Melting your heart, Ms. Ice
By Analia Faith
Date: June 1, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3: Marry Me

Benjamin and Catriona went to his company. The company's shareholders held a meeting. There is a big crisis in his company.

"Wait for me in my office," he said to Catriona, his fiancé. His secretary went near him and was scared of the rush meeting.

"What's the commotion here?" he asked when he went into the meeting room.

"Do you collide with a big company?" One of his shareholder's demands.

"What are you talking about?"

"You're not the major shareholder here anymore. And we want you to step down from your position!" Another one of his shareholders interrogates him.

"This is my family company! Why do I need to step down from my position?" he demands an answer to his question.

"Do you know that the Velasquez company canceled our appointment? And many of our investors pulled out their shares! This is why we ask you if you did something wrong to the owner of that company!" Another shareholder interrogates him.

He shook his head in disbelief. Is this why Kristi's back?

He was furious because he was confident that it was his ex-girlfriend's doing.

"You did something to your ex-girlfriend? We forgot that Kristi Velasquez is your ex! Ask her and beg her to help us!" Another shareholder shouted.

"Margaret Velasquez is the owner of the Velasquez company. In case you have forgotten," he told them. Silence filled the air. He saw how some of his shareholders laugh at him or even mock him.

"You don't know the news? She's now the owner of that company! Margaret died months ago," someone answered. He stops.

Benjamin forgot that Catriona was waiting for him. He went to the Velasquez company. He was enraged at what he found out.

Kristi was smirking and sipping her coffee. She glances at her clock. Someone told her that Benjamin was coming to her company.

She smiled when she heard the ring of her telephone office. She picks up the call.

"Madam, someone wanted to talk with you,"

"Who's that? Does he have an appointment?" she asked bluntly.

"But Madam, Mr. Bustamante said it's an emergency meeting and you know that he will come here," The lady added. She thinks.

She wanted to torture him. She wanted him to beg.

"I canceled my appointment with the Bustamante company. No appointment, no talk," she said rudely. She hangs up the phone calls and smirks.

She pressed the intercom and called her secretary.

"Buy me lunch. I'm hungry," she ordered. She gets her cell phone and calls someone.

"Hello, Madam Velasquez!" The man's voice greeted her.

"I want you to do that thing now. Make her suffer. Those who signed their endorsement with Catriona, I want them to pull out that endorsement!" she said with finality in her voice.

She was humming so loud when she heard the loud sound on her office door. She saw Benjamin's furious face. Her secretary was stopping him.

"Kristi!" Benjamin shouted her name. She closed her eyes and looked at him using her chilly stare.

"You! What's wrong with you? I cannot believe what you did to my company!" he yelled at her.

"Why are you shouting here in my office? Mr. Bustamante, let me tell you this, you are on my roof so you need to respect me," she said using her authoritative voice.

"And this is trespassing! You don't have an appointment with my company," she added.

After Benjamin heard what Kristi said to him. He looked at him like he wanted to punch her.

"After everything you did in our past, you still dare to act like that," Benjamin told her. He walks near her and puts his hand on her table.

"Miss Ice, why are you doing this? Is my company easy to bully? What's wrong with you!"

Did he shout like a mad man?

"There's nothing wrong with me, Mr. Bustamante and I want you to leave my place. Make an appointment, my schedule is full," she replied. She pressed the intercom and asked her secretary to assist Benjamin.

Benjamin looked shocked and hurt at the same. He forgot that the woman in front of him has a cold heart.

"What did you do? I know you did something behind my back!" he interrogates her. He was sure that Kristi did something behind his back.

Kristi looked at him with a cold gaze with a mock on her gorgeous face.

"It's not my problem that you're shareholders were scared of me," she proudly told him. She shakes her head in disbelief.

"And it's not my problem that they have a dirty secret in the closet," she added, making Benjamin furious. Does Kristi threaten them?

"I can't believe you're doing this! Kristi, yes we have a past but you did something wrong! You aborted our baby and you married your step-brother after I got heart surgery. You still dare to act like this?" Benjamin sounded hurt.

Kristi feels the pain in her heart. She wanted to forget everything and now Benjamin dares to judge her even if she did something wrong to protect him.

"You don't know what you are talking about, Mr. Bustamante. If you found out everything, you will beg for my forgiveness," she said, sounding hurt. She stops the tears that want to come out in her eyes.

"I don't need your forgiveness, Ms. Velasquez. Ah. I forgot it's Mrs. Martinez, right? You are here because Alessandro is dead now. And you wanted me to pleasure you on the bed?" he said with sarcasm. She looked at him again. She feels humiliated and she can't accept that the humiliations are coming from Benjamin.

"I don't need you to pleasure me on my bed, Mr. Bustamante. There were a lot of men who wanted me," she replied to what Benjamin said.

Her secretary went into her office and she smiled again

"Mr. Bustamante, get out of my office now or else. You won't like the consequence that you did," she threatened him.

"Who do you think you are?" Benjamin asked her.

"You are like a slut for me. A bitch! After I sleep with you and make you scream my name, abandon me, and marry your step-brother. You even killed my child! You are like your mother!" he yelled and his words were like venom.

She looked at him, emotionless.

"This slut is more powerful than you. In case you didn't know your company is mine now. And this slut has a lot of money to buy your company. Get out! Security!" she yelled. The security dragged Benjamin out of the Velasquez company.

She was mad after hearing what Benjamin told her. She looks at her secretary with her furious eyes.

"When he wanted an appointment. Cancel it. Do you understand me?" she shouted at her secretary. Her secretary nodded and shook in fear.

When her secretary left, her eyes watered. She breathes in to calm her nerves.

"He didn't know what I did for him. It's useless," she whispered to herself. She can't believe that Benjamin used to talk with her in that way.

Benjamin pulled his hair in irritation. He can't believe that he talked to Kristi in that way. After he saw her gorgeous and innocent face, all of his dissatisfaction came out. His heartache when he saw Kristi stop her tears.

Maybe, he has not yet moved on from his past. The jealousy went on his body when Kristi told him that there were a lot of men who wanted to bed her and pleasure her.

He was a jealous man when they were in a relationship. He regretted everything that he said to her. He needs to do something or else his company will suffer.

He went to his parent's house and looked for her mother. He knows that her parents have Kristi's number. It's a coincidence!

His mother looks at him.

"Why are you here? And what happened in our company?" his mother asked him. He shuts his eyes.

"Mom, do you tell Kristi that I propose to Catriona? How did you know that she is back here in our country?" he asked her. He calms himself. His daddy looked at him.

"Yes, but what's wrong? Is she part of the company's problem? Kristi is just a simple girl," his mother replied.

He sighed. He doesn't want to fight with his mother.

"I need her number, mommy. Please give it to me," his voice was pleading.

His mother gives Kristi's number and he dialed her number.

"Hello, who's this?" his heart beats fast after he hears Kristi's voice.

"This is Benjamin," he answered.

"Kristi, what do I need to do? Can you stop doing this?" his sound is sweet but tiring at the same time.

"After your insults, I changed my mind, Mr. Bustamante," she said like she doesn't have a heart.

"What? What are your conditions? I will do it. Just stop doing this," he exclaimed.

Benjamin looked at his cellphone and thought that Kristi dropped his call.

"Marry me, Benjamin. That is one of my conditions," Kristi said like she was in a business meeting.

He accidentally dropped his phone after hearing what Kristi said.

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