El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 2525

Chapter 25: Bad Dreams
Gail POV.
"Teph don't look at him. Hold my hand." Elle said to Teph.

I started to cry and stand up, I walked, then I run so fast. While I'm running, I notice something I feel like flying? Why is this a dream? Tsk..


Teph POV.

What happened to her. She was moaning and shouted Elle name? And she will kill Elle? Devil? What? I think she was having bad nightmare. I try to wake her up.

"Hey! Gail. Wake up. You're dreaming." About 4 minutes I wake her up but still she's crying and her hand closed strongly, she's really angry. Then after how many minutes I wake her up, she finally awake, her eyes full of tears. When she sees me. She started to cry again and hugged me.

"I'm so relieved that is a dream. I saw two Elle in my dream. I went to the Concert of El Band then when the time concert ended I saw snow in the screen on concert, and real Elle saying snow is his real girlfriend and he was angry at you. And he threatened you before. I'm so angry because he ruin the concert. Everybody was confused about what happening." She said while crying.

"Stop crying. Maybe your just confused because we are closed now and he's my boyfriend that's why your still wondering how it happened. Because you know that I really hate Elle before that much." I said to her.

"I SAW YOUR EYES WAS SUFFERING THAT TIME WHEN REAL ELLE SHOW ON THE CONCERT. HE'S SO ANGRY TO WHO YOU CALL SI." She said. I hugged her. It's real happening Elle is Elle and fake Elle is Si. That's why I need to hide it, to call him Si.

"It just a dream. Don't think about to much." I rubbing her back.



I go to the hospital, they said. Elle already awake.

"Brother." He saw me.

"Hey Elle how are you now?". Then I started to telling him the story of me and Teph. He was shocked, about Teph.

"I'm sorry that time I hit her it because snow say to me before someone she hate and I just wrong about the person to hate. I just hit the wrong person, because she's Teph not Seph. We are wrong about the name. And we're wrong about her identity. We didn't know that she have a twins. That's why her sister Seph almost kill me that time. I feel sorry for Teph. And snow was very angry because Jian the actor in London was her crush, based on London Magazine the interview section about Jian telling about his love of his life. And it's telling it's Seph Huaze." He said.

"I feel really sorry to her. And I know her sister angry of me. Because of what I've done to her twin sister. Luckily, Elric is helping her that time to took some treatment before to recovered her from being deaf. I want to go abroad because I was so guilty for what I've done to her. Please tell her I'm sorry for what I've done and Si don't used my name anymore I know what are you doing while I'm here." He said. I just nodded.

"Fast recovery for you Elle. Keep studying in university. I know Teph will forgave you already." He said.

"No.. I will go abroad." He said.

"Okay, I won't stop you." I said.

Teph POV.

I am here in Coffee shop and Bakeshop with Gail she still feel sorry. Thinking about her dreams.

"It's okay Gail. Stop thinking about it." She was taking the coffee on the shelves. She's still afraid for Si and Elle.

"What if Elle and Si is different." She said. I want to tell her the truth but I think I'm not in position to tell the truth.

"Si is my boyfriend don't worry to much." I said. She's so confused.

I saw Elly and Elton.

"Sis, Elle going to Czech Republic. He was going to study there. Do you know about what happened?". Elton said.

"Sis? She's not your sister don't call her sis". Gail said.

"Sis, the Elle with them is Si. And he's the twin brother of Elle. Elle said to us he feel sorry about what he do to you and he's saying sorry for hit you using guitar." Elton said.

"He's crying this early. Because he's been hospitalized for almost a year because he's being comatose. You're sister Seph hit him back and almost killed, almost going to death. That's why Si going back here in Zubeata Island to pretend as Elle. That's why you acts different, aish. Why you like that. We liked you so much Si." Elton dramatic session.

"Huh? Maybe this is the meaning of my bad dreams Teph." Gail said.

"Maybe. But I'm so thankful finally he's alive now. But I feel sad because my sister almost killed him." I said.

"Maybe your sister really angry at Elle that's why she do that to Elle." Elly said.

"I feel sorry to him". I said.

"Wow. You're really kind. " Elly said.

"Where's Si?". I asked.

"He's with Elle. He was going to send his brother to Czech Republic then go back again here after a week." Elton said.

Si I will missed you.


I'm going with my brother. I will call my Teph later.


Teph POV.

I'm waiting for his call. His still busy? I think 5 hours he already home. Why he still not calling me. I really miss him. I really love him, I'm so afraid now.

"Teph." It's Elric.

"Hey Elric. What's the matter?". I asked.

"Teph I'm sorry!". He said.

"Why? What's happening? Why you saying sorry to me?". I asked.

"Teph. You know Si, go with Elle." He said.

"Tell me what happened." I feel so nervous. I can't think straight. I feel something scary.

"Teph, I heard the plane explode as they rode." He said.

This is not true!!


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