Melting your heart, Ms. Ice
By Analia Faith
Date: June 1, 2022
Ch. 5Chapter 5: Wedding

Benjamin looks at the wedding organizer who is nervously looking at him. He looked at his mother who kept taking a video.

"Mom! Stop it," Benjamin pleaded with his mother. He dislikes recording videos. His parents were so happy when he informed them that he will marry Kristi, unlike when he told them about Catriona. Benjamin still can't believe how his parents like Kristi for him.

"My son, you should smile. If your future kids saw this they will think that you were forced into this marriage," his mother advised him while smirking.

Until now his parents didn't believe him that Kristi forced him to do this!

Thinking about his future children makes him freeze. Does Kristi want to have children with him? His heart squeezed.

"Stop it, mom. You're annoying me, stop it!" he yells like a child. His parents laugh at him because of his reaction.

"I know you wanted Kristi from the start. And I wanted you to have your future children! You aren't young anymore. I want to see my future grandchildren," his mother told him emotionally. Acting as she wept her tears.

Benjamin is nervous. He can't think straight about how he imagines Kristi didn't come to their wedding.

"Relax son! She will come here! Don't worry, we know her, we know she loves you that much," he turned his head and looked at his father. He breathes in and out to calm his body.

Why does he act like this? Benjamin is confused! He thought he didn't want this wedding.

They saw a new face going into the church. He saw Alessandro's father walking with four men. He gulped.

He thinks Alessandro's father will stop their wedding. After all, Alessandro was Kristi's husband.

A handsome man looked at him. And walks near him and stops in front of him.

"Congratulations," The handsome man greeted
him. He didn't know this man? Is it one of the men of his future wife?

Jealousy runs to his body again.

"I am Kristi's brother. I am Daniel Gamboa," The gorgeous man introduces himself. He gulped and his body relaxed after introducing himself.

"Benjamin Bustamante. And thank you!" he replied.

"Benjamin, I know you. After what Kristi suffered. I dislike the idea that she's getting married to you," Daniel plainly uttered.

Benjamin can't believe what Daniel says.

"And why are you here? If you didn't want her to marry me?" he asked him. He tasted bitter in his mouth when those words came out.

"I loved Kristi. And whatever her decisions are, I will support her," he said seriously.

He looked around and didn't see Kristi's younger brother.

Jake Martinez looks like Alessandro and his father. Confusion is in his head.

"Make Kristi happy, after everything that she experiences I want her to be happy. If I found out that you hurt her, I will get her and marry one of my friends," Daniel warned him and walked away from him.

He wanted to punch Daniel for what he said to him.

Does anyone know that he suffers more? Kristi abandons him and marries someone without their proper break-up.

"The bride is here!" The wedding organizer shouted. His heart beats quickly.

He looked at the man who was beside him. He looked so much like Daniel and he realized it was Kristi's brother again. The man just nodded at him and looked away.

Kristi looked at Benjamin while she was walking slowly down the aisle. Her eyes filled with water.

Their eyes lock each other. It's part of their dreams. To marry each other in the end.

"Kristi," she looked at her father, John.

"Are you sure about this?" John questioned her. Marriage is a serious thing.

"Daddy please, I'm getting married today and you are asking me that question," she bluntly answered.

This was her dream from the very start, and now her mother is dead, and no one can stop her.

"Alright," John surrendered and looked at Julio, Alessandro's father.

Julio went near Kristi and held her hand.

"I want you to be happy, my daughter. You know Alessandro wants you to be happy," he whispered in her ears.

Julio treated Kristi as his only daughter and now, her daughter will marry again.

"Don't you two dare cry in front of me," Kristi warned John and Julio. But her tears came out first.

Benjamin on the other side can't stop himself. He feels like he needs to pee.

His eyes watered when he saw Kristi walking slowly. He closes his eyes because he feels his heart will explode.

This is what he wants. But why does everything start wrong? Does he still love Kristi? He thought he was mad at her?

Kristi was in front of him but they both looked at each other emotionless. It looks like an arranged marriage!

"Where is Jake? I don't see him around," Benjamin asked her.

Kristi looked away after she remembered her younger brother. And didn't answer Benjamin's question.

Benjamin finds it weird because he knows how Kristi loves her younger brother.

He didn't force her to answer his question. He thinks that maybe Jake was abroad.

"You may kiss the bride!" The priest exclaimed. Kristi looked away when Benjamin looked into her eyes.

She feels uncomfortable, as her heart thumps.

"You don't like me to kiss you?" Benjamin assumes. He feels enraged.

"You force me to marry you and you don't want me to kiss you," Benjamin murmured. He held her chin and kissed her aggressively.

Kristi's eyes turn wide at what Benjamin did. She encircles her hands to Benjamin's neck and kisses him back.

They heard loud applause from their guests.

Kristi can't believe what Benjamin did. Her face is flustered. She saw how Benjamin smirked in front of him.

"Are you shocked that I kissed you? Or maybe you want another man to kiss you?" Benjamin keeps whispering in her ear. His words are bitter because he saw Kristi's reaction.

"If you can't shut your mouth? Do you want me to cut your tongue?" Kristi was mad. Her beautiful face turns sour.

"You don't want my tongue now? You love my tongue whenever I taste you, Kristi. So, don't you dare cut my tongue, or else, you will regret it," Benjamin jokes at her. He mumbles those words.

Kristi can't believe what Benjamin said. She feels embarrassed about his vulgarities.

"Did you bite your tongue?" Benjamin gives her more embarrassment.

"Your face is red. Smile at the camera, or I will take you here in front of our guests," he added.

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