El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 2323

Teph POV.

People look at me. We here now in Zubeata Island. Si held my hand. We go back immediately he said, Elle awake now.

"Are you sure we go together to Elle?". I asked on him. People didn't know our relationship. And people don't know that we have special treatment for each other.

"Yes. What's wrong? Are you afraid of them? I will kill them. Tell me who bully you?". He said. But I didn't answer. Instead answering him, I held his arms so tight. This early we made some boomerang in instagram and Elle~ I mean Si post our boomerang short video together. I know that's also the reason why people looks on us.

"Si, they looks so scary. I know all of our schoolmates see our video together." I said. He didn't even thinking about it. He think about Elle.

"You know our real problem now. Elle already awake. So how can we hide it. Also people know Elle is angry at you then Elle and you are okay now, because of me. And I know Elle still remember you. His memory is very excellent." He said. I know what he feel now. Even now, I can't still believe that Elle before and Elle with me now is different.

"He will kill you if he know that you acts like him and he is my close friends now." I said.

"Friends. You know you can be my girlfriend now. I don't want Elle be more interested in you. His silly boy, he's sly and he do anything he want, he catch everything he want. He's Elle the bad boy version of Dao Ming Si. Dao Ming Elle is NOT like me. We're different, super different." He said. Then grab my hand again. I know he's angry I tell him everything happened before, he want to revenge in Elle. But I stop him. I don't want this twin fight because of me. I don't want this twins of Dao Ming became miserable because of me.

"Hi, your ah~si right?". Girl asked si. I think I know her. But I can't think who really she is.

"Hi! How are you?". Si said.

"Who is she? You're girlfriend?". The girl asked, I want to say Yes. But I wait him to admit it.

"She's my friend. But I court her. She's pretty right?". He said. I thought he would really only said I'm only his friend. But luckily he admit he's courting me and I won't let him go now, especially I'm being closed with him. We really know each other day by day.

"How are you? They said your sick?" The girl said.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me." He said.

"By the way, we go ahead. We have a class make-up today." He said. Then grab my hand and we walks together.

"Wow my future boyfriend is so cool. Thanks for telling her the truth. But don't you worry, what if she's close to Elle. What if she will said. That you are courting me as him. What if? I'm so scared if he will know it.." I said.

"Don't worry. Be strong only." He said.

"I really like our moment last day in London, I want to go there again and have moment like yesterday.." he said. He was said that while holding my hand. Everyone feel envy. Especially we're very closed together unlike before. There's a lot of bad memory happened to me and real Elle, unlike precious moments with him. When the time I know who really he is, I was so thankful and I stopped myself forbidding to like him. He was so nice from the first time we've met. He was like a prince, he was so kind and he's like an angel. Very honest, polite, gentlemen and passionate in everything he want to do.

"Elle and Si very different. I can't stop thinking about you now, than thinking what Elle do to me before. I already forgotten what happened before. I build some fire then I blowed it well to ease the pain that wounded in the whole me. His a part of my bitter life before and your the sweetness of my life today. I will be good girlfriend to you and I will not make you jealous. If ever you feel jealous come to me and hug me. I will understand it." I said to him. He was looking at me. I smile at him. I know he loved me so much and he was happy to hear all of this from me.

"I'm so glad to hear that. And I know everything will be okay. I'm so thankful because you forgive him and I'm so happy because my girlfriend loves me too. I promise your the only girl I will love from now on until the end. You're the precious star for me. And I will not hide anything to you. You will be my everything?". He asked.

"Yes of course. If you want me to be your officially girlfriend, I will allow you to be my everything too. Now and forever." I said.

We're about to kiss... but~

"Hello.. What are you two doing? Hey, Teph I'm searching you since last week until now. You don't even have information in weibo or instagram where are you. If I don't stalked Elle, I will never knew that your with him. I have a lot of things I want to us?". It's Gail.

"Sorry Gail. I need to secret this. Because I don't want people know where together in London. Dor syre they will kill me. But now atleast A~si said he's my boyfriend. I really want him to be with me now. Because I understand him now". I said.

"You understand him but I can't get you. Are you out of your mind. Where's you're brain now? I think you used more drugs while you're with him, that's why you acts like that." She said.

Oh no, what the hell?


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