Trace of Ink
By Zale_Valrez
Date: June 2, 2022
Ch. 3Phone Call

Chapter 2: Phone Call 
THE NEXT DAY was another day of cleaning. Her hair was tied into a messy bond, in her new nighties, she roamed around to plan everything. Haven't changed into her daylight clothes, when she stood in her leaving room with a huge smile on her face, feeling proud of her cozy leaving room or should I say corner.
"Kringgggg! Kringgggg!" A loud ring resounded, oddly the sound came from the couch, but there were none. Then eventually a black rectangular object lying on the floor came into her view.
"Ops, poor you." She spoke as she bent down to pick it up. It was around ten, when she saw the unknown number, she instantly knew who it was, but choose to place her cellphone in her pocket. 
She continued to wander around her house and mentally listed all she needed. It’d be new curtains, paint, couch, center table-
"Kriinnngg!" She mentally hissed in annoyance and snatched her phone out from her pocket. It was the same number, but she was not ready to answer it. She turned it off and tossed it on the couch. 
After a long tiring cleaning activity, she treated herself to a movie marathon. She went to her leaving room with chips in her hands. Turned her T.V. on while hugging a pillow. 
No matter how hard she focused on the movie she kept zoning out. She was looking straight at the monitor but her mind flew to somewhere else. 
The movie was a comedy but her eyes started watering. The movie ended but she was still looking at it. She rarely blink and started sniffing.
Before she could fall into sobs. She realized where she’d headed to. Immediately wiped all her face up and fix herself. But her eyes fell into the corner. Where her father's tiny picture in her newly bought frame was standing with a wide smile and a little Fera in his arms. 
"Dad, am I disappointing you? 'Cause...I can't go on as what you want me to do." Beads of tears had dropped together with the atmosphere in the room. "I'm hurting, this lonesome is killing me. I feel like a broken thing that had fallen into pieces. And I am trying to find every piece one by one. I felt like….. dying." Her shoulder was rapidly moving up and down followed by faint sniffing. 
"I did run as what you’ve said but all these memories kept on hunting me. But I should just let everything, I should forget it and bury it in the past. I'll do as you say.
Please guide me to every step of my healing, cause I'm wounded, severely wounded by your sudden death. I hate you for leaving like that, but you're my dad. 
I love"
After a few silence, she took a huge breath and set everything aside. She had room to be decorated. Before the day ended, she decided to finally pick up the phone. She sat on her couch but she almost screamed when she heard a loud crack. 
A foot had given up, so she was sitting somewhat sideways. "Stupid couch."
She turned her phone on and a call immediately entered. She tapped the answer call despite her unwillingness. 
"Hello, "
"Miss Fairly." The man called out her name. 
"Good afternoon, Miss Fairly. I have been trying to reach you. I would like to invite you for a meeting." The man called Henry didn't even bother to ask about her well-being. That caused her bitterness to spread out.
"I'm sorry for not being available for the past few days. Cause basically, I am mourning and I won't be available for the next few weeks or months. I hope your business can wait." She spoke in a monotone voice. Not asking but telling him to back off for a while.
"But we'll discuss your father's last will, Miss." 
"I know, and that can wait. I hope you understand, sir. I just lost my father, and I can't face that yet." 
"If that's what you wish, Miss." 
"Thank you." The call had ended shortly. Fera's emotion had turned into stone. Not wanting to fall into sobbing again, forced herself the keep still.
The phone call had ruined her mood and decided to walk around the place. She went down ignoring all the stares they gave in her direction and some remarks of gossiping whispers. 
It was a small town with fresh air, surrounded by trees. After walking for a few minutes she found a park, and her attention was snatched by the lovely sunset. She found herself on a bench watching the sun hide behind the mountains. Until the sun had gone down.
Thanks to street lights, she found the way back to her apartment. She almost regret that impulsive move, when she realized she zoned out while walking and completely hadn't paid attention to her way. Good thing she finally found it.
Before she could reach the apartment a fast motorcycle passed her, and the harsh wind blew her hair. He stopped in front of the apartment and took his helmet off. 
