El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 2727

Chapter 27: Sleep Together In London
Happy times with him. Happy moment with him while sleeping. He's so sweet he looks at me while I'm sleeping. He just looking at me so deep, he was love to comb my hair using his fingers.

"I know you still awake. Would you like to drink coffee?". He asked. When he wake up, I wake up immediately. He was looking at me and knowing I'm awake. I feel so shy to him. He's so sweet.

"Teph, can you tell me about your crush." He said. Do I really need to tell him? I feel so afraid to tell him. What if he would get hurt once he know that I really like Elric? What if he won't stop himself from being hurt because I liked Elric? I hope I have two hearts to gave this two guy.

"I don't want to hurt you repeatedly, I just want to keep focus on you." I said.

"Hmmm. Why? I know you liked Elric, why do you want to hide it to me? Do you still have a feelings for him?". He asked me.

"To be honest I still liked him, he's the only one who supported me except my friends, he's the only one who help me to pay and help me to get treatment so easy. I'm so thankful, very thankful to him." I said I sense that he's appearance changed a while. He was probably felt guilt for his brother. It is not easy for him because they are siblings and they're parents is only one.

"I told you I don't want to tell you about this, I know you will feel guilty for your brother done to me. I know it's hurt but for you, I forgot it. I don't want to remember again and again what happened 5 years ago." I said he's looking at me. Like he was saying sorry and held my hand like he was saying sorry for let his brother to this things to her.

"It's okay Si, don't worry to much, I will be okay everyday." I said. He kissed my palm. It's weird. This my first time I see him do this thing.

"Are you okay Si?". I asked him.
Everything turns to black. It's a dream again.


Luckily, James come home he's my classmate. He's going to get married that's why he asked for something can surprise for his wife.

"James, you think it's gonna be work?". He asked me.

"Teph, you're my favorite classmate go back in Elementary. You always helped me in every activity we've done before. You made a little box surprised for my Macy, and she liked it. I know our surprised this time will work too." he said.

Macy, she is the first girl and last woman in James life.

"I know I'll never loved this way again. So I keep holding on, before the good is gone." James sing again. He was practicing hes vocal. It's been a long time since I've heard his powerful voice.

"Wow James. You're still the same. You're voice is very powerful unlike mine." I said.

"Hmmm. Don't say that you have your own style in singing. You have a great voice also. Maybe you can't sing in high pitch but you have a great pronounciation and soprano is great". James said.

"Stop it. I know it already hahaha. Well, what's the plan?".


After helping James in his Wedding proposal, I went to orphanage house.. This is the only place in London Si told me to go when I feel so lonely.

"Si, I miss you." I said in the air.

"I really missed you. I don't know what to do. I'm so lonely and broken because of you. I'm desperately to see you again. Please show me the place. Show me some hint."

I saw children playing in the backyard. I go there and play with them.


"Where am I? What place is this? Who are you? Do you know, who am I?".


Teph POV.

I feel something inside that makes me cry. I feel Si presence inside me. Why do I feel to cry again. I really missed him. My eyes was full of tears, full of anger, full of sadness, loneliness of the terms I can tell is being alone and nothing have a strength to lived in this world.

But something inside my heart saying I'm still alive and telling he's still here.. But why do I feel that. Why my heart feel to be broken into pieces but my brain telling stay strong, don't lose hope he's still alive. Just do it and lived well. Be healthy, be kind, be patience, be smart and be good everyday.

"I'm going to Zubeata Island. I will be back again here. Someday.." I said.

"Keep safe and get well everyday Teph." James said.

"Thank You." I said.


Welcome to Zubeata Island.

I feel so lonely. I feel so helpless. I don't know what to do. Someone hugged me.

"Gail I missed you.." someone said.

"Oi! She's not Gail." I turn around and I saw Gail and the guy who hugged me.

"Austin?". I said.

"TEPH??". he said.

I hugged him again. He's my cousin. He lived in France. But why he's here?

"Austin, why are you here?". I said.

"I have a news for you. Mom told me she will set you on date. The guy is really handsome and he was so cool he study in medicine in France... He's so handsome and excellent.. Based on my experience he's high level than me in the short time ha." Austin said.

"So what's the point, why auntie, set a date." I said.

"Mom want you to forget about your ex." Austin said.


"ehhhh. I'm sorry. I know you already break, 'caused he leave you alone and goes to Czech Republic to find another girl." Austin said.



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