El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 7, 2022
Ch. 1717

Chapter 17: The Flower Four and One Lady

Teph POV.

I saw pictures of dad and mom. Mom is so beautiful, dad is so handsome. I can't imagine they change for 18 years. They look weird. Not handsome and beautiful to be honest.

I saw some pictures. It's four guys, one girl. I saw my dad on the left side but mom is not the girl in the picture.

"Who's this?". I said.



Elle POV.

Why you being liked that. I'm so sad about your manners. But I can't blame you. Because I don't know what happened 5 years ago. I know you think too much why I change a lot.


Elly POV.

I saw some pictures in dad drawer. I'm searching for my phone, but I saw the picture of four guys with one lady.

It's like us, the four guys. I saw my dad in the picture. He's chinky eyes and long hair. I can't understand the picture mom is not the lady in this picture. It's Elle's mom.

"I didn't know they are friends before?". I said.

Elric POV.

I saw Elly outside. I come outside to open the door.

"Elric, I have something to show you. And I know you know the people in this picture." He said

He gives me the picture and I saw them, my dad, he was wearing eyeglasses. And he looked cooler before.

"So what's the problem in this picture?". I said

"Did you meet before dad of Elton? He's the guy next to Elle's dad. The guy on the left side of the girl." Elly said.

Oh, he's right.

"I already met him before at the party. Her wife is so beautiful." I said.

"Yes, that is Elton's mom and Teph's mom and her dad also Teph dad. That's why I'm so curious who's the people with her?". Elly said.

"Eh? Are you sure? Oh no! He's how did you know?". I ask him.

"I tell you, I have so many connections. Aside from the family picture of the Elton family. I saw the twins and one girl and I think this girl is Teph. I'm sure he will know about Teph. Because they have a photo of Teph when she was older, but I just doubt the girl was studying at Tokyo University?". Elly said.

"Oh I think one of the teens is Teph and her twins are the ones who studying at Tokyo University," I said.


Seph POV.

" Tell me Teph. When did you plan to go back to our home? Dad and mom miss you so much." I said.

She was looking on her phone. I think someone to text on her.

"Hey, bitch! I will go back to Tokyo if you won't come with me. I think I'm wasting my time. If you won't come to me I will go back again here to catch you and go back to you in Tokyo. Hey bitch, dad, and mom miss you so much. Please come back, bitch." I said.

"Shut up. Don't call me a bitch. You're the bitch one." She said.

"Okay. So when did you plan to go back to Tokyo?". I asked.

"Tell them to go here. I don't want to left my mom and dad here. I grow up together with them and they save us from the fire 15 years ago. Don't you remember? They give us another life. I don't want to leave them. I will miss them every day. Our older brother and sister, they don't know us. They lived without knowing them!!". She said.



Elle POV.

I'm here at Teph's house. The gate was open. I open the door and I saw two of her. I look at them. My mouth wide open, I think insect will come in my mouth because I'm really shocked.

"Teph?". I said.

They both look around. I saw the shock in their eyes. I know I saw them both yesterday, but I am still shocked now I'm seeing them. Oh no!!

"What are you doing here? Who told you to come in?". I think it's Teph.

"Are you a thief? Go out? No one allows you to come here. Are you crazy?". Someone said. The other one who really likes her. The girl is so full of herself.

"Wait I remember you now your the one who really confident asking to date Teph 100 times yuck. Get out jerk. She will go back to Tokyo."

"This is me don't look on her. She's my bitch twin Seph." She said.

"So why did hate to go back to Tokyo, well I think you will stay here~ because of him?". Seph said.

"Shut up. I hate to see mom and dad." Teph said.

"So I think I need to go," I said. I think I don't need to hear about the problems like that I don't want Teph to think I just eavesdropping about her family.

"NO, STAND THERE!!!". Teph and Seph said.

I just standstill. I don't want Teph will hate me because I did not listen to him.

"You know sister. Mom and dad are really sorry about what happened to us before. Because they think first about the work than us. But I know they really sorry about what happened please forgive them." Seph said.

"How can I forgive them they lost us. And also Elton and Ela don't recognize us. Are you crazy how can you say they miss us. They don't even introduce us to our oldest brother and sister. ELTON AND ELA DON'T KNOW US. EVEN I'M ALWAYS SEE THEM THEY DON'T KNOW ME STILL." She said.

"Elton and Ela didn't recognize us because of mom. And they don't even want to remember Elton and Ela is the reason why we lost." Seph said.

"Excuse me, girls. Who's Elton and Ela are you talking about? Is that Huaze family?". I asked.

"YES!!". They both shouted.

"What are you sure? How can this happened?". I asked.

Teph shows the photo. The photo of Flower Four with my mom.

"The girl is my mom, and the first guy in the left the first one Huaze Lei and the other, my Dad. Daoming Si." I said.

"What!!!! She's your mom?". They both said.

I nod.

"Why?". I said.

"She's the one who trapped us in the apartment, and who burns the apartment. She was jealous of my mom and dad. She's a liar too." Teph said.

"I'm sorry for both of you." I hug her. Her sister hugs me too. Hahaha.


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