One Night Stand
By Favor V April
Date: May 24, 2022
Ch. 2Feeling things

~Gabriella’s POV~

"Let's get some more drinks." 

"Sure," he said. 

"Can you please give me what you made for me last time?"

"Sure, coming right away. What can I get you, Sir?" said the bartender. 

"It's your first time drinking?" The hot guy beside me asks, whom I still don't know his name yet,

So I'm calling him hot guy, no scratch that spicy guy. 

"Is it really that obvious?" I asked and he just grinned. God, his smile is luring. Whatever is happening between my legs, that's new.

Thanks to not having a boyfriend at 21. I laughed at myself.

"Yea, you seem to have no idea of what you were drinking the first time. He turned to face the bartender. Bring me a bottle of Russo-Baltique and for the lady a bottle of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande." The bartender's mouth dropped. 

"Please give me 5 minutes, Sir. I will have to call my manager to bring the key. " 

"Sure, bring us glasses. I will need some ice with my drink. " The poor man was trembling. I'm not sure why. We walked over to our seats. Our drinks arrived. What I was drinking was incredible. 

"My name is Javier. What's your name? " 


"Gabriella is a beautiful name. I like it. What do you do?" 

"I'm a student, and next year will be my last year. So, how about you?" He was surprised by my inquiry, but then he grinned. 

Well, what was the need to explain about next year? You are very stupid Gabriella. It is no wonder you have no boyfriend, you give too much information.

" I run my own business. How old are you?"

"21." Just then, Alex and Chloe arrived to say their last farewells. When Alex looked at our table, I saw his mouth drop. 

"You seem to be enjoying yourself. We'll check in with you tomorrow. We're on our way home "Alex said. "Please take care of her," he mumbled as he stared at Javier. 

"Get laid today," Chloe remarked, but Alex carried her bridal style since she was so inebriated.

"I am so sorry. Please don’t mind…. " He wouldn't let me finish. His lips brushed mine. 

My very first kiss. How am I supposed to kiss again? Is it okay for me to open my mouth?

But then I opened my mouth, granting him more access to my mouth. This man was gnawing my lips. I couldn't breathe. He took a step back and glanced at me. 
Maybe I didn't know how to kiss, or maybe I let him down, but he gripped my waist and murmured,

"First kiss, Huh?" His words sent chills down my spine, and I simply gazed at him, ashamed, but then I nodded and walked away, humiliated.

"Where are you going?" With a strong, commanding voice, he inquired.

"I just want to go sit down." 

"No, follow me. Let me show you a good time." 

He took my hand in his and took me downstairs. He made a call, and a G-wagon came to a full halt. When we walked inside, he directed the driver to his suite. All the way to the hotel, we kissed. He carried me from the hotel lobby to the top level in bridal style. The suite was enormous. He sat me down on the sofa and removed my dress. I wanted to touch his body because of his massive broad shoulders, maybe because of his tattoo, but I was terrified. I slid my hands gently over his muscular chest. I was drenched. He then removed his jeans. He was just wearing his boxers, whilst I was wearing a bra and thong. As we walked to the bedroom, he held my hand. I was standing in the doorway, staring at him. He could tell how terrified I was. Nevertheless, he drew me closer, claiming my lips and demanding access. I granted him the necessary access. He inserted his tongue into my mouth. I yanked on the back of his neck. He sighed and pushed me into a deeper kiss.

He yanked off my bra, then my thong, and then he wandered up and down to my dripping wet pussy and clit. My fluids were gleaming all over his fingers which he'd been stroking me. I was confused by what was pouring out of my pussy, but when I watched him suck his finger, starting with the middle finger, index, then the thumb, he did that without taking his eyes away from mine. I was bewildered even more. He licked the corners of his mouth, then he began to clean me with his tongue.

This man, this man, is going to be the death of me. His tongue is so fucken talented.

I was trembling and groaning. He licked me clean. I was taken aback and felt sensations I had never felt before. He drove his tongue in and out. My legs became jelly-like.

"Javier, what is going on?" I yelled. 

" Relax, my fox. Relax. I've got you. " 

I felt ashamed of what I was going to say, but I said it anyway. “I've never done anything like this before." 

"I know," he said, "but don't worry; I'll be gentle. Now lie down. I did as he said.

He started to trail slow wet kisses from my neck to my chest, placing a nipple in his mouth and suckling it greedily. I let out a soft moan, but in truth, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but it was my first time, and I have no idea how to respond when someone is devouring my boobs like that.

"I don't want you to control yourself, Gabriella. Never be afraid to be yourself while you're with me, my fox. I want you to groan loudly. You can't stop moaning. Allow yourself to moan loudly. Tell me to take you. If necessary, yell my name. You have complete freedom to do anything you choose to. I don't want you to be timid around me, my fox, and I especially don't want you to be shy when you want to do all of that. Do you get it? " I agreed with a nod. 

He then walked down to my sex, licked me clean, inserted his tongue into my entrance, slipped it in, and began pushing in and out. I was wet again, but this time I felt like a jelly with no control. I was going insane. I arched back, but he pressed me down.

"Let it all out my fox." Fuck his voice.

" Javier, what's going on? I feel like I'm about to explode."

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