El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 2121

Chapter 21: Kane Mey
Kane POV

Welcome back to me. Really rush from Paris. Thanks to my mom now I came here to meet my fiancee Elric.


Elric POV.

"Mom what's this?". I said. Mom laughing at me because of what happened on me now. I really hate dad idea.

"It's okay son, Kane is very pretty and I'm sure you will like her if you know her well". She said while playing her phone game.

"But mommy I really hate this idea to be her husband. I don't want to get married. I have special someone." I said. She's looked amaze.

"Well, show her to me son, I will not stop you if she said your her boyfriend. I told you son liar is a devil." She said.

"Well mom, I am not a liar. I'm saying I have special someone. But she's not my girlfriend now." I said.

"You mean you have a plan to be her boyfriend. Ayie. Let me tell you I will help you to be a great man." My mom said.

"Son, soon we have grand event and every tycoons will come. All of the richest in the whole world will come in this event so I hope you come and have a picture with Kane. She's pretty." She said.

"But mom. What if I don't like her." I said.

"I said she's pretty. You will like her." She said.

I took the picture of Teph. And show to my mom..

She's the girl I like. I really like before until now. But Elle is my friend.. I don't want to fight him. He's my precious friend.

"So this girl is the one you said?". She said. She take something on her bag.

"This is the picture of Kane." Mom said.

"Ma, please don't show her picture to me.." I said.

"Look at her son. I love her so much." Mom said.

"Eh you know mom, I don't have time for her." I said.

"But you have time for Teph. Even she don't like you." Mom said.

I admit she's really pretty. BUT... I don't want to like her. I have Teph. I really like Teph. It's okay with me even if she don't like me now.

"Son, she's pretty and talented. Please accept her as your fiancee and soon to be wife. I know she love you so much." She said.

But I am not allowed to love someone else. I'm still in love with Teph, even if Elle is inlove with Teph. I can't stop myself.


Kane POV.

My name is Kane. And I am living in Paris as a princess. I love shopping, painting, ballet, singing, dressmaking, baking, cooking, reading, and acting. As I remember my last movie aired last 2016 in Paris. Many people watch my movie. And they loved me so much.

"Hi. Ms. Kane Mey. How are you? I really like your movie in Italy. I'm so glad to see you here in Zubeata Island. Can I have picture with you." Girl said.

"Sure." I said.

We takes groupie. And people looks at me. I'm so pretty haha wearing white dress. Very simple. I saw Elric and her mom.

"Hi auntie. How are you? Hi! Elric." I greeted.

"Hello sweety. Come here. I will take some photos with your fiancee." She said.

We go to the lobby. And she said that we will pose close together. I feel so happy. But I know he was forcing himself to be close to me. But it's a good opportunity to catch him. I see him smile while looking on the camera. So I smile too. He held my waist, so I held him too. It was like were very close together. To have good picture together. After that we go back to the party again.

"Thanks." I said.

"For what?". He said.

"For having picture together." I said.

Her mom not here, she go somewhere after taking picture. The lights is off. I held his arms. I'm scared, I'm really scared in dark. My whole body is shaking.

"It's okay." I heard he said it.

Then I feel he embrace me. It's so warm.

"I like your perfume." He still hug me.

Until someone speak in the party using microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Tonight is the very special day for Lao and Mey Family. Today is the grand celebration for them to bind the two family. Now this is the special engagement party for Kane Mey and Elric Lao. Ladies and gentlemen let's give the loudest applause for the couple of the year." The MC announced.

What?? He still hugged me when the lights on. The hugged is a little bit unlock. I feel he's legs feeling jelly. So I hugged him tight.

"Hold on. Elric! Theres so many people around us. They will think your a gay, if you get dizzy in the middle of the party." I said.

I hug him and lean my head in his broad chest. I heard his heart beat. It's like calling someone name.

"Are you okay?". I held his hand. I saw the picture on the screen it was our picture. Yes! Our picture took by his mother.

"Be okay." I drag him to go outside.

"THANKS!".He said. Then he kissed me.

I'm in shock.


Elric POV.

What the hell I'm doing? Why I kissed her? Why she help me to escape from the party. And why she hugged because she don't want people see me weak. Why she's so good.

"I'm sorry for the kissed. It's my reward for saved me." I said.

"Is that only." Then she comes to me. And held my head down then kissed me again.

"It was reward too. For having happy experience with me. I know it's very rare for you. And I know you will like me someday. I will kill you if you don't like me. And I will rape you if you won't marry me soon." She said.

Scary this girl. But I found her cute and cool.


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