Melting your heart, Ms. Ice
By Analia Faith
Date: June 2, 2022
Ch. 4Chapter 4: defeat

Kristi was lying on her bed. She stared at the beautiful ceiling. She thinks about what she did to Benjamin. And everything the insults that she heard from his mouth.

She looked aside and she saw Alessandro's picture with her. It's their marriage picture. Alessandro was looking at her with love but she wasn't aware that her step-brother loved her as a woman.

She took the picture and looked at it.

"Alessandro, you say that Benjamin will accept me wholeheartedly," she whispered like she was talking to Alessandro even though he is dead.

"Alessandro, this is all my fault. I'm sorry," she said while wiping her tears.

She wanted to forget the past or the trauma that she went through.

"Alessandro, I want to see you. You said you will protect me. What about now?" she asked again. She wanted to see Alessandro.

She was walking in the airport and she called her secretary.

"Cancel all my appointments. I will be going to New York," she told her secretary over the phone and ended the call.

She needs to breathe and going to New York will help her.

"I need to see you, Alessandro, I miss you,"

Benjamin was walking back and forth. He didn't know what to do so he called the Velasquez company to have an appointment but Kristi was not there. He is enraged!

He heard a knock on his office door and his secretary went in.

"Sir, Miss Catriona is here," his secretary informs him. He shook his head in disbelief after he forgot that he didn't inform Catriona yesterday about Kristi.

He nodded and signaled his secretary.

He still can't believe that Kristi wanted to marry him. If they are still together he will be happy.

"Benjamin. Baby!" Catriona called him. She walked near him and sat on his lap. He feels uncomfortable with the intimacy.

"I'm sorry that I left the company yesterday without informing you," he apologized. Catriona smiled but deep in her heart, she wanted to throw everything.

"It's alright. I understand. I left your company when your secretary informed me that you left. Besides, my manager called me. There is an emergency meeting too," Catriona told him using her sad voice.

She can't believe that her endorsement stops.

"Why? What happened?" Benjamin asked her. She faked her tears and hugged him.

"I thought it was my time to be a star. I signed a big endorsement but they changed their mind and pulled out of the contract," she answers. She acts like she is crying.

"What? Who does that thing?"

Does Benjamin interrogate her?

Benjamin thinks it's Kristi's fault again. His mother told Kristi that he and Catriona will be married. It triggers Kristi, and now Kristi is in New York again. He felt like she abandoned him again whenever she wanted.

"I don't know who it is," she honestly answers. She didn't know who was behind pulling her contract. She was furious!

She did everything to get on top but she was dropped like a hot tomato!

Catriona hugged Benjamin again. She intentionally presses her tits to his chest. Benjamin stiffened at what Catriona did.

When Kristi left her and married her step-brother. Catriona warms him on her bed. But now, he feels uncomfortable. Knowing that Kristi is back made him think that he was cheating on her.

"I miss you, baby. It's been a year since we did that thing," Catriona said seductively. Her lips went on Benjamin's ears.

"Catriona, we are here in my office," Benjamin reasoned out. He feels discomfort about what Catriona did.

"Benjamin, I thought we were getting married. Even in your office, we can do that thing if you want it," Catriona exclaimed and kissed Benjamin passionately. But Benjamin pushed her.

"Why are you resisting? Don't you want me?" Catriona demanded an answer. She was hurt when Benjamin pushed her.

"It's not like that. Let us talk first," Benjamin feels irritated that Catriona was pushing herself on him. His heart was nervous that maybe Kristi finds it out. He feels like Kristi can know everything that she wants.

"Alright. What do you want us to talk about?" she asked him with an innocent tone. Benjamin stands up making Catriona lose sitting on his lap.

"It's about Kristi," Benjamin replied to her question.

"What about your ex-girlfriend?" she can't help herself to shout.

"Why are you yelling at me?" Benjamin asked her bluntly. Catriona gulped.

"Do you want her again? For what? I know she's the owner now of her mother's company!" she can't stop herself from getting jealous easily. She knows Benjamin is madly in love with Kristi.

"What did you say? Why are you acting like this?" Benjamin shouted in frustration

"Why won't I be acting like this? Benjamin I know you still love her, and here you are talking about your flirty ex-girlfriend!" she was enraged when she said that.

Benjamin can't believe what Catriona said to Kristi. She explodes like a bomb!

It's been days but Kristi was not yet back. Benjamin can't sleep well because of the problems with his company.

His parents force him to marry Kristi. They want him to beg her.

Benjamin is not dumb and he knows his mother was pressuring him to accept his defeat. He can't!

"Hello, Sir Bustamante, Madam Velasquez is back but she didn't want to talk to you," Kristi's secretary told him. He can't believe it! After what she did, she still dares to avoid him!

"But, please tell her I want to talk with her. About her condition," Benjamin finally accepted his defeat. He can't win over Kristi. When they were studying, Kristi was one of the most intelligent ladies in their school.

"Alright, I will tell it to Madam. Please wait for a few minutes," The secretary over the phone. He patiently waited.

"Hello, Mr. Bustamante. Madam agrees, you can come over now. She will wait for you for forty-five minutes,"

He runs so fast and gets in his car. His secretary was left dumbfounded and just looked at him when he was running. It's like a matter of life and death.

Kristi feels tired and massages her shoulders.

"Madam, here's your wine," her secretary said and put her wine on her table. She wanted wine to calm herself.

"Thank you! What's my schedule for today?" she asked her secretary while reading the papers on her table.

"Madam, after you meet with Mr. Bustamante, you have a meeting with Mr. Gamboa," her secretary told her. She is irritable and closes her eyes.

"Cancel that meeting. I don't want to see him," she informed her secretary.

"But Madam, I'm talking about your brother," her secretary said. She raises her eyebrow and her secretary bows her head and trembles in fear.

"Are you my boss here? Do you want me to fire you!" she yells. She was raging in the fire.

"I'm your boss here! And I want you to cancel that meeting. Do you understand me?" she added. Her secretary nodded.

She is not in the mood to have a conscience.

She takes a sip of her wine while she is thinking about her life. She looks at the beautiful scenery in her office. She removes her coat and reveals her beautiful sexy dress.

She was stunned at the beautiful scenery when Benjamin went into her office.

Benjamin was amazed by what Kristi's wearing. He gulped when he saw her cleavage. Only Kristi triggers his body. He knotted her forehead when he realized that Kristi's tits got bigger.

He feels his jealousy run on his body again. He imagines Alessandro and Kristi having a wild night together. Maybe Alessandro pleases her greatly.

"Kristi," he called her name. And Kristi finally looked at him, shocked that he was in front of her.


Benjamin gulped because she sounded like she was moaning. He remembers how he made love to Kristi when they were together.

"Continue," she said in an authoritative voice.

Benjamin feels the electricity coming to his body.

"Help me with my company. Let's get married," he was hesitant when he said that.

"Convince me first, after your insults do you still think that I want you to marry me?" Kristi didn't forget how Benjamin humiliated her. She can't accept the fact that it was Benjamin who insulted her!

"What? How can I convince you?"

He hissed.

"It's not my problem anymore. Seriously, Mr. Bustamante, someone wants to marry me now. Convince me that you are more worthy than that man," Kristi proudly said. She wanted to laugh at herself. She's lying and she wants Benjamin to get jealous. She loves it when Benjamin acts like an immature teenager!

"Who is that man then?! Who is it?" Benjamin yells. He was possessive when it comes to Kristi and now, Kristi wants to marry another man.

"Fine. I want you to marry me, Kristi. Is that what you want to hear? You win and I lose," he was defeated.

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