Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 24, 2022
Ch. 9Chapter: Bad intentions failed

Clara is in the recovery room of the hospital. She had just taken her own blood to save Zane. Although she didn't know who it was, she still did it for the sake of saving people, something she had always been taught by her mother.

Love makes people happy.

When she felt better she got out of bed. It was time for her to go home, thought Clara, walking her feet towards the house. Is it God's will to play a joke? The nurse called her again. Clara turned to look at the friendly smile from the nurse for her.
"He's out of danger, you can come to visit by the way, and you can go down to the cashier's office to pay the hospital bills!"

Don't know if this is luck or bad luck, only that Clara with a weak face paid the hospital bills, for someone she didn't even know the name of. This month's salary is considered to be gone when Clara panicked when she looked at the amount to be paid on the bill.

Finished, Clara sadly walked out and didn't bother to come up to see how the name made her so impulsive. Clara silently shook off her stutter when talking to strangers as she walked. She blamed herself, so she clearly told the nurse that she was not a member of Zane's family. But everything was lost, blame yourself for what? At night, a girl walks home from the hospital. The reason is that the remaining balance is not enough to pay for a taxi.
Clara panicked when the gate was locked. Xenia's mother and daughter wanted her to sleep on the street tonight, so they conspired to close the door to prevent her from entering the house.

A bad day with her. Sitting crouched, hugging her small body. The wind came with a cold that made her shiver. Looking up at the sky, she secretly wondered why her parents left her? Tears streamed down her perfectly delicate face if only that birthmark had disappeared. Wiping her tears with her hand, she rubbed her hands together to keep the cold away. Looking at her appearance now, like the girl selling matches, the sad fairy tale made Clara cry every time she read it.

After a while, the limit of a human had arrived. Clara decided to change the so-called fate that people had to accept. She couldn't bear it forever. Thinking that Clara sighed and started the idea she had in mind. Step by step, her small calloused hand clung to the gate, nimble and deft she climbed into the house. Rubbing her hands together, she climbed into the room by means of the outside plumbing. Opening the room window, she was finally in her room. The clock struck 12 o'clock at night is also the time when she fell asleep in the hope that tomorrow dawn would bring happiness to her. A slight smile appeared on her lips. Clara is dreaming, a beautiful dream.

The night has passed, the day has come.

Although she slept early, according to her habit, Clara always woke up before sunrise. She starts her day with the work she usually does and ends with preparing breakfast for Xenia's mother and daughter before going to school.

Strangely, today the sun rose after the two daughters earlier than usual, with an excited mood as if waiting for a good story? The two quickly ran out of the house and scrambled to open the gate.

Clara was defined as she watched them through the small upstairs window. With a big smile she stepped down expecting Xenia's reaction when she saw her presence at home.
To horror! Xenia had just come out of her room, I was startled to see Clara coming down from upstairs. Clear optimization through the hand that locks the gate.

Clara nodded in greeting, then chuckled inwardly before giving Xenia's ghostly reaction. Then she just walked into the kitchen to clear the table.

“It's not on the outside. Frustrated early loss of work. ”

Hana grumbled more as she opened the door and entered the house, followed by Sarah. Everyone's face knows the disappointment when they are cut off. Just wanted to see how my mother handled Clara, when she didn't come home last night, but they both worked so hard. Waking up early is still attractive, then running to open the gate to see if she is outside or not.

"He must be too scared to bring it here, but it's so uninteresting!"

Sarah added an apricot-scented sentence.

"That's how you imagine mom handling it."

Hana said that's not to the color variable of Xenia. Not judging but self-reported, no one knew Clara in the kitchen was overheard. All but Xenia, my countenance showed it.

"Me! What's wrong? Mom?"

Sarah time just discovered a cold sweat on her mother. Xenia did not answer the question. Although it is very bossy and does not fear anyone, it is also a normal physiological reaction of a person when others find out about their bad deeds.

Looking at Xenia's eyes and then the two of them looked at each other, not understanding what was going on, until there was a small noise coming from the kitchen.

Both of them widened their eyes when they saw that Clara had finished setting the table and stood looking at them with a puzzled smile. Bad bad feelings caused by someone saying something, may automatically walk up into the room.

Today was really fun, just this morning she witnessed the loss of face of Xenia's parents and children.
Smiling, Clara returned to the room to prepare for school.


The sun was already high in the sky, and now in the pure white room, men also woke up from a coma or not knowing anything.

With gentle finger gestures, Zane instinctively wanted to open his eyes, but had a strange feeling that he didn't know if it meant open or not. Just know he can't see anything, it's all black.

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