashed it. But it's ok, I appreciate that home made cake.

"Did you know Elle. That Teph is also a student in Shangming University?".

Oh really. I saw that girl, she's on the locker with her friends.

"I'm not afraid on him. And beside it just a plain gift." She said.

We just walk and don't mind her. We go in the class.


Chen POV.

It's my birthday tomorrow. No one home, no one cares about me, my two friends not know my birthday. We're not rich that's why mother and father are always busy earning money.

"Chen, you look sad today? You have a problem?". Teph said.

" No I'm not sad, I'm just thinking what my parents doing?". I said.

"Where's your parents?".

" They work in Canada. They always busy, they forgot about me. They don't even call." I said.

"Don't think that maybe they're just busy to earn a lot for your future. You are the lucky, your parents can support you. Maybe they not with you. But I know they miss you too." Teph said.

"Are you sure? My parents forgot me. Tomorrow is my birthday. I plan to celebrate with you and Huz. In my house tomorrow after school." I said.

"Advance Happy Birthday. I didn't know your birthday tomorrow." She said.

"Your two is my only friends here that's why no one knows my existence."

She hug me. And said.

"Now I know atleast you have one counted that know your existence. Be happy Chen. This is the best birthday tomorrow." She said.


Teph POV.

Hiew and the other friends stand in the gate. They bully us before when Huzefa and I in Senior High.

"Ohh Ipanag is coming here. Wow she have beautiful and sexy friend." Hiew said.

"Chen let's go." I said.

Chen and I running goes to corridor. We just run so fast because Hiew Gang follow us. They run until we reach the El Band practice room, Chen open the door and get inside. I didn't know someone at the door.

"Ohh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. We just need to hide?". Chen said.

"You two are job to bump people. Awts my head so hurt." Elle said.

He look so angry. I don't know what to do.

"I'm sorry again." We said.

Chen and I about to out but Elle stop us. He just hold our shoulder to stop us.

"Where are you going. This is not easy to go out here." Elle said.

"We need to go home. We just passed by here cause someone following us, they bully us. Elle I know your kind please forgive us. I will do all you want." I said.

"Ohh great suggestion. Be my girlfriend."

Chen get weak. And I feel about to pee. Sh*t what's that. Be his girlfriend?

"No, I don't want to be your girlfriend." I said.

I grab Chen hand and out in this hellish room.



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