The moment he took his helmet, Fera immediately recognized him. It was the man who helped her yesterday. He parked his motor after unloading his stuff, which Fera doesn't care about.
She walked as if she had never seen him, he went up first, so Fera followed. She saw him opening the door exactly next to her, number eight. 
She was about to pass him, but she stepped on something. When she looked down it was an ID. Nick Kingston Hernandez. She kicked the ID off him before heading to her apartment. He noticed it and picked it up. He looked at Fera and said none. He just shrugged and enter his apartment. So as Fera did. 
What she did wasn't rude at all and she thinks that Nick didn't care anyway. She peacefully headed to her room and picked her phone up. She decided to call the person she trust the most. 
"9811145674," the only thing she said. 
"1012387762, Miss? Where are you? Are you alright? Should I send a car to pick you up?" the girl on the other line spoke. 
"I'm fine Lora, all I need is you to enroll me in the nearest school from my place and some school stuff."
"Copy, I have tracked your location and I arrange everything up soon as possible."
"Thanks, Lora."
"Anytime, ma'am."
She was cleaning the kitchen while humming softly. After the call, she faced her apartment again. She stopped washing her plate, cause she heard her door crack open. 
Confusedly turned to check it, only to find her neighbor entered. She maintained her stone emotion and raised an eyebrow at the trespasser. Trying to suppress her panic. ‘What the hell is he doing?’
He closed the door and lean on it. He crossed his arms and looked at Fera. His eyes landed on the floor and even check the whole place before turning to Fera.
"What do you think you're doing?" Fera softly spoke eyeing him like he was an alien or some sort of strange creature. 
"I entered since it wasn’t locked. Good to know that you can talk." And his sarcasm boiled Fera's blood. Her nervousness turned into annoyance, the moment he opened his mouth and spit those unpleasant words.
"Well, then get out. And I'll go get it locked this time." She slowly spoke as softly as she could. In the calmest and most composed tone but poisonous words. They both easily lift the tension.
But he seems unbothered and looked around. "Where are the belonging of the previous owner?”
"Why do you care?" 
"Where are those?"
"I burned them," he doesn't seem to buy it. He stared at her, waiting for her to tell him the truth. "Out." She instead uttered.
"I said out." 'Interesting, he knew my name.' Fera mentally mused.
"You're not going to tell me, are you?"
"Brilliant," But Fera didn't sound pleased. 
"Okay, please. I need to see those things. This is important." Fera wasn't a fun of changing minds. ‘If it was important then he’d be needing a warrant to check the whole place,” she mentally vowed.
"Please, you're freaking me out too." She didn't sound begging or asking. Instead, she's demanding that he must leave at once.
'I have cleaned everything up, and I won't dare to mess with those disgusting clothes, again.' She secretly swore.
"Miss Fera, please understand-"
"Look I'm busy, I just moved in and I have tons of things to do. Can you see my dishes? And the whole place? Do you think I'm done? And do you think I'm not tired?" 
After a few seconds, Nick finally sighed in defeat. He turned his back and went out. He never forgot to slam the door before leaving Fera alone. 
"Thank you." She sarcastically said and washed her dishes. "Don't they know the word privacy? He just barged in and he demanded those stuff like I'm not the new owner, didn’t even knock." She ranted.
She carefully rested her back on her bed and close her eyes. She let out a contented sigh. And her phone rang, she reached out to answer it. 
"Miss Fera."
"Yes, Lora."
"I have enrolled you in your new school. A few blocks away from your apartment. Expect that your things will arrive tomorrow morning. And your car, it will take longer if we'll transport it. I thought it would be better if we-"
"No, I'll be fine. I don't need a car."
"How about your meetings?"
"Cancel them all, for now."
"I am mourning, they will understand." 
"Copy that, how about your father's wake." Her chest immediately tighten as she heard the word father. "I'm sorry-"
"No, it's fine. Let Baldo take care of everything." 
"Noted, ma'am. Do you still need something?"
"None, just please don't call me, unless it's urgent."
"Sure, take care." As the call ended, she tried everything she could not cry. 
'Such a crybaby.' She mentally cursed.

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