El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 6, 2022
Ch. 22

Chapter 2

Teph POV.

"Where have you been?". They ask.

El Band looks like what the hell. I think I'm dreaming. They look so real. They ask me, what should answer I can say? Oh no! My brain not working. Think think. I'm so shock Elric come on me.

" Elric, what are you doing?". I ask him. I feel my heart pounding, going to race and feels like something to explode.

"Come with me Tephy!".

Owwww! Tephy.. My goodness. Lord help me, I can't stop myself.

"O-okay!". I said.

He smiled at me and take my hand, he grab me so tight. Like no one can stole me from him.

" It's so tight Elric." I said.

"It's ok. Wake up now." He said in Female voice. My mom voice?

"WAKE UP!!!".

I heard my mom, I wake up immediately. Like what the hell, I'm sleeping. Oh no! I forgot my gift.

" Mom where's my gift for today?".

My mom point some direction. I exhale peacefully. Like 'Oh I'm save.' Today I need to prepare to go in Elric friends birthday. I go there because of Elle birthday, but because Elric is on the party.
After make-over. I headed now. On the way on Party of Elle.

"Mom I'm going."

Then I went... Wearing white fitted dress with Black close shoes and black sling bag. And wearing my simple make-up.

"Welcome mam."

The receptionist said.


I saw inside there's so many people come on gathering. I saw there's so many pretty girls around. Some foreign friends of El Band near on them. The stage is in the center, theres a lot of beautiful flowers on the stage. It's the symbol of El Band.

"Wow, El Band so popular." I said to myself.

"Teph." Someone call me. It's my bestfriend.

"Chenchen". I call her. Many eyes look on us. I feel embarrassing, please floor eat me.

" Let's go Chen." I grab her hand and drag her outside.

"Omg, what to do?". I said, I know El Band heard me.

" Act, like no one knows you and nothing happened! It's okay, they don't know us." Chen said.

Well she's right. I put my blue coat, then proceed outside. I was so feel mumble that time. I can't open my lips. And I grab Chen's hand so tight.. I feel my hand is so wet.

Then bam. I bumped someone. My gift for Elle fall down on the floor.

"I'm so sorry I just don't see you." Then I bow.

The person in front not speaking even Chen not talking. I don't know if I could raise my head or what..

"I'm sorry again. I didn't mean to bump you. I was just in hurry." I say without stuttered because I said it in fast way.

"Why you talk so fast. It's okay." He said.

I was about to raise my head but Chen drag me. And we run so fast.

"Chen, why are you dragging me? It's something bothering you?". I ask to her.

" Girl, it's Elle. I don't know how to act normal. I just know him more but I don't know to act in front of him." She said.

"OMG!! I didn't know it's him, but he spoke so calm. My goodness why are you afraid on him?". I ask to Chen.

" He looks on you. And I just felt he's so kind that time he's not like that when we are young. He's so arrogant." She said.



Elle POV.

I saw some box on the floor. So I pick it up.

(To Elle,
Happy Birthday.
From: Teph)

Who's Teph? Is that the girl who bow? Or the other girl spacing out.

"Oh Thanks Teph. First Gift I recieved."

I smiled because it's look like she was prepared this things in plan. I suddenly feel bless. I was feel amazing and love.

"Ohh! Elric see this. I received this gift from a girl, her name is Teph. Cute name right." I said to him. Other members Elton and Elly looks the note on the box.

"Great penmanship."

Hahaha. It's true aside from message above her name she put signature above the name. She's cute.

"Yea. It's great right. Let me see first the gift inside."


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