Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 23, 2022
Ch. 8Chapter 8: Prince's benefactor

"Are you okay?" Clara approached and touched his shoulder.

She looked closely at the victim of the council beating with curiosity mixed with pity. It was difficult to see his face under the blood, but he appeared to be a young man. His clothes looked luxurious. Suddenly she saw his chest move. She blinked in surprise.

"Hey you?" she asked, leaning closer to him.

Zane was startled when a hand touched him, her voice was sweet and gentle, he stretched his hand around in the air as if searching for something, seeing that Clara suddenly reached out and grabbed his hand.

"Who are you?" Zane asked in a rush of voice mixed with rapid breathing, the pain was coming to torment him, making his eyes sting and sting.

He jumped up suddenly, and she let out a panicked cry. A large hand gripped the hem of her shirt so tightly that she couldn't pull it off. Another hand came to her face. His palm rested on her cheek, and his trembling fingers smeared blood on her face. After a forceful unsuccessful attempt to break free, Clara gave up and sat down beside him.

"Those who attacked you have left." She desperately tried to untangle his fingers from the hem of her skirt. His grip was as hard as iron: "Let go of your hand, please."

After a while, he replied. Slowly his hand moved away from her face and slid along her hand until he grasped her wrist.

"Help me get up." He said gruffly, surprising her with the tone of his voice.

Clara looked at him, she could see that he had many wounds on his body, on his head where blood was oozing out from the wound and his eyes were closed and could not be opened. Can't stand it.

"Let me help you."

His fingers loosened, and she pulled out her handkerchief, a clean, soft square of linen. She dabbed his face lightly and pressed the folded handkerchief to the wound, hoping he wouldn't damage his eyes. A painful hiss escaped his lips, blood dripping into hers. Wincing, Clara took his hand and pressed it to her face.

"Perhaps you could keep this here? Good. Now, I'll take you to the hospital."

It was her decision. Without waiting for him to agree or not, Clara used her strength to help this large man stand up, putting his arm around her shoulders. She wrapped her arms around his waist under his coat, suddenly blushing with embarrassment. She had never hugged another man. Struggling to stay on her feet, she staggered as the man grabbed her to lift her. She didn't think he was that tall. He rested his hands on her small shoulders while his other hand pressed the handkerchief over her face. He let out small groans. Her small body lifted with slow, heavy steps toward the university gates.


Witnessing the whole thing happening from above, Clara's two guardian angels had an interesting conversation.

"It's fate, we've found the right person," Martha exclaimed at what she had just seen. She thought it was the arrangement of nature. The one who danced with Clara was the one Clara helped out.

"Nothing is certain yet." Bertha countered with her own thoughts, once again the two's opinions did not agree.

Martha looked at Bertha, displeased, her hands on her hips, pouting:

"Then let's bet. Is that person the person Clara is looking for?" Martha suggested.

Bertha looked back at Martha - who was sure of her thoughts, and confidently replied: "Fine! See who's right in the end."

Bertha without hesitation accepted the offer.

Four eyes looked at each other, everyone was full of confidence in their judgment.
For a while. The two looked away from each other. Suddenly Bertha turned to leave, not forgetting to call Martha to come with her.

"Let's go!"

Bertha called out to the brown-haired girl, Seeing Martha still standing like a statue Bertha had to turn her head and urge: "Why are you standing there?"

Martha was thinking about something, suddenly startled when asked, she turned around and asked dumbly: "Where are you going?"

"Didn't you want to know the answer, was the person just now with Clara?"

"How do I know?" Martha still doesn't understand.

"If you want to know, follow me." Impatient Bertha raised her voice as if ordering.

"Where are you going?"

Bertha shook her head at Martha's sudden naivete.

"The hospital, not anymore," Bertha replied curtly, and with a wave of her hand she disappeared, and Martha slowly did the same, soon the two girls standing on the roof were nowhere to be seen.


At the hospital.

Zane was taken to the emergency room, Clara was still sitting on the chair waiting for no one to tell her to do it but Clara still wanted to do it because her nature was like that from birth, always honest and kind, sitting unconsciously, she looked up at the clock lying on the wall, Clara was startled when the clock struck 11 o'clock at night, she should have gone home, a little embarrassed she stood up and walked towards The large door to the hospital entrance, but she had barely lifted her foot a few steps when she was forced to stop when the nurse called out to her.

"Hey girl!" Clara turned around and nodded slightly to look at the person in the nurse's uniform. According to Clara's observation, the young woman had just come out of the emergency room where Zane was in.

"Are you the patient's family member?" The nurse mentioned Zane.

Clara faltered before answering, the friendly nurse spoke again: "What blood type are you?"
Looking at Clara's face, the nurse continued: "He lost a lot of blood, needs blood to replenish, unfortunately, the hospital has run out of backup blood."

The nurse's voice was gentle but also full of urgency.

"O." Clara stammered in reply.

"Oh really! Very well, hurry up and follow me."

Didn't bother to let Clara mentally prepare. The nurse hurried over and pulled her into the blood collection room. She was bewildered but eventually volunteered to donate blood to save lives.

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