El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 2424

Chapter 24
Gail POV
It's because they here since I'm the fan of El Band. Me, Chen and Teph will go to the concert. We will be El Band special guest. Elton gave us some tickets. It's fun for sure since we are located in VIP tickets. But

There's a lot of people in the concert. The light full of blue light like in concert of Super Junior in SS7. I really like this. There's a lot of people closed with us. And gave us some merchandise of El Band..

"Thank you." We said.

They nodded only as your welcome. Since that fans is from Korea they don't really understand us. Since we don't know how to speak korean.

Elton singing his line. He's so handsome. I can't stop myself to looks on him. He's so lovely.

Elly singing his line. There's a lot of girls especially ajumma *eldest women* love Elly oppa *hahaha oppa boyfriend? O brother* his so handsome also.

"Mirae, I like him. He's my bias." The girl said from the back. Chen look on them.

"He's my boyfriend." The other girl said. We laugh because they don't know that we know El Band personally.

"I want to date him Hye soo." The korean said. The one who gave us some merchandise of El Band.

"Bong Ye. You want me to help you we can requests that to Elly since you is his avid fan. Don't be noisy it will be a secret." Teph said.

She was so amazed, she didn't move, because of romantic excitement. Also no longer speak and be quiet.

I asked her to open her share it application. She followed me. And she was shocked when she opened the picture I send to her.

"Omg, how did you take this?". Bong Ye asked.

"I take him some picture secretly. Because his my crush before." I said.

"Hey Gail. You didn't say it to me before why? I thought you have crush on Elton." Teph said.

"In his dream his so annoying. He's acting like Elle. He's so kind to me. It makes me feel some different special feelings. It's annoying, I hated it." I said while looking on Elly. Elly is so handsome. He looks like my cry Nam joo hyuk. But Nam Joo Hyuk have a girlfriend now, she's the protagonist female lead in All about time. She's kind and gorgeous. She's a little bit taller than me. I met before." I said then I saw them the photo of Nam Joo Hyuk and his girlfriend.

"Before I go to the smart araneta to watch his bench show with Sandara Park. He's so handsome and he really remember me. Since we are elementary classmates." I said.

"Wow we didn't know about it. Awww I envy you. Atleast you already have a close friends actor and actress, unlike us we still in the level of being fan girl." Bong ye said. Hye soo still looking on Elle.

"Hye soo. Don't look at Elle. He's mine." Teph said.

"How dare you. He's mine." Hye soo said

Teph open her phone and show some pictures.

"This is our picture together in London. I really loved him please don't look at my bebe." Teph said.

What bebe "babe" hahaha she's so funny she's really a fan of Filipino drama that's why she's using endearment bebe to Elle. Wow. I hope me too I have a boyfriend and and I will call him bebe too hahaha.

"Yuck bebe." Chen said.

"Okay don't look at my everything." Teph said.

They all laugh. She's so funny. Teph call him bebe then now "My everything". Hahaha

"Teph what else. My forever more, my man, my prince yuck. Call him on cutest way like honey, babe, sweetheart~" I stopped because she place her hand in my mouth.

"I will call him Hubby. Are you happy.." she said. Then she stand and shout.


Elle was really shocked on her. He go down and come to her.

"What did you say? What did you call me. Please repeat it again.." he said.

"Eh I already said it. And I'm so shy now. Everyone looking at me." She said. I saw Elle irritated. He placed his mic on his mouth and said to all nation. Of course camera focus on him.

"If you won't said it I will kissed you." We heard people have romantic excitement regarding what happened on the VIP location.

"said it now. Don't be like that girl we feel envy if Elle kissed you." The general ad location seat said.

"Okay I said. HUBBY I LOVE YOU. Are you happy." But even if Teph said to him he loves Elle, Elle do some history in El Band Concert. He kissed Teph.

Teph was shocked.

"Teph act normal. They will looking at you. I said." I said.

Elle grabbed Teph hand and they stand together in the stage. Now Teph act normal now. She smile on him while singing in the stage. I really feel she really likes Elle.

" I love you so much Si." She said in the stage and Elle embraced her left arm.

People feel envy. But all of them so happy for Elle. Elle never sweet like that before. They all know Elle is cold man and never appreciate fans effort. But Elle in our front now, is very different from Elle before. And who is Si? She said I love you so much Si. I opened my account in weibo. And instagram. And posting some picture.

@GailonFire "who's elle and who's si?". Tagged @Chen and @TephH.

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