El Band
By Rosenbloom1995
Date: June 6, 2022
Ch. 1010

Chapter 10

Elric POV.

"Hey Elle, why you wear formal attire. Just wear normal shirt."

He's so weird.

"I want to look formal in her parents." He said while buttoning his shirt.


"Do whatever you want. I'm gonna stay here. Tell me if you already went on her house. They are so many goons outside. I'm not in mood to fight them." I said

He look at me and I know he don't want me to stay here.

"No, you will come with me." He said.


Teph POV.

"Ma, someone at the door. Please open it. I'm here in the bathroom." I said

"Teph, two handsome here." Mom shout

"Who's this? I don't know them. Huzefa is my only guy friend." I said.

"My idol and your idol. Waaaaa. They're so handsome." Mom said.

I know now.

"Mom wait tell them stay outside." I said.

I'm naked and they see me in towel mode. I hate you Elle. I know you drag Elric to go here.

"Teph, stop being bitch, Elle looks sick. Are you okay Elle?". She said.

" Yes Mom". He said.

"Hey Elle how dare you to call my mother *mom* hey wake up your not my siblings." I shout.

"Shut up Stephy you bitch". Mom said.

" Mom I'm your daughter he's idol only. Don't let him call you mom, he's not even my boyfriend. I HATE YOU ELLE." I said.

I finish taking shower and go out. Everyone looks at me. Even Elric look at me. I'm Petite and they love it..

"She's so Sexy in my eyes." Elle said.

"Me too." Mom said and Elric.

"Elric how dare she's mine. I know we love petite girl. But she's mine." Elle said.

"Shut up Elle. Go home." I said.

Then I go to my room get my clothes then after that I take my comb I'm about to go out but Elle and Elric come inside.


Elle POV.

"Come inside you may sleep in Stephy room tonight. It's already late, so many gangster and addicts in the street. I don't want you to go out. Stay here tonight." Her mom said.

"No, mom stop it. Where do I sleep." Teph said.

"In the balcony. You sleep there. Guarding us tonight." Her mom said.

She follow here mom. She get some pillows and comforter then go outside.

"Teph, stay here we will sleep on the floor." Elric said.

She follow Elric immediately. I feel angry. I grab the Comforter and Pillows.

"I will use this. And you sleep with me." Elle said.

"No." She said.

"You sleep with me Elle, your slay if you sleep with her." Elric said.

"If I know you disallow me this early, I won't drag you to get here. You such a antagonist in my lovelife.." I said.

"But she's not your girlfriend. She even vomited you. Hey! Wake up, reality strike you this girl hate you." Elric said.

"Shut up Elric, she fall for me soon, trust me antagonist friend." I said.

"You two shut up. I hear you both." She said.

"Tephy I'm so happy today because I'm going to sleep here in your house." I said.

"Shut up. Go to sleep." She said.

"You bitch." I said.


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