Melting your heart, Ms. Ice
By Analia Faith
Date: June 2, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2: happy

Kristi throws the expensive vase on the floor. She was mad about what she found out. Benjamin's mother told her that Benjamin wanted to marry Catriona. She was breathing so fast.

"You! After everything I did," she whispered while running out of breath.

She looked at the pictures that her investigator gave her. She saw how Catriona looked after three years. Now she was right after all that Catriona wanted Benjamin when they were together.

She went to her bedroom and prepared herself. After her preparations, she went to her company and saw Antonio waiting for her.

"What is this man doing here again?" she asked herself. She wanted to ask him but she decided to observe Antonio.

She can't trust anyone. Even Antonio was Benjamin's friend.

"Kristi, I'm hurting. I thought you would call me?" Antonio exclaimed. She purses her lips and looks at him with her cold gaze.

How does this man have the confidence to talk with her?

"I'm busy so I forgot to call you. What are you doing here?" she answered rudely to him. Why does she need to explain?

"Ouch. You hurt my feelings. I just wanted to have a date with you," Antonio told her while pouting.

She feels that Antonio was acting in front of her. Antonio was not like that when Benjamin and she were together.

"Date me? Is it appropriate that you wanted to date me even though I'm your friend's ex-girlfriend?" she tried her best to sound friendly.

"Why? Is it wrong to date you? You and Benjamin broke up before you married Alessandro. So is it wrong to date you?" he asked back.

"Antonio, it's inappropriate for me to date you. If you are Benjamin I will be glad to date you, but you aren't him," she said. She gave him a deadly gaze but Antonio is dense.

Antonio thinks if Benjamin melts her heart, he can do it too!

"Kristi, since I saw you I've been in love with you. You don't know what I feel because your eyes were for Benjamin only!" he said and walked near her.

She stepped back and Antonio's heartache even more.

"Why are you being like this? I like you. I want you to date me," he sounds desperate and pleading Kristi. He wanted everything.

"Alright. Let's eat breakfast together. You should go first and wait for me. I will talk to my secretary," she told him.

Antonio feels rejoiced like he smells his victory! He knows Kristi doesn't change her mind but he makes her change it.

"Alright. I will wait for you. Take your time," he replied and sounded happy about the outcome. He left Kristi.

Kristi watches him while walking away. She went to her office and called her secretary. Her secretary went into her office so fast.

"Where are you earlier?" she asked her secretary.

"I was in the toilet earlier, Madam. Sir Flavio gave me a coffee and when I drank it, I rushed to the toilet," her secretary answered her.

"Why did you drink it in the first place? It's part of my rules right?" she asked her again. She sends a dagger to her stare.

"Madam, I thought he was your friend. Please, don't fire me, Madam." her secretary pleaded with her.

"I am a ruthless businesswoman, do you think I won't fire you? Maybe, you are Antonio's spy on my company." she said, she turned her back and looked at the background of her office.

"Madam, It's up to you if you will fire me or not," her secretary replied again.

She looked at her bluntly.

"I don't want this to happen again. Is that clear?" she uses her authoritative voice.

"I want you to do something." she said and smiled. Even her smiles looked creepy.

"I want you to cancel my appointment with Bustamante company. And I want that company bankrupt in forty-eight hours," she said. She looks happy.

"Alright, Madam. I will tell it to others," her secretary answered nervously.

"I want the major shares of that company to be mine," she said with finality.

Benjamin and Catriona, we're dating. He looked at her with an amused grin on his face.

"Why are you blushing?" he asked her. Catriona looked down at her finger. She feels elated.

"We're getting married. You know I love you, Benjamin," she said while smiling. She knows that Benjamin won't reply to her I love you.

"Catriona, thank you for always being there for me. I will do my best to love you!" Benjamin said. She smiled but deep inside her heart was aching.

She calmed and comforted herself. Benjamin will be hers so she needs to be happy.

"I understand, Benjamin. Do you tell your parents that we are getting married? What about the preparations?" she gently asked him.

"Yes, and don't worry my mom will help you to prepare for our wedding," Benjamin replied to her question.

They have their breakfast together. They are happy talking about their plan when they get married when Catriona glances at the entrance door and sees Antonio with Kristi. Her heart races because they are not aware that Kristi is back.

Benjamin on the other side looked at Catriona with confusion. He looked at what Catriona was looking at. His mouth hangs open when he sees Kristi with his friend, Antonio.

He didn't know that Kristi was back after three years. He just knows that Alessandro died in the car accident and it makes Kristi single again.

His heart beat fast when he saw her pretty face. Her cold gaze makes everyone tremble.

Kristi was walking like she owns the restaurant. The customers are giving her a surprised look.

"Hello, Sir Flavio. Table for two?" The waiter asked the man beside her.

They followed the waiter to their seats.

"What is she doing here?" Catriona asked so loud. She was scared.

She knows Benjamin was in love with Kristi. It looks like everyone in the restaurant knew Kristi.

"I don't know. She is with Antonio," Benjamin answers. He sounded irritated when he saw his friend flirting with Kristi.

Catriona looked at her finger. She heard Benjamin's jealousy of his answer.

"Are you jealous?" she asked bluntly. She was scared.

"Why will I be jealous?" Benjamin asked her too. She sighed.

"Do you still love her?" she asked again.

"Catriona please stop asking me about her. We are here for our marriage, not for her!" he sounds defensive.

Catriona wanted to cry in front of Benjamin but she stopped herself. She relaxed.

"Sorry. It's not what I mean," she said using her innocent voice. Benjamin breathes out.

He can't accept the fact that Kristi still holds his heart. It makes him get married fast.

He was scared after Kristi broke his heart. He doesn't trust himself.

"Let's talk about–" he didn't finish his words when his phone rang.

"Answer it. Maybe it's an emergency," Catriona told Benjamin.

He nodded his head and got his phone to answer the phone calls.

"Hello, why are you calling?" he asked his secretary. He looked problematic after his secretary told him everything.

"What's the problem?" Catriona was nervous after she saw how Benjamin's face turned sour.

"I need to get back to the company," Benjamin replied. He secretly looked at Kristi.

Kristi on the other side sipping her water. She smirked. She takes a glance at Benjamin.

"You are mine, Benjamin," she said to herself. She smiled at Antonio who was looking at her with a grin.

"Are you happy?" Antonio asked her. She nodded.

"Yes, I am very happy," she answered him and smiled.

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