El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 6, 2022
Ch. 1111

Chapter 11

Elle POV.

After insident sleeping at her house. I will tell to her that I'm so inlove with her. I plan to say in our performance this weak. Every eyes I know look at us watching every moves we make. But we have own life we can create what life we wanted.

"Elle, please act base on your age. Your plan is not good for everybody. This will be the worst things you will do. Everyone will hate Teph in case you do it." Elly said.

"No, they will understand me. Because I'm also a person fall in love." I said

"But your a famous and rich. Everyone not like it if you have a girlfriend our rate went down if you not follow what we said." Elric said.

"Hey do you like Teph? I feel it last night you against in what I said last night. Do you like her?". I asked him.

" stop it." Elric said.

"Don't contradicts his statement. Tell us Elric, you like Teph?". Elton said.

"Stop making issue. This is only for our band that's why I stop him to fall in love in person who not like him and possible people can bully her because she's ordinary person." Elric said.

"I didn't know you like that Elric why you said that things." Elton said.

Everyone know Elton is the Casanova in our group, but I didn't know he understand the feelings to fall in love with Ms. Nothing. I never know Elton can understand me.


Elton POV.

"Gail!!". I call her.

She was silent all the time. I'm here in Café.

"Where's Teph? Elle invite her to go in our mini concert in Zubeata Island Coliseum." I said to her, then I give the 4 tickets.

"Why you give me this? And why four ticket?". She ask then give it back the tickets.

" It's not only for you the tickets. It's for Teph, Huzefa, Chen and you. But if you don't want to go at least give it to them. I know they really want to watch us. Especially Huz and Chen. I know Teph want to watch Elric so please give it to here." I said.

The Night @ZubeataIsland

Teph POV.

Tonight El Band have a mini concert. We will go there tonight. I was just confused to Gail. Because she never came in any event like that before. But tonight we went to Zubeata Island with her.

"Let's enjoy tonight". Huz said to everyone.

" Yea. Party party." Chen said.

*Ladies and Gentlemen tonight is the 5th Anniversary of our El Band let's enjoy the show tonight.*

The MC opening message. This event is really Special.

[∆>]*Ichiban no Takaramono playing*

Elle start the first stanza, when choruz start all members sing. I felt something tonight. It's different before. Why my eyes focus on Elle?

*Heartbeat sounds*

"That's not mine." I denied to myself

When I raised my sight. I saw Elle pointing on me.

"Why me?". I asked.

Everyone looks at me. Even my friends and El Band. Elle come on my way and grab my hand while his still singing.

" What's your problem Elle?". I asked.

But he smiled and singing continuously.

"Everyone looking at me. Stop it." I said.

When we stand in stage everyone clapping. Then I realize everyone clapping because of the question at the screen in stage.


I looked at him. Like *what the heck is that* but instead of being bad to him I nod then go down on stage.

I heard people applause but I go out in the scene. It's really embarrassing moment tonight. And Elle is the reason why I feel this. Stop beating fast..


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