El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 1919

Chapter 19: I'm waiting for him

I'm here at the airport. Already arrived in London. I texting him on Weibo. But he's not active. I'm sitting here in the chair near the door.

"Si, where are you. I'm here waiting for you. I feel sorry about what I did. I didn't know who you are before. I thought you are Elle. I'm sorry." I said.

"I am still hoping that you will forgive me. So I'm so sorry." I said.

While I'm waiting for him online. I saw Jian. He's my sister-friend. And he's my friend too.


"Hey, Teph! What are you doing here? This is only I thought you hate Europe. Why are you here? So do you agree with my message before that we will work here together? You as your sister?". Jian said.

"Huh? I never read your message stop saying nonsense. I'm going to be an actress here in London especially this is a foreign country my accent is not a british accent. I will be suffered working here too." I said.

"But you will enjoy it. Especially our boss finding a girl to be my partner in drama this month." Jian said.

"But I'm not good at acting. And I'm waiting for someone today. I can't go with you." I said.

"I'm waiting for Ceo of our company today he will come here in this airport. I will wait here and I will stay with you." Jian said.

"Until now you're still not changing, you're so good, I'm waiting for the chance to see you too, and I love you as much as the love I give you," Jian said.

"But I never said you give love to me~ I never ask you to love me," I said.

"I know it. And I will accept it before that's why I want to work with you as a workmate only. No malice, just work." Jian said.

I smiled at him. While we are waiting for Si and his boss. I ask him about his work.

"So did you enjoy your job?". I ask.

"I will enjoy it. It's my passion. But I will more enjoy my work if I have inspiration. Sad to say you're not my girlfriend. I will find a girl, someone like you." Jian said.

Someone like me huh?

"Well. I know someone.
Go to Seph. For sure Seph will answer you soon if you will court her." I said.

"Are you sure. But you're sister is a mind reader right?".

"But she's really nice I told you you will like her who she is. She has a birth mark in the shoulder like me. You will compare me to her it's like we're the same. Not as a mind reader. She's fierce but she's really nice and caring. I know you will like my sister. Just come to Tokyo. I know she's going back to Tokyo. She's working in Mythology Museums. She's smarter than me." I said.

I eat a lot. The cake is delicious. I convince him to go to Tokyo but still, he's waiting he's boss.

"JIAN!!! TEPH?? Teph? What are you doing here?". Si said.

I raised my head and saw him. I feel sorry for Si. I come to him and hug him. I feel weak, every time I've hurt innocent people.

"I-am sorry Si. Your sister told me you're not Elle." I said.

"Oh, you know now. Sorry for hiding my personality. I didn't do this to trick you. My brother Elle still in the hospital that's why I'm acting like him and lived like him. But I swear I didn't know your past. I just act like him because he needs to study more."

I shut him up. I know it. Her sister told me everything.

"It's okay I understand now. Why you acting caring about me." I said.


Seph POV.

I'm going back to Tokyo today. My life will be boring again. It's been a year since I dated a real guy.

"What a fucking life," I said.


Jian POV.

I'm searching for Seph Huaze. Where she is? I forgot to ask Teph about her address. Idiot!!! Our group in London nowhere in Tokyo to have a scene in Tokyo tower.

"Where is she lived hmmm." I try to connect to wifi in 7 Eleven.

"Miss can I connect to wifi. I need to call a friend in London." I said looks at me

"Is that you? Jian Cheng?". The girl said.

I nodded.

"Can take pictures with you. I will give you the password." She said.

"Sure," I said. Then she gives the password.

"Jian? What are you doing?". Seph said. Then go out.

"Seph!!!!!". I call her but she didn't turn around.


Seph POV.

Teph Calling***

"Bitch, Jian coming in Japan or maybe he's in Tokyo now. I hope he sees you. I forgot to give him your address. He wants to court you. Since you look like me he wants to court you." Teph said.

"Oh? Are you sure? You know Teph our friendship will be over if I will assume he wants me too. I know my feelings for him and then, I love him so much." I said.

"So what are you waiting for. I think he's shooting in Tokyo tower." I off the phone

I saw the team in London. But he's not there in the shooting scene.

"Can I ask you something where's Jian Cheng?". I asked

"Who are you?". The director asked

"I am Seph Huaze," I said.

"Oh, she's the girl Jian Cheng searching here in Tokyo." The green eyes and yellow hair guy said.

"Where's Jian Cheng?". I asked again.

"He's there in 7 Eleven I think he's still there in 7 Eleven." He said.

I run so fast. I miss Jian Cheng so much.

But I see something wrong. I got jealous when the girl and him taking pictures together.

"Jian? What are you doing?". After I asked. I run away.

I don't want him to see me in teary eyes.

"Seph!!!". He calls my name for the first time. But I feel so sad.

This is my first time to get angry so much. I'm so sad.

And he's the reason why I'm angry...


